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How to get from Lisbon to Obidos!

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How to travel from Lisbon to Obidos!

When we first moved to Portugal back in 2017, family and friends kept suggesting that we prioritise a visit to Obidos, situated about an hour outside of the Lisbon. 

From the very first visit I can honestly say, I fell in love with this beautiful historic and medieval city. Since then we’ve travelled from Lisbon to Obidos several more times, showing this gem off to any visitors we received.

Often visiting Obidos as a day trip from Lisbon, we did decide to stay overnight on one occasion too, which I would highly recommend.

This medieval walled town is so much more than just a pretty and quaint white washed village. Its royal past and colourful history have cemented Obidos as an important jewel of Portuguese culture and traditional and certainly has lots to offer any visitor. It is well worth the hour journey from Lisbon, even as a day trip.

But how does one get from Lisbon to Obidos you may ask! In this guide, I’ll explain the best way to travel to Obidos from Lisbon and provide you with all the relevant information needed in order to visit this stunning town.

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Best way to get from Lisbon to Obidos:

Views of Obidos Portugal
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo – stunning views over Obidos when walking atop the town wall

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that there are several different ways to get from Lisbon to Obidos when planning a visit to Obidos. But in my mind, apart from car, train or a guided tour, the best travel method would definitely be to catch the Lisbon to Obidos bus.

Not only is it quite affordable, but also one of the quickest ways to get there. 

Herewith is a breakdown of the different modes of transport you may want to consider when planning your journey. 

Lisbon to Obidos bus:

Obidos town
One of the many churches found in and around Obidos /// Photo by © Travel-Boo

As mentioned, the quickest and easiest way to travel via public transport is simply to catch the bus to Obidos.

Departing from Lisbon’s Campo Grande metro & bus station, the bus service operated by the Rodotejo bus company on the Rápida Verde service will take only an hour (with only 1 stop along the way) to reach the village. And the best part, the bus stops right outside the main Obidos entrance (the Portal de Óbidos).

The only slightly tricky part is locating the exact Lisbon departure point / bus stop at the Campo Grande Station. Reason being that this particular bus does not depart from the front of the Campo Grande station, as the other bus services do. Instead, the stop is located right next door to the metro station in the street – Rua Actor António Silva.

As such, rather use your Google maps and search for “Rodoviária do Oeste” in order to easily location the exact departure point.

Once you’ve spent the day exploring this stunning town and once ready to travel back from Obidos to Lisbon, then make your way to the return bus stop in Obidos. It is found just across the road from where the bus would have dropped you off when you arrived.

You will no doubt see many other returning travellers waiting at the stop too, so always ask if you are unsure.

Tickets for the bus service are sold on board the bus, so make sure you take cash along to pay for the tickets.

Also note that there is no offer to purchase a return tickets. You have to buy a one-way ticket there and another one-way on the way back.

Each one-way journey will cost €7.95 (this is accurate at time of publishing this article in 2019).

This service does operate several daily trips and for more detailed information regarding departure and return times you may want to refer to the schedule here.

Lisbon to Obidos train:

Obidos views
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo – more gorgeous views out over the city

One of the reasons I recommend travel by bus over the train service is simply for the fact that travelling from Lisbon to Obidos by train is much more time consuming. So it definitely is not the most convenient route to take.

The regional service operated by, and bookable through the CP website and app (CP – Comboios de Portugal is the national rail company), will take just over 2 hours to travel from Lisbon’s Sete Rios station to reach Obidos.

Whilst a one-way train ticket price is comparable to that of the bus. It just isn’t worth spending an extra hour if you ask me.  

Travelling to Obidos by car:

Obidos Entrance Gate Detail

If you’re hiring a car whilst in Lisbon and would prefer to travel by car to Obidos, then this option would make more sense.

By car you can expect to travel approximately 85 km’s (approx. 53 miles) from central Lisbon, reaching Obidos in just over an hour on the A8 motorway. The A8 is the fastest route, compared to the A1 highway which is approximately a 100km’s and would take around 1h25 to reach the town.

When travelling along the A8 you would exit off exit 15 which will then lead you straight from the highway to the main walled city’s entrance and car park.

Search for “Estacionamento Óbidos” in Google maps or on your GPS and you should be able to locate it fairly easily. You will also see plenty of tour buses / coaches arriving at the same spot as they use the car park as a drop of point for group tours arriving daily.

Top Tip: 

Located right by the car park, you will also find the Obidos Tourist office. Be sure to head there first, grab a map and get some advice on what to see and do from the local tourist officers.


Most of Portugal’s highways are tolled and the A8 between Lisbon and Obidos will have toll fees apply.

Other options: Obidos Tours:

Obidos streets
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo – it just gets prettier and prettier the more you explore Obidos!

Another way of visiting Obidos, which you may want to consider, is through booking a guided day tour from Lisbon. A great option is to book a combined tour that includes a few other towns and areas in and around Obidos that would be a great day trip combo.


Obidos is without a doubt one of the top day trips that you should consider taking if you’re planning a visit to Lisbon. 

It has so much to offer and also host several interesting events and festivals throughout the year including a medieval festival, the chocolate festival as well as the annual Christmas fair during the festive season.

If you’re spending some time in Lisbon and looking for other ideas for daytrips then why not go read my blog post outlining the best day trips to take from Lisbon.

I hope this guide will help you navigate the best route for you to consider travelling from Lisbon to Obidos! 

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