10 Best Souvenirs from Portugal – What to Buy in Portugal!

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Travelling to Portugal and on the hunt for the best souvenirs from Portugal? 

Bringing home a few special souvenirs from your trip helps lock in the memories from your time travelling. Whether you’re on a honeymoon vacation or a summer family trip, it’s always a good idea to select a few cool items to take home with you.

Travelling to Portugal is no exception, especially when there are so many great local products you can choose as souvenirs.

There’s no need to pick cheap plastic key chains or tacky refrigerator magnets when there are countless other options for authentic Portuguese souvenirs! 

Having scoured countless Portuguese fleamarkets and souvenir shops, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Portugal souvenirs. Whether you’re after the perfect Portuguese ceramics, foodie souvenirs or cork bags from Portugal, I’ve got you covered so you can buy a truly meaningful and genuine memento from your travels.

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Where to Buy a Portuguese Souvenir

No matter which town or city you visit in Portugal, there are bound to be plenty of souvenir shops. Try to find places owned by locals and don’t be afraid to look around for a little while before choosing the perfect shopping spot.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your souvenir shopping to when you’re at the airport and preparing to leave! Not only are airport souvenirs jacked up in price, but they also usually aren’t the “real deal.” It’s much better to take a bit of time to find an authentic Portuguese souvenir while you’re travelling in the country.

For bargain hunting, head over to the famous ‘Feira da Ladra’, translated as Thiefs Market, the oldest fleamarket in Lisbon to find the perfect Portugal souvenir.

If you’re after a more upscale souvenir shopping experience, then I can highly recommend visiting one of the ‘A Vida Portuguesa’ retail shops where you’ll find a selection of good quality Portuguese gifts and souvenirs. 

10 Top Portuguese Souvenirs

1. Cork products from Portugal

Portugal Cork products

One of the most quintessential souvenirs in Portugal is cork products. Being one of the world’s largest producers of cork, it’s no wonder Portugal has turned this material into countless products.

Portugal cork bags, cork handbags, and coin pouches are some of the most popular products, but you can get larger items like cork purses and backpacks as well. As taste in souvenirs has changed, artisans have adapted to meet the times by making cork phone cases, sunglass holders, and more!

Porto and Lisbon are the best two cities to shop for Portugal cork products. It’s definitely a good idea to look around a bit though because quality varies. Pelco and Cork & Co are two of the better shops in Lisbon to check out for cork souvenirs.

2. Portuguese Azulejos

Portuguese Tiles

These traditional Portuguese tiles can be seen all over the country, and decorate many famous buildings with their distinct, blue-tinted, hand-painted art. On your travels in Portugal, you’re certain to encounter azulejos in churches, museums, palaces, or even hotels.

Local artisans will sell tiles of varying sizes, and the small ones are usually very reasonable in price. A lot of shops can be found around famous Portuguese landmarks which use azulejos in their architecture and design.

Just remember to be careful when packing the tiles. Make sure they’re well wrapped and preferably tucked securely under several layers of clothing – you definitely wouldn’t want them damaged on your flight home!

If you’re looking for the perfect Lisbon souvenir shop from which to buy these gorgeous tiles, then head over to Cortiço & Netos for bespoke Portuguese tiles. 

Insider Tip: A word or warning, whatever you do, please don’t buy any tiles from the merchants selling loose tile samples at the fleamarket, these are often illegaly chipped off buildings and sold to unsuspecting tourists. 

3. Port Wine

Port Wine

What better way to celebrate your time in Portugal than by bringing home a bottle of the country’s most famous beverage? If you’re a serious wine fan, plan on spending extra on a vintage bottle (usually around €100), but under €20 will still get you a decent bottle. Savouring Port wine is definitely one of the best things to do when visiting Porto

The best place to buy Port is from one of the famous Port Houses situated in Gaia, just across the river from Porto. Of course, you may visit many of the wineries and estates in and around the Douro Valley to sample not only Port wine but other varieties produced in this famous wine region. 

If you don’t have a chance to take a wine tour in the Douro Valley, there are plenty of shops around Porto, Lisbon and other parts of the country, which sell bottles of Port wine.

In addition to Port, there are other varieties of Portuguese wines, which make great souvenirs. Of all the Portuguese souvenirs on the list, wine is one that you don’t need to be so picky about where you buy; Portugal has such great wine selections that even the options in supermarkets are quality choices!

4. Pastéis de Belém – Portugal Food Souvenirs

Pasteis de Nata - Portugal Food Souvenirs

One thing you have to include in your Porto or Lisbon Itinerary is to try the world-famous Pasteis de Nata pastry. 

If you fall in love with this famous dessert of Portugal, which I’m sure you will upon first bite, then you’re in luck, because these delicious treats also come in six-pack transportable boxes.

Bring a packet or two home so you can enjoy these crunchy and delectable Portuguese egg-yolk custard tartlets.

The best place to buy them is at the Pastéis de Belém shop in Lisbon, which is the oldest and most famous bakery to make the treats. Having said this, this particular bakery can attract long lines of tourists, all eager to get there hands on these delicious delights. 

As an alternative, skip the queues and rather head to one of the Manteigaria shops to get your Pasteis de Nata fix.

Just make sure it’s the last thing you buy before you leave to ensure they stay fresh as long as possible.

6. Olive Oil

Portuguese Olive Oil

Portuguese olive oil is said to be some of the best and most flavorful in the world. If you took a Portuguese cooking class while on vacation or simply fell in love with Portuguese cuisine, a bottle of olive oil is a great thing to bring home to continue to savour your trip.

There are several varieties of olive oil, so if you’re picky, you might want to do a bit of research to figure out which type you want to get.

If you’re in Lisbon, the Olistori shop is a good place to look for reasonably priced and high-quality Portuguese olive oil.

7. Barcelos Rooster

Barcelos Rooster

An iconic Portugal souvenir you’ll see all over the country is the Barcelos Rooster or “O Galo de Barcelos”. These little ceramic figurines resemble brightly coloured and decorative roosters which range in size and detail.

Since the rooster is the national symbol of Portugal, it makes sense why these cute pieces have gained so much popularity as souvenirs.

Although they’re sold in practically every souvenir shop and tourist stall in the country, try looking for the smaller local venues where you might even have a chance to meet the artisans who make these figurines.

In addition to roosters, ceramic sardines are another popular icon to use since the little fish are such common food throughout the country. 

Traditionally, the figures were made of ceramic, but you can also find other varieties made from cork, wood, or cloth for something new and different.

8. Portuguese Pottery – Portugal Ceramics

Ceramics from Portugal

It takes a bit of strategic packing, but a beautiful ceramic platter or serving plate can make a great souvenir from Portugal.

Portuguese pottery is said to be some of the best in Europe, and you can find ceramic shops all over the country selling everything from tiny teacups to enormous serving dishes.

Price varies a lot depending on the shop and where it’s located, so for the best deals and authenticity, we recommend finding shops in less frequented areas off the main tourist roads.

As the ceramic style has adapted over the years, it’s possible to find both rustic and classic designs as well as more modern and sleek ceramic pieces. Both types are usually local and handmade, it just depends on your style preference for which you want to buy.

When it comes to finding the best ceramics from Portugal, Vista Alegre is undoubtedly the place to go. Offering a premium selection of hand painted ceramics, this chain is known for their quality and truly unique designs, although this does come at a heftier price tag too!  

9. Portuguese Jewelry

Portuguese jewellery

Jewellery items are common souvenirs, and in Portugal, it’s no different. Whether you want to pick up something special for yourself or as a gift for someone else back home, there are plenty of jewellery items to chose from.

Portugal is particularly known for the elegant gold filigree jewellery produced in the country, which is definitely on the pricier end of what you could buy in Portugal. 

However, if you can afford it, a piece of traditional Portuguese jewellery adorned with a religious symbol and elegant designs can make a very meaningful memento or an exceptionally special gift for a friend or loved one.

Plus, since jewellery items are generally small, you don’t need to worry about them taking up too much room in your luggage!

10. Portuguese Cheese

Portuguese cheeses

A final food item to include on this list of Portuguese souvenirs, cheese is extremely popular throughout the country and comes in many varieties.

Chances are that as you’ve been travelling, you’ll have had the opportunity to sample numerous types of Portuguese cheeses. If you find a particular kind of cheese you love, then why not bring some home. 

If you do decide to buy a wheel of cheese, opt for a local version instead of a commercially produced one. Sheep milk cheese is considered a more classic variety, but goat and cow milk are also commonly used.

Harder varieties of cheese are easier to transport and less susceptible to damage or change in temperature. It’s a good idea to save your cheese purchase until the end of your trip though so you can refrigerate it once you get home.

Whatever make you chose, be it a cheese from Azeitão, the strong Queijo de Serra da Estrela, or the subtle Requeijão Português, there is a cheese variety for every taste and preference!


Whether you’re looking for cork purses from Portugal, traditional ceramics, tiles or to simply take a taste of Portugal home with you, then hopefully this guide has inspired you to ditch the tourist traps!

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