Where To Stay In Rome | The Best Neighbourhoods & Hotels

Where to stay in Rome - Best neighbourhoods to stay in Rome Italy

Visiting the eternal city and wondering where to stay in Rome? Look no further than this guide on the best neighbourhoods to stay in Rome!

Jampacked with historical sites to explore, incredible architectural, as well as cultural and culinary delights it’s no surprise that millions of tourists visit Rome annually. 

If you’re set on exploring all this amazing city has to offer, then you may be wondering which areas are best to stay in, in Rome. Whether it’s your first time travelling, or a seasoned traveller, this guide will hopefully inspire you to pick one of these amazing Rome neighbourhoods as your home base.

In this comprehensive guide, I not only focus on three of my favourite areas of this beautiful city but also provide you with ample suggestions in terms of hotels or apartments you can choose to stay in, in Rome, Italy!

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Best Neighbourhoods To Stay In Rome

The city of Rome has two separate vibes. If you wander beyond the ancient landmarks and tourist attractions, you’ll come across a bustling city with an iconic subculture. The city springs to life when the clock strikes 18:00 and has become the place to be. 

Let’s dive into the different areas of the city and see which neighbourhood would be the best places to stay in Rome. I’ve added hotel options ranging from budget to luxury, just to make the search that much easier. 

Tridente - Most Scenic Neighborhood In Rome

Tridente – Most Scenic Neighbourhood In Rome

This neighbourhood is mostly known for its famous sights like the Spanish Steps and the breath-taking churches. But, this area also carries some of the world’s best fashion retailers. From Fendi and Gucci to Valentino, a trip to this location is perfect for the adventurous shopper. 

During your stay in this neighbourhood, you’ll be surrounded by lush palm trees and marble icons. It’s also within easy walking distance from all the major attractions Rome has to offer, and the scenic homes are an Instagram-worthy backdrop.  

47 Boutique HotelLuxury Stay in Tridente 

This boutique hotel in the heart of Rome screams opulence and luxury. The room terrace overlooks the city and the ancient ruins and is located in a prime spot close to the tourist attractions. 

This hotel boasts a fitness centre, an on-site restaurant and a bar. The space is perfect for a romantic getaway with an added spice of history and luxury. This is the best hotel location in Rome for luxury travellers. 

Al Corso 4Mid-Range Stay in Tridente 

This beautiful and elegant space in Tridente is decorated with minimalistic, yet bespoke, pieces and is a calling card for modern Italy. It’s both cosy and very aesthetic, all in the heart of Rome. 

Multiple room options are available to choose from, making it perfect for groups or couples looking for a romantic getaway. The rooms include an airport shuttle and comfortable amenities, like a coffee maker. 

This space is central in Rome, which means that most tourist attractions are located just minutes down the road in any given direction. The Trevi Fountain, Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Basilica is a walking distance from this spot.

This location is perfect for first-time travellers keen to see all the traditional tourist hotspots and seasoned visitors travelling on a budget. 

Tridente SuitesBudget Stay in Tridente

This hotel is also located in central Rome and is only a few meters away from the famous Spanish Steps. The Trevi Fountain is 15 minutes away from your front door and you’ll have all the best shopping locations right at your fingertips. 

The rooms are completely private and the noise from the square below is minimal. This hotel offers shuttle services and room service to all its guests. This spot is perfect for small groups and couples. 

Airbnbs in Rome – Tridente

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Prati - Best Neighbourhood To Stay In Rome For Families

Prati – Best Neighbourhood To Stay In Rome For Families 

This neighbourhood is a little quieter than the others and is perfect for families and those wondering where to stay in Rome with kids. Prati has quickly become one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Rome, being both residential and commercial. The city centre is easily accessible from this area via the metro line A. 

Its elegant buildings and iconic streets are relatively close to all major attractions without being in the midst of it all. This neighbourhood is a good way to see Rome as the locals see it. It’s home to many mid-range and high-end shops filled with local and international designer brands, but it also has quaint restaurants and coffeehouses on every corner. 

NH Collection Roma GiustinianoLuxury Stay In Prati

This modern and eclectic space overlooks St. Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo and is possibly the hotel with the best view in this area. The contrast between the modern simplicity of the hotel and the ancient architecture of the outside world is unmatched. 

The hotel is equipped with a full gym and a restaurant serving only the finest international cuisine and wines. Popular shopping spots are only a few meters away, making it perfect for the avid bargain hunter. 

Mondo Di AmeliaMid-Range Stay in Tridente 

At Mondo Di Amelia, each room is uniquely decorated with bold colours and bespoke furnishings, making it a very charming place to stay. This space can easily feel like a home away from home, except that the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square is just around the corner. 

The booking includes a shuttle service and a hearty Italian breakfast. Different room options are available, so whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, Mondo Di Amelia will be a perfect spot. 

Vaticano Julia Luxury Rooms Budget Stay in Tridente

This room is a true luxury space on a travellers budget. The beautiful space is located near the Vatican Museums of Rome and St. Peter’s Basilica making it a prime spot in Rome. 

These rooms come with a shuttle service, free wifi and parking, and a full breakfast. It’s a great spot for couples and travel companions. 

Rome Airbnbs – Prati

Search here for a good selection of Airbnbs located in Prati to compare and book for your next visit to Rome. 

Trastevere - Best Locations To Stay In Rome For Young Travellers

Trastevere – Best Locations To Stay In Rome For Young Travellers

This neighbourhood in Rome has always been known for its wild streak and rebel attitude. In ancient Rome residents of this area were freed slaves, sailors and soldiers who were kept separate from the city’s elite. 

Trastevere is now known as the wild-child of Rome and travellers often stop by to check out the bars and nightclubs of the underbelly of the city. It has become the adventure hub for locals and tourists alike who love to soak in the atmosphere of the best area to stay in Rome.  

Trastevere Corner 8 ApartmentLuxury Stay In Trastevere

This three-bedroom apartment in the heart of Trastevere is a perfect location for groups of adventurous travellers looking for a good time in Rome. The homely feel of the space is rather relaxing and you can easily forget that you are in Rome. 

It’s not only located just a walking distance from multiple bars and restaurants, but also Piazza di Santa Maria and the Great Synagogue of Rome. 

Relais Star of TrastevereMid-Range Stay in Trastevere 

This spacious room is located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Trastevere and is highly rated for its balcony views of Rome. It’s located a short distance from Piramide Metro Station which makes travelling within the city bounds very simple. 

Trastevere may be in the perfect party neighbourhood in Rome. However, the ancient ambience of times gone by still manages to creep in. Major attractions like the Colosseum are just minutes away from your window. 

This booking includes a breakfast suited to even the fussiest sweet tooth and is a great romantic escape from the world (I would book this spot just for the treats).

Mameli 59 Trastevere LoftBudget Stay in Trastevere 

This one bedroom, three-bed apartment in Trastevere is reminiscent of an old fire station in the 20th century. 

Just beyond the arched doorways and herringbone floors, lie bustling bars and revered restaurants waiting for you. It’s perfect for a small group of friends looking for a good time in Rome while maintaining a homely atmosphere. 

This could very well be the best place to stay in Rome for friends and family. 

Airbnb Rome – Trastevere 

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