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Best Lisbon Beaches – 11 Beautiful Beaches in Lisbon & Surrounds Worth Exploring!


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Some of the best Lisbon beaches are located in under an hour from the city with easy access by public transport. The most popular beaches in Lisbon are located either towards Cascais, close to Sintra, or further south along Costa da Caparica.

After moving to Lisbon a few years back, we have had ample opportunity to explore the city, its incredible Lisbon landmarks, hidden gems, savour some of the must-try cuisines at some of the best restaurants in Lisbon, and so much more! Given our love for the sun and the sea, it’s no wonder we’ve also managed to explore some of the best beaches in Lisbon and its surroundings.

Perhaps spending a day in Lisbon may be a bit rushed, but if you happen to be planning a three-day itinerary, or longer, to the Portuguese capital, then adding in some beach time is essential! 

In this guide, I’ll outline 11 of the best beaches Lisbon and its surrounding areas have to offer, so if you’re looking to stay close to the city, or more open to exploring slightly further afield this guide will hopefully inspire you to visit these best beaches near Lisbon, Portugal!

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Beaches in Lisbon – Beaches near Cascais

Beaches in Lisbon are some of the capital’s best-hidden gems. Unfortunately, they are a little further from the Lisbon city centre than we’d like. Luckily, there are good Lisbon public transport links that get you to these beautiful venues. You can reach many of the beaches near Lisbon by train, bus or taxis. If you’re happy to drive, then renting a car is the best option.

Many of the best beaches in Lisbon are located along the stretch between Lisbon and the gorgeous seaside town of Cascais, a fabulous day trip option from Lisbon! With easy and cheap access by train from Lisbon’s Cais do Sodre station, this stunning coastline is often referred to as the Portuguese ‘Riviera’ and has a great selection of top Lisbon beaches to relax on!

Here are the best beaches around Lisbon and nearby Cascais. 

Praia de Carcavelos

1. Praia de Carcavelos

Being the second closest beach to Lisbon, Carcavelos beach is extremely popular during both the summer and winter. It has golden sand on a shoreline stretching over 1.5 km and clear blue waters. It’s a treasure trove for surfers thanks to its gentle waves and evidenced by the number of surfer schools around the beach.

Due to its popularity, there are several activities you can partake in when not swimming. Play beach sports like volleyball and soccer, or ride around on one of the rentable bikes and E-scooters. Or simply bask in the sun for a relaxing afternoon.

There are several restaurants, cafes and shops that serve as a great retreat from the sun. They sell tasty cocktails, smoothies and succulent seafood. Awaken the Indiana Jones in you by exploring the daunting and historic Sao Juliao da Barra Fort.

You can get to the beach via train or a drive from Lisbon. A car ride normally lasts around 25 minutes. A train ride from the Cais do Sodré station to the Carcavelos station normally lasts 26 minutes. The beach then is a 10 to 15-minute walk from the Carcavelos train station and has several parking bays for the drivers.

Praia da Conceicao

2. Praia da Conceicao

This beach is located in Cascais between the excellent Albatroz Seafront Hotel and the Chalet Faial, and it’s surrounded by palm trees. Its prime location means it’s a very popular beach near Lisbon. The sea is clean and calm, earning it Blue Flag status.

Thanks to its flat and even layout, it’s popular for families with kids or the physically challenged. Among the activities on offer are surfing, kite surfing, beach volleyball and stand-up paddling. Its promenade is scattered with cafes and restaurants selling local delicacies.

You can get there from Lisbon by way of a 30-minute drive or a 40-minute train ride.

Praia das Moitas

The small Moitas beach has Blue Flag status and is located between Cascais and Estoril. Its size makes it a popular beach for families with young kids as parents can easily watch their children.

You can sunbathe on the beige-coloured sand and swim in the clear and calm waters. As with most beaches, surfers can hit the ocean with their boards and let loose. There’s also a swimming pool if you prefer being in a safer and warmer water environment.

On the esplanade are several restaurants and cafés which satisfy your hunger or thirst. The restaurants conveniently overlook the beach, providing you with a glorious view.

You can get there by taking a train, bus or driving there. Your ride will usually last between 28 and 40 minutes depending on your choice of transportation.

Praia da Ribeira – Beaches in Cascais

4. Praia da Ribeira - Beaches in Cascais

The Ribeira beach is an attractive beach of Cascais that attracts visitors all year round. It’s the furthest beach from Lisbon on this list, but travelling down there is worth it.

You can sunbathe on its honey-hued sand and swim in its calm, clean sea that holds Blue Flag status. The beach lacks on-site amenities, but there are several that are within walking distance in the region.

This includes several boutiques, restaurants and cafes selling delicious food in Cascais’ busy hub. During the summer, you may be lucky enough to catch some free music concerts, markets and food festivals. After dark, you can get treated to a fireworks display that makes for a picturesque view of the ocean.

You can get there by car, train or taxi ride which usually lasts between 30 and 50 minutes.

The beautiful 3* Hotel Baia is a fabulous choice of hotel if you’re considering a beachside getaway in Cascais. Overlooking the Praia da Ribeira beach, this hotel offers gorgeous sunset views out over the Cascais and the marina. 

Praia da Rainha – Beaches near Cascais

5. Praia da Rainha - Beaches near Cascais

This next beach is one of my all-time favourites. Praia da Rainha, which translates as the ‘Queen’s Beach’ is so picturesque that it was chosen by Queen Amelia as her own private beach towards the end of the 1800s, hence from where the beach then got its name.  

Set in the heart of Cascais, this small, sheltered beach is flanked on either side by stunning rock formations and looks out into the marina beyond. It’s certainly not as big as some of the other beaches in Cascais but it’s certainly well worth a visit.

There’s a smaller hidden beach with stunning rock formations to the right side of the beach and a small beach bar that serves drinks and snacks too. If you’re not much of a beachgoer but still want to enjoy this stunning natural setting, then you can admire the stunning views of Praia da Rainha from the terrace above. With a Portuguese drink in hand, sit back and admire the views of this quaint Cascais beach! 

Since this beach is in the heart of the city of Cascais, it is also super easy to get to. From the Cascais train station, you’ll walk up the main street in Cascais past the MacDonalds. Head straight ahead for a few hundred meters, then take a slight left at the end of the street and you’ll reach the staircase heading down to this golden sandy beach.

Praia de Sao Pedro do Estoril

6. Praia de Sao Pedro do Estoril

Another one of my favourite Lisbon beaches, and one that we have visited many times over and over again, is the beautiful Praia de Sao Pedro do Estoril. This lovely golden sand beach is a mere 30 minutes by train from Cais do Sodre in Lisbon to the Sao Pedro do Estoril train station. From the train station, it’s only a few hundred meters to reach this stunning beach.

The beach itself is an expansive stretch of golden sand that’s flanked on either side by rocks, giving it a more enclosed feel. It has several restaurants and all the other facilities you would expect from a top Lisbon beach. 

It is not unusual to have different vendors parading up and down the beach selling sweet pastries such as the delectable Bolo de Berlim custard doughnut which is a favourite beachside snack in Lisbon. Or, vendors selling beautiful large beach towels. This, by the way, will make a unique souvenir to remember your time on Portugal’s beaches by! 

Praia do Tamariz

7. Praia do Tamariz

Tamariz beach is a trendy destination thanks to its proximity to the amazing Estoril resort. The beach is one of the area’s cleanest and has tranquil waters, making for a great swim. If you prefer to swim in warmer waters, there’s a neighbouring swimming pool available for you.

It has side activities aplenty if you want to be a little more adventurous. Learn how to dive at the diving school or hire paddle boats and canoes to float above the water. You can also visit the nearby Estoril casino if you feel lucky.

Several bars, restaurants, cafes and shops incredibly overlook the beach from the promenade, perfect for when you’re hungry and thirsty. And best of all, the beach is usually a 36-minute train ride away from Lisbon’s Cais do Sodré station.

Beaches in Sintra – Best Sintra Beaches to Explore

Travelling to magical and royal Sintra is another great day trip from Lisbon that many visitors add to their Lisbon travel itinerary. But, whilst many of these tourists visiting head to Sintra purely for the palaces and noble estates, or for the exceptional hikes located in the forests here, many neglects to explore the exceptional beaches near Sintra that are all well worth a visit too.

Here is a selection of the best Sintra beaches to visit. 

Praia do Guincho – Beaches near Sintra

8. Praia do Guincho - Beaches near Sintra

Guincho beach is a Blue Flag beach and is a naturally wonderful beach you must visit. It’s a wide area with stretches of sand and rocks on it. It’s a prime destination for water sport activities thanks to its high and strong tides.

It’s a draw for surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and paddling across the ocean. Inexperienced in any of them? There are a number of great teachers around the beach who’ll teach you the basics. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t a remarkable beach destination for swimming, family outing or soaking in the sun on its sand. This is because the waves are strong, and they can get relatively cold, even during the summer.

For non-water sports fans, it’s a great chance to marvel at the natural beauty and provides scenic views across the Atlantic. There are also some incredible restaurants and bars for out-of-water fun. 

You can get to the beach by car, taxi or train and bus. A car or taxi ride normally takes 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a train ride, which lasts usually 40 minutes, to Cascais from Cais do Sodré station. From there, take the 25-minute bus ride to Guincho beach.

Praia de Adraga

9. Praia de Adraga

Adraga Beach is a natural wonder that will leave you amazed. It another of the best beaches near Sintra and is a 40-minute drive away from the Lisbon city centre. It’s a secluded beach beautifully nestled between rocks and cliffs, perfect for when you want to avoid crowds.

Its seclusion will likely make it feel like your own private island, although crowds are more prevalent during the summer. The waters are calm and clean, making for a delightful dip into the ocean. You can baste in the sun or explore the picturesque tunnels and caves after your swim.

The beachside restaurant sells fresh local delicacies and provides a scenic ocean view, especially at sunset. You can reach the beach with a car or taxi ride lasting 40 minutes normally. A train and bus combo would normally take an hour and 33 minutes.

Best Beaches in Lisbon for Peace and Seclusion Lovers – Costa da Caparica Beaches

Beaches are generally crowded but some are peaceful and quiet. These are perfect if you want to sunbathe and swim away from large crowds.  And luckily, there are several such beaches near Lisbon.

Read all about these stunning Lisbon beaches below.

Costa da Caparica Beaches

10. Costa da Caparica Beaches

If you head south, the popular coastal stretch known as Costa da Caparica (or simply Caparica for short), you’ll find an assortment of long expansive beaches, another firm favourite amongst beach-lovers in Lisbon. 

The Caparica coastline stretches on for several kilometres starting at the seaside town of Costa da Caparica. Given its exposure to the Atlantic, this is a popular spot for surfers with several surfing schools being located here. 

Here you’ll find many great beaches to soak up the sunrays on. Starting from the town you can head down southward along the coast encountering a number of beaches, most of which are numbered, up until you reach Beach 19 that borders Fonte da Telha, and eventually, further down, Praia do Meco.

Do take note that Beach 19 is a naturist beach and also a popular cruising spot, making it one of the most popular gay beaches in Lisbon to visit. 

As this particular coastline stretches for miles on end, it is best to travel here by car in order to easily get to and from Lisbon. Alternatively, during the busier summer months, you could also take the bus from Lisbon to the town of Caparica and then catch the tourist train that runs along all the beaches, stopping off along the way. 

Many of the beaches here have fabulous beach bars and restaurants to enjoy some of the most spectacular sunsets from too!

Praia do Meco

11. Praia do Meco

Meco beach is a popular beach for nudists, although it also has a non-nudist section. It’s a serene beach with a long stretch of sand by clear, clean waters. It’s also surrounded by cliffs, earning it the title of being a “Mecca” for nudity.

The sea can get relatively rough, therefore making it great for activities such as surfing and kite surfing. The beach also has several great amenities such as restaurants and bars. They serve traditional Portuguese meals for you to enjoy, along with great cocktails and other alcohol.

You get to the beach with a 45-minute drive or by taking two buses. One goes from Lisbon to Sesimbra and another to Meco from there. The bus rides normally last one hour & 15 minutes collectively.

Lisbon Beaches Map

To help you navigate all the most popular Lisbon beaches, I have put together this useful map of the top Lisbon beaches so you get a quick overview and perspective on their location.