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Getting from Lisbon to Evora, Portugal

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How to travel from Lisbon to Évora

On our first trip to Portugal we somehow decided on visiting the historic & medieval city of Évora, the capital of the Alentejo region in Portugal. Not that we knew much about the city itself, but it was a good stopping point on our planned route. And oh boy, weren’t we glad we found this gem!

With a long and rich history dating back to Roman times, some remnants which still exist today, the historic centre was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO and considered a museum city thanks to it’s cultural and historical importance.

The walled historic centre of Evora is fascinating to say the least, with lots of interesting sights to explore, including the Roman Temple or the Chapel of Bones (a chapel made completely of skulls and bones, particularly interesting if you are fascinated by Dark Tourism sites). As such I would happily recommend anyone to overnight here, giving you enjoy time to explore the city and surrounding region. Nevertheless, if you are pressed for time, then doing a day trip from Lisbon is also a viable option to consider. 

If you’re wondering how to get to Evora from Lisbon, look no further because in this post I will outline exactly how to get to Evora.

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Best way to get from Lisbon to Evora:

Evora, Portugal
Evora, Portugl /// Photo by Travel-Boo
How to get from Lisbon to Evora
Evora, Portugal /// Photo by Travel-Boo

Getting from Lisbon to Evora is a fairly straightforward journey with options available to travel by either bus, train or by car if you prefer. If you’re considering travel by either train or bus then I have to say, there isn’t much difference between the two. Thus, the decision depends completely on what you’d prefer.

Below I will breakdown all these different modes of travelling to Evora in more detail, so you are able to make a more informed decision.

Lisbon to Evora bus:

Evora, Portugal
Evora, Portugal /// Photo By Travel-Boo

If travelling from Lisbon to Evora by bus, then you’d make use of the Rede Expressos coach service that departs from the Sete Rios bus terminal in Lisbon. The journey takes between 1h30mins to 1h45mins with fairly frequent departures.

There is a bus that departs almost every hour and during peak traffic times every 30 mins. These services operated by Rede Expressos are of a good standard and very comfortable. But it’s worth noting that due to the fact that the bus departs more frequently than the train, it’s a very popular option and tickets should be pre-booked to guarantee your seating.

Lisbon Bus Terminals

As mentioned, the Lisbon Evora bus operated by Rede Expressos departs from Lisbon’s Sete Rios station. To get to the terminal you would catch the metro to the Jardim Zoológico metro station and then cross the street (300m) to the Sete Rios Bus Terminal (Terminal Rodoviário Sete Rios., 1500, Rua Professor Lima Basto 133, Lisboa).

This is a direct bus route terminating in Evora. So, there are no complications in terms of stops or knowing where to get off the bus. The Sete Rios bus terminal can get quite busy as it’s a major hub for Rede Expressos. Get there ahead of time to make sure you get to your correct departure point. These are clearly marked by screens on display throughout the terminal.

Upon your return back from Evora to Lisbon, the bus terminal (Estaçao Rede Expresso Evora) is only about 550m (8 mins walk) from the Porta do Raimundo, one of the historic walled centre’s entrance gates.

Costing & How to Book:

A one-way ticket price will cost around 10.60€ and I would highly recommend to pre-purchase these tickets on the Rede Expressos website. We’ve caught coaches from Sete Rios in Lisbon and the ticket lines were insanely long. So best to avoid this. It is worth noting too that you cannot book too far in advance online.

You can generally book about one month ahead. So, if you happen to be pre-planning and suddenly see no availability, don’t stress, just diarise to book closer to your departure date. These coaches also work on a pre-seating basis, so you will be allocated an actual seat number on the bus.

Lisbon to Evora by train:

Travelling from Lisbon to Evora by train is another option worth considering. The rail service is on the Intercidades operated by Comboios de Portugal, the national rail provider of Portugal. The Lisbon to Evora train departs from the Lisbon Oriente train station which is also linked to the metro system (it’s the Oriente station on the red line in the direction of the Airport).

The train from Lisbon to Evora does not run as frequently as the buses do and only has 4 scheduled departures during weekdays and three over weekends.

The journey time is around 1h33 mins to 1h40 mins and the service terminates at the Evora Train station. From the train station you can walk up the road towards the city walls. You can walk along either Avenida Dr. Francisco Barahona or Avenida Combatentes da Grande Guerra.

To consult the Lisbon to Evora train timetable simply visit the CP website. I would also advise to pre-book your train tickets, which you can do directly on this same site. 

Tickets are then emailed to you electronically which you may be asked for by the ticket inspector onboard the train along with your form of identification (passport or identity document).

The Evora Lisbon Train service normally costs around 12.40€ for a one-way 2nd class ticket and 16.50€ for a one-way 1st class ticket.

Top Tip: Book in advance to get access to special promotional rail fares. You can get these same one-way tickets at 7.00€ and 10.00€ for 2nd and 1st class respectively, when doing so ahead of time.  But note you can usually only book these rail tickets on the CP website up to approximately 2 – 3 months ahead. Check out their site to reconfirm availability when planning your visit.

Be sure to go read my post on top money savings tips whilst travelling in Portugal. Here I’ll explain to you exactly how you could save on travelling in Portugal. I also make mention of the fact that booking rail tickets for a group of travellers (5 or more) may afford you a group discount.

Travelling from Lisbon to Evora by car:

Evora, Portugal
Evora, Portugal /// Photo By Travel-Boo

Travelling from Lisbon to Evora by car will also be fairly easy with the distance from Lisbon to Evora being only about 134km’s. The journey should take around 1h30 mins.

Note that this is assuming travel on the national tolled highways (the A2 out of Lisbon and then connecting onto the A6 into Evora).

If you are staying overnight or looking for parking, there are public parking spaces available just outside the city walls at the entrance gates. 

Top Tip: When hiring a rented car in Portugal, most car rental companies do offer you the option of renting an electronic toll tag that will automatically deduct the fees off your credit card that is lodged with the rental agency. This is a much easier option than having to worry about how and where to pay the toll fees and is well worth the extra cost levied by the car rental agencies. Ask your rental company to explain this service and costs to you in more detail.

Evora Tours & Activities:

One final consideration on how to get from Lisbon to Evora, is to take part in an organised day-trip tour from Lisbon. Have a look at these Evora tours & activities that you may want to book.

Where to stay in Evora:

If you’re planning on spending more time in Evora and surrounds and wondering where to stay, then why not use our search function below to get rates and book your visit in Evora!

Search for Evora Accommodation by click here to view rates & availability!


I have to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Evora and can confidently recommend a visit here. Not only is there so much history and culture to see and explore but this region is also known for its incredible wines, food and warm hospitality. You will absolutely fall in love with the Alentejo countryside and will probably want to return back here again.

I would love to hear from you and get your input and thoughts on visiting Evora. Have you been before and is there any other tips and suggestions that you think may be worthwhile adding to my post?

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