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9 Best Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon

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In search of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon.

If there is one thing, I absolutely love about living in Lisbon, and in fact Portugal, it’s for the incredible and very tasty selection of fresh seafood available almost year-round.

As Portuguese cuisine is stepping into the fore, as more and more visitors discover this gorgeous country, seafood is certainly garnering a lot of attention. It is part and parcel of traditional Portuguese gastronomy and you’ll most definitely find great seafood restaurants scattered all across Lisbon.

In this guide, I’ll cover what you need to know to help plan for your visit and take advantage of Portuguese seafood (or ‘frutos do mar’, literally translated as ‘fruits of the sea’).

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Seafood in Lisbon

Lisbon food, in general, is an absolute treat to the senses. But go in search of the best seafood in the city and you’ll come across the best cuisine Lisbon has to offer. There are a few delicacies fairly unique to Lisbon or in fact in Portugal that you’ll find on almost every seafood menu throughout the country. Here are a few you should try.

  • Cataplana – slow-cooked shellfish in a white wine sauce.
  • Arroz de marisco – seafood rice risotto.
  • Gambas com alho – shrimp in a garlic sauce.
  • Bacalhau à Brás – flaked cod served with eggs and potato.
  • Açorda – a garlic bread stew served with prawns and seafood mix.
  • Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato – clams in a white wine and garlic sauce.
  • Polvo à lagareiro – boiled octopus legs served with roast potatoes and a garlic olive oil sauce.

If you’re looking to sample the very best food that the city has to offer, be sure to book a food and tapas tour while you’re in Lisbon.

Budget Seafood in Lisbon

Budget seafood in Lisbon
Budget seafood in Lisbon

One of the most common questions asked by travellers to Portugal is how expensive is Lisbon. The thing is, if you’re eating seafood delicacies at some of the top restaurants in the city, Lisbon can be kind of pricey. But this shouldn’t keep you away from their seafood scene.

Here are a few places you can expect to indulge in delicious seafood on a budget.

1. Penalva da Graça

Penalva da Graça is a local pub serving a delicious variety of seafood. You can expect to pay between €10 and €15 for a meal, making it a great budget option. The seafood restaurant has an attached bar which is a much-loved local hangout.

Pair your meal with wine or beer to make it a true Portuguese experience.

2. Populi Restaurant

This restaurant combines Portuguese and Italian cuisine to create the most wonderful flavours. You can order anything from a seafood sandwich to a full sit-down meal. The restaurant is conveniently located in the Praça do Comércio square of Lisbon, making it easy to get to from most tourist attractions in the city.

You can expect to pay around €10 for a seafood dish at Populi restaurant. Stop by for a quick bite before continuing with the best activities on your Lisbon itinerary.

3. Lisbon seafood restaurant – Baía do Peixe

If you’re forever hungry and like your food in large quantities, then Baía do Peixe is worth a visit. Order their seafood rodízio which costs around €22 and serves two people. Included in the platter are shrimp, barnacles, mussels, clams, stuffed crabs, oysters and a few other seafood delicacies.

If you prefer to stick to simpler seafood, you can order the finfish platter for two for around €15. Either way, you’re sure to get your seafood fix.

4. Last Porto

Last Porto is a real hidden gem in Lisbon. It may be a little challenging to find but it’s oh so worth it when you get there. Seafood is not the only thing on the menu, but if you’re looking to eat the way the locals do (90% of the time), then trying their sardines or grilled fish will be an authentic experience.

You’ll struggle to find another place in the world that serves simple sardines, as well as Lisbon, does. For delicious seafood at an affordable price, be sure to find Last Porto while you’re in Lisbon.

Fine Dining Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon

Seafood fine dining in Lisbon
Seafood fine dining in Lisbon

Wondering where to eat seafood in Lisbon in style? If you like to eat out at fancy locations while you travel, then visit a few of these great fine dining seafood restaurants in Lisbon.

5. Pinóquio

If you’re looking for a real tourist experience, follow the crowds that gather at this wonderful seafood restaurant. Their number one speciality is their clams from Ria Formosa Lagoon, but their seafood paella is also a winner.

Its outdoor seating area allows you to soak up the sun while watching the crowds make their way through the city. This restaurant is slightly less pricey than Ramiro, however, you can still expect to pay around €25 per person.

6. Mar

Mar is an exciting restaurant to dine at if you’re looking for something a little more unique. You choose your wild-caught seafood at the counter along with the method of cooking before sitting down to your freshly cooked dinner.

Again, this is not a cheap restaurant, but it’s certainly worth the extra money spent. All the seafood is caught fresh, instead of farm-raised, so you can expect to pay around €30 per person.

Best Lisbon Restaurants Serving Seafood

Best seafood restaurant in Lisbon
Best seafood restaurant in Lisbon

For those with a little extra cash, you really can’t put a price on experiencing great seafood. So, here’s a list of some of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon that you should be dining at if you’d like to taste the best of the best that Lisbon has to offer.

7. Best seafood Lisbon – Ramiro

The number one seafood restaurant in Lisbon has got to be Ramiro. It started in 1956, but only later introduced seafood, which soon became its signature cuisine. It’s a popular place, so expect to stand in a queue from 18:00 onwards, or simply make a reservation.

The Ramiro Lisbon menu is one of great variety in the seafood sector, but if you’re stumped for what to order, you can’t go wrong with any of their shrimp dishes. This restaurant is on the pricier side, but the quality and reputation make it worth the try. You can expect to pay around €30 per person for this delectable experience.

8. Ibo Marisqueira

With seating that overlooks the river, you won’t find a restaurant with a better view in Lisbon. Ibo Marisqueira is a Mozambican themed restaurant that serves delicious seafood dishes inspired by African flavours.

An absolute must-try is their tempura prawns served with Mozambican chilli sauce – an absolute treat for those with a taste for spicy food. This restaurant is expensive, even by Lisbon’s standards, but at €30 per person, you know that quality is guaranteed.

9. Portugália

Portugália is a franchised seafood restaurant in Portugal. You can find them all over the city, yet they still don’t compromise on quality. They’re ideal restaurants to visit with friends as they’re not only famous for their seafood but also their tender steaks, so everyone gets what they want. If you’re looking for a spot with a view of the water, then the restaurants in Cais do Sodré and Belém are the ones to visit. The Portugália restaurants are less expensive than the other restaurants on this list, charging around €18 per person.

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