How to get from Malaga to Torremolinos, Spain

Getting from Malaga to Torremolinos Travel Guide Scattered all along Spain’s Costa del Sol coastline you will find a host of stunning Mediterranean seaside gems. One such being Torremolinos, situated only around 20 minutes from the closest city and airport, Malaga. If you are planning a trip to Andalusia, and more specifically looking to stay[…]

How to get from Madrid to Bilbao, Spain

Getting from Madrid to Bilbao Travel Guide Bilbao, situated in northern Spain and capital of the Basque region is most notably known for the Guggenheim Museum. It’s a city that melds both old and new with stunning modern architectural delights, living alongside older more historic buildings.  Paired with Basque culture and history as well as[…]

How to get from Madrid to Segovia, Spain

How to travel from Madrid to Segovia – Transport Guide Segovia, situated in the Castile and León region in central Spain is truly one of those places that seems to have been plucked straight out of a fairy-tale. With it’s stunning historic architecture including the impressive and imposing Cathedral, the castle, aqueduct and historic centre[…]

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