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Ultimate Lisbon Vegan & Vegetarian Guide – The 10 Best Places to Enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Lisbon!


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Are you visiting sunny Lisboa and looking for the ultimate Lisbon Vegan & Vegetarian Guide? In this post, we’ll not only outline what to eat but also the 10 best restaurants to indulge in vegan and vegetarian food in Lisbon!

Having lived in beautiful Lisbon for several years now, I am still surprised by the vast number of restaurants and eateries scattered throughout this gorgeous city I now call home!

Whilst it’s no secret that the Portuguese love their meats, fish, and cured meats, this shouldn’t deter any vegetarian or vegan travellers from visiting the city. Thankfully, in recent years, there’s been a surge in awesome new vegan restaurants, shops, markets and more opening up throughout Lisbon. 

That’s inspired me to compile this post to hopefully help all my vegan and vegetarian friends to make the most of a visit to the capital. In this post, I’ll detail not only what you can expect to eat as far as vegan or vegetarian food in Portugal goes, but also name some of my favourite and best vegetarian and vegan restaurant Lisbon has to offer! 

So, whether your travelling in a group, as a couple, or travelling solo and planning on eating alone, we’ve got you covered so you can make the most of your vegan/vegetarian dining experience in Lisboa!

Disclaimer: This post contains links to services or products that I trust and recommend and from which I may earn commissions. Read our privacy policy for more.

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What to Eat as a Vegetarian or Vegan in Lisbon?

Portugal is well known for its seafood, port, and cheese? But vegetable and gluten-free cuisines? Not so much. More recently, however, a movement is brewing with an emphasis on plant-based diets. For both health and the planet, veganism and vegetarianism have become increasingly popular in Lisbon owing to a rise in Vegan Lisbon restaurants and markets. 

Handy Vegan & Vegetarian Phrases

Handy Vegan & Vegetarian Phrases

While many vegans and vegetarians are looking to dine at restaurants in Portugal, it’s always a good idea to learn some phrases to be clear about what you want and to communicate with locals. 

Although most people in Lisbon can speak English, it’s always nice to make an effort to speak their mother tongue. 

Take a look at these common phrases to use when you’re ordering a vegetarian or vegan meal: 

  • Olá – Hello
  • Por Favor – Please
  • Sou vegan – I am vegan
  • Eu sou vegetariano – I am vegetarian
  • Obrigado / obrigada – Thank you
  • Tem leite de soja – Do you have soya milk? 
  • Tem alguma opção vegan – Do you have any vegan options? 

Psst…I’d highly recommend you listen to these phrases via a translation app so that you can hear the pronunciation of these words. 

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants: Where to Eat in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal’s jewel, is the beating heart and soul of the country. Steeped in Moorish and Roman influence, the capital is booming with Portuguese cuisine, Fado music and saucy saunter. 

Let’s take a tour of the top Lisbon vegan and vegetarian restaurants to tickle your fancy. From where to eat in Lisbon to must-try delights. 

Psst…Speaking of tours, if you’re keen on dining with non-vegan friends, get a skip the line meal option at Hard Rock Cafe. Choose from a selection of vegan and vegetarian options, while your buddies enjoy their meaty meals. 

Juicy Lisboa – Breakfast in Lisbon

Acai Bowls - Vegan Lisbon

If you’re on the hunt for a refreshing vegan breakfast in Lisbon, Juicy Lisboa is your girl. They serve delicious smoothies, juices, açaí bowls, chia pudding, granola bowls, homemade flatbreads with za’atar, and more. Sit in a tastefully designed restaurant that’s also environmentally friendly – from their menus right down to the straws. 

Although it’s not the cheapest breakfast you’ll find on this list, it serves an array of quality ingredients and goodies to get you going for the day. The restaurant provides vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian-friendly food options for anyone looking for delicious healthy food. 

Vegan Eats Cafe – Vegan Lisbon

If you’re ready to try out some divine – traditional and vegan – Portuguese delights, then Vegan Eats Cafe is the right place to visit. This quaint vegan bakery offers some of the best sweet treats and desserts in Lisbon.

Offering a selection of drool-worthy cakes, such as sweet potato and chocolate cake, pineapple cake with salted caramel, as well as much, much more. It’s also a great place for breakfasts or afternoon teas. Looking for something to dip? They sell an assortment of cookies and salted bites to nibble on. 

The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm. 

Eight – The Health Lounge

Lisbon vegan restaurants

Eight restaurant offers scrumptious vegan breakfast and brunch options. Located on Praça da Figueira, the eatery’s menu consists mostly of toasts, smoothie bowls, sandwiches, and salads. There are some super healthy smoothies and juices available too. 

The restaurant doesn’t take reservations; however, you can order at the bar downstairs and find a lovely table, and your server will bring your order to you. It’s a great place to relax and unwind while nourishing your body with some healthy vegetarian and vegan food. 

The restaurant is open from 9 am to 8 pm Sunday to Thursday and 9 am to 3 pm on Fridays. 

AO26 – Vegan Food Project – Vegan Restaurants Lisbon

Serving some of the most divine vegan food in Lisbon, A0 26 is a vegan-only restaurant ready to tickle your senses in an array of delightful menu options. 

The restaurant is open daily from 12.30 pm to 6 pm and then from 7 pm to 11 pm. The delicious lunch menu offers great value for money foods, including a variety of vegan burgers, salads, and sandwiches. 

Their dinner menu is a little pricier; however, it has far more options to choose from, including veganised Portuguese meals. In addition, there are daily specials chalked up on a blackboard offering lip-smacking options, definitely a Lisbon vegan restaurant worth trying out! 

O Botanista

O Botanista Lisbon, Vegetarian restaurants Lisbon
O Botanista Lisbon, Cais do Sodre

As the name suggests, the botany in the name becomes evident as soon as you step foot into this vintage, green-walled cafe near the river. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with lush ferns patterning the walls and plants that trail down from hanging baskets. Run by the same owner as AO 26, the restaurant serves wholesome, homemade, unprocessed foods. 

Here you’ll be welcomed by a lovely atmosphere, friendly service, and superb vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The menu offers an array of delights, from matcha lattes to bruschetta, black pasta, and truffled asparagus. 

Snag a cushioned nook for a spectacular range of vegan and vegetarian food in Portugal. 

The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 10 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm. 

Zarzuela Lisbon

If you’re looking for the city’s best and most scrumptious pastéis de nata (custard tarts), look no further. Traditionally, it’s made with eggs and dairy, of course, but at Zarzuela, there are gluten-free and vegan pastel de nata Lisbon tarts too. 

The traditional bakery provides plenty more sweet and savoury goodies. Apart from divine vegan pastéis de nata, there are other vegan-friendly delights, such as doughnut holes filled with vegan chocolate, croissants, etc. It’s the perfect place to stop to get your daily dose of sugary love. 

Psst…Experience 10 tastings of Portugal’s top cuisines on a private tour (vegetarian options available). 

Jardim Das Cerejas – Lisbon Vegan Restaurants

A bright, lilac-walled bistro nestled behind graceful ruins of Convento do Carmo in Lisbon’s Chiado district lies an absolute treasure trove. Jardim Das Cerejas serves delicious and affordable meals for vegans and vegetarians. 

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet that is freshly prepared and includes salads, hot entrees, and several main dishes with sauces. There’s also vegan pizza, lasagna, curries, and more. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, there are fresh-pressed juices and divine desserts available, too. 

Legumi Sushi Lisbon

Vegan Sushi

Can we really get vegan sushi? There is no short supply of seafood restaurants in Lisbon, and at Legumi Sushi restaurant, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the spectacular display of sushi for vegans. 

The whitewashed, plant-potted space elevates seasonal fresh vegetables, seaweed salads, and beautifully decorated fresh sushi and maki rolls. Although it’s a takeaway and delivery-only restaurant, the sushi here is absolutely phenomenal. 

So, if you’re not keen on eating out in Lisbon, order your delicious meal at Legumi Sushi, lie in bed, and chow down. It’s a fully vegan restaurant providing some of the most creative sushi dishes you’ll ever see. 

The restaurant is open from 6 pm to 10 pm on Tuesdays, and from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 3 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm. 

The Food Temple

One of the top-rated and best vegetarian restaurants Lisbon has to offer is The Food Temple located in the yet ‘undiscovered’ neighbourhood of Mouraria. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city near the castle, one of the most iconic landmarks in Lisbon, you’ll find this stunning restaurant in a beautiful courtyard. 

There are seating areas along the steps outside leading indoors. The open-plan kitchen space serves dinner in the form of tapas, and there’s a main lunch dish. 

You’ll certainly want to whip out your camera to snap up some pictures not only of the mouthwatering food but of this picturesque and charming place. Everything on the menu is fresh and tasty. From pasta and potato salad to delicious greens and vegan seafood bowls. 

The restaurant opens every Wednesday to Sunday from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. 

My Mother’s Daughters

A petite cafe venture by a mother and her three daughters. Their aim is to celebrate all things nature, so everything is focused on organic, wholesome foods. 

The menu depends on the seasons; however, their bowls are the staple. Some must-try dishes include a mix of lentils, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, rice, fruit, and seeds. Try out the pão de queijo, a veganised version of cheesy bread. 

Flip to the back of the menu to read about the beautiful dishes and the meaning behind the cafe’s interior design.