Where to stay in Lisbon Portugal!

Blue tiled building in Chiado Lisbon

A roundup of where to stay in Lisbon!

If you’re planning a visit to beautiful Lisboa soon, then you’re probably already researching the different areas to consider for your stay. 

No doubt there are so many beautiful Lisbon neighborhoods to chose from and in this guide, I hope to help you narrow down where to stay in Lisbon for your perfect trip!

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Please note that these views are my own personal impressions of each area and opinions may differ dependant on personal preferences. 

Use this post as your guide and decide which area is best suited to your individual needs. I also list some recommend Lisbon hotels, apartments and boutique hotels that you may want to consider booking too.

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Where to stay in Lisbon: Chiado
Photo Source: Travel-Boo - An example of the beautiful buildings found in Chiado
Yellow Building in Avenida Liberdade
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - Stunning yellow building on Avenida Liberdade, Lisbon
When we first came on holiday to Lisbon in 2016, before deciding to move here permanently, we booked a lovely apartment in the heart of Chiado. And we were so glad we did. Trendy Chiado is the ideal neighbourhood to stay in, in Lisbon in my opinion. Especially if you want to be in the centre of the city and within walking distance of many attractions. It really has it all. Good transport links, easily walk-able, lots of attractions, shopping, next door to Bairro Alto (the party district) and great restaurants and bars too. It is no wonder that many choose Chiado as their preferred spot to stay in Lisbon. The only negative being, with its popularity also inevitably comes the flood of tourists. As such, it does tend to get busy and very touristy and this may be a downer for some. But either way if you want to be situated in the hustle and bustle of downtown Lisbon, then Chiado is without a shadow of a doubt your best bet!

Top attractions in Chiado:

Praça Luís de Camões, National Theatre of São Carlos, Carmo Convent, Church of Sao Roque, Bertrand Chiado, the oldest bookstore in the World.

Top Tip:

  • If you happen to be in Lisbon over the summer months then I can highly recommend the stunning light show, Lisbon Under the Stars at the Carmo Churh ruins. It’s a beautiful light display showcasing the history of Lisbon and Portugal, set against the ruins of the church and was for us a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Another worthwhile experience is the outdoor cinemas held over the summer months at Topo Chiado, just around the corner from the Carmo Church.
For more info on these two events, go read up on my blog post detailing Unique Things to do in Lisbon!

Where to stay in Chiado:

Chiado Square Apartments 4* Lisboa Carmo Hotel 5* Bairro Alto Hotel Le Consulat Apartments & Suites Boutique Chiado Suites
The beautiful Teatro da Trindade in Chiado
Photo Credit - Travel-Boo - The beautiful Teatro da Trindade in Chiado
Architecture in Chiado
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - an example of the architecture found in Chiado.


View of Santa Justa Lift to downtown Baixa
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - The top of the Santa Justa Elevator that connects downtown Baixa with Chiado
Rossio Train Station - Lisbon
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - The Entrance to the Rossio Train station in downtown Lisbon
Moving more downtown you will find the district of Baixa, located right next door to Chiado. Being located so close to Chiado, and sharing the same metro, the two neighbourhoods are often referred to as Baixa/Chiado. But they definitely have their own distinct qualities that set them apart from each other. In fact, due to its location right on the waterfront, Baixa was one of the worst hit areas of the 1755 earthquake, (and fire and tsunami that followed) that destroyed many parts of Lisbon. Subsequently downtown Lisbon (or Baixa) was rebuilt and followed the European city planning trends of the time, being laid out in a square grid fashion. Thus, the area is made up of several blocks. Certain areas of Baixa can also get quite touristy and very crowded, especially in and around the famous Rua Augusta and Rossio areas. At the same time, other streets are much less crowded and especially at night you may feel there is not much going on in and around the area. But Lisbon is quite compact and with so much to see and do within walking distance from Baixa, you will still be well placed staying here if searching for accommodation in Lisbon and deciding where to be based. Top Attractions in Baixa: Rua Augusta Street & Arch, Rossio Square, Santa Justa Elevator that connects Baixa and Chiado, Lisbon Story Center, Núcleo Arqueológico, Church of São Domingos, MUDE – the Museum of Design & Fashion.

Where to stay in Baixa:

3* My Story Hotel Ouro Residentas Aurea Apartments 3* My Story Hotel Charming Augusta 4* Altis Prata Hotel 4* Pestana CR7 Lisboa 5* Pousada de Lisboa

Príncipe Real:

Beautiful Views from the Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara, Principe Real, Lisbon
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - Beautiful Views from the Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara, Principe Real, Lisbon
Beautiful Views from the Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara, Principe Real, Lisbon
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - Beautiful Views from the Miradouro Sao Pedro de Alcantara, Principe Real, Lisbon
Apart from Chiado, another noteworthy and very trendy area of Lisbon is Principe Real. It is located just up the hill from Chiado and is one of my favourite Lisbon neighborhoods. Scattered all along it’s main street you will find an array of trendy restaurants, bars, boutiques and so much more to explore. Sure, Principe Real is another area that can get quite touristy due to some of the attractions found here, but I’ve honestly never felt it to be too cramped or crowded. And as such I would highly recommend you consider this as another top contender for where to stay in Lisbon. A word of warning – Lisbon is well known for its 7 hills and depending on where you stay in Principe Real, you may well find yourself walking up and downhill. The main street travelling through from Chiado all the way to Rato metro station is pretty flat all the way. But once you start wandering if up and down the various side streets, you are bound to be going up or downhill a lot!

Top Attractions in Principe Real:

Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara, Botanical Gardens of Lisbon, Embaixada Shopping situated in the Ribeiro da Cunha Palace.

Where to stay in Principe Real:

1869 Principe Real Casa do Principe 5* Memmo Príncipe Real – Design Hotels

Avenida Liberdade & Marques Pombal:

Yellow Building in Avenida Liberdade
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - Stunning yellow building on Avenida Liberdade, Lisbon
Avenida Liberdade, Lisbon
Photo Credit: Travel-Boo - the gorgeous tree-lined avenue with traditional pattern sidewalks - Avenida Liberdade, Lisbon
Heading further up and away from Baixa and the riverfront, you will find the most expensive piece of real estate in Lisbon, that of Avenida Liberdade. This very posh tree-lined avenue houses various designer boutiques, restaurants and hotels. A bit further along this beautiful avenue with it’s gorgeous traditional calcadas (traditional patterned Portuguese pavements), you will start to notice less and less tourists. For some reason, despite this being one of my favourite avenues in Lisbon, it still feels far less crowded than other areas and has a certain peace and calmness to it. Perhaps owing the gorgeous greenery and the general vibe you get just lazily strolling down the avenue. Despite it being such an expensive and prime location, it certainly doesn’t mean that you should discount this area. Hotels here range from affordable to luxury. So there really are options to suite all budgets. Towards the end of Avenida Liberdade, you will also find the Marques Pombal area. And since they’re so close and interlinked I have lumped them together. These areas are really great if you prefer a break from the touristy hotspots but still want to be close enough to easily get around to virtually any Lisbon attraction. Hence this is another top pick when you’re looking for the best place to stay in Lisbon!