Ultimate 2 Days in Venice Itinerary – How to Spend 48 Hours in Venice!

2 Days in Venice Italy Itinerary

How to spend 2 days in Venice Italy! Make the absolute most of this Italian gem!

Venice is simply unlike any other travel destination you’ll come across. Where else in the world will you stumble upon a city that’s comprised of 118 islands and where it seems like the ever-increasing tides of the canals seem to want to take over. A city known for it’s famed Venetian masked festivals, gorgeous architecture and sights to explore, not to forget the incredible Italian cuisine.

Sure, Venice can get a tad overcrowded and touristy, and it’s certainly not the cheapest of European destinations, but, one this is for sure, you cannot afford not to visit this floating jewel at least once in your lifetime!

That’s exactly why I’ve put together this two days in Venice Itinerary. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll outline everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to Venice for 2 days!

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How to Get To Venice

The Marco Polo International Airport is the main gateway to Venice and receives both international, local and European flights on a daily basis, making flying into Venice the most likely way to get there.

Click here to search & book flights to Venice via Skyscanner.

If you’re already based in Italy, then you may also consider travelling by train. National rail operator Trenitalia offers countrywide routes and connections to various Italian cities, for instance from Milan to Venice, Pisa to Florence, or Florence to Milan, to name a few. 

To view flights, bus, and train options all from one easy to use website visit Omio here

Venice Water Taxi - How to Get Around in Venice in 2 Days

How to Get Around in Venice in 2 Days 

Contrary to popular belief, Venice is a small city. Visitors are often surprised by how easy it is to walk across the entire city. So walking anywhere is a great way to get around. 

However, it’s still important to know about local transportation, especially if you’re a first time visitor wanting to see all the best spots in Italy

Explore Venice in 2 Days by Boat 

Unlike most other Italian cities, transportation in Venice is limited. There are a few busses that run to the train station, however, travelling in Venice is mostly done by boat. There are multiple different boat services to choose from and they all have their own benefits. 


This mode of transportation is very popular among tourists in Venice. It’s like a water-based bus system that travels the full length of the canal. This service has two lines, line 1 and line 2 respectively. 

Line 1 runs the entire canal and stops at every possible site. Taking this route will act as a leisurely tour rather than a quick trip down the canal. If you’re crunched for time, line 2 might be a better option. It runs to the train station and back frequently with minimal pick-up and drop-off stops in between.  

Top Tip: Get your Venice public transport pass here. This easy to use ticket allows you access to the Vaparetto in Venice as well as land transport for Venice, Lido, Murano, and more. 


When we think “Venice”, we think of a gondola. Booking a gondola ride is not a sufficient mode of transportation across the city, but it does tie down the full Venician experience. This trip is not suitable for those who simply seek a ride to their favourite shopping plaza, but it is a great way to see the canal. Remember to book your gondola ride in advance to avoid disappointment. 

The average gondola ride will be around $40 USD and will take up to 30 minutes. Get to see the beautiful Venetian canals in style. 

Water Taxi 

Yes, water taxis exist, and they’re pretty cool. Private owners will take you from point A to point B in an epic motorboat, and they are much faster than all the other modes of transportation in the city. 

This choice is much more expensive and you will have to budget for a ride well in advance. There is no flat rate for these bookings and prices are subject to the owner of the boat. 

Venice Hotel - Where to Stay in Venice - 2 Day Itinerary Venice

Where to Stay in Venice – 2 Day Itinerary Venice

As mentioned above, Venice is a deceivingly small city. But, if you’re in town for only 48 hours, it will be best to book your accommodation in the heart of the city. The hustle and bustle of Venice is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can’t miss out on. 

I’ve compiled some of the best stays in the city that has been rated as fan favourites. They are all located within minutes walking distance from the city centre. 

Airbnbs in Venice Italy: If you much rather prefer to stay in an apartment-style accommodation option instead of booking a hotel room, then why not browse through and book one of these awesome Venice Airbnbs instead. 

What to Do in Venice Italy in 2 Days

The city of Venice is filled with historical buildings, grand landmarks and tours. This part of Italy is a classic European city and is a great place to visit for the culture-buff. Simply getting lost among the charms that are Venice is an experience all by itself. 

But, if you’re thinking about what to do in Venice in 2 days, keep reading! 

Venice Italy in 2 Days – Day One 

Wondering what to see in Venice in two days? You might want to consider taking a walking tour. 

You’ll get to snap some incredible pictures in front of some of Europe’s most famous and historical spaces. Just follow this guide. 

This tour is perfect to squeeze into your 2 day Venice Itinerary. It kicks off at St Mark’s Basilica and ends with a free tour of a glass factory in the area. 

St. Marks Basilica in Venice

Stop One – Basilica San Marco

Commonly known as St Mark’s Basilica, this incredible building is home to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice. Construction begun in the year 828 and in 1807 was declared as the city’s cathedral. 

Tourists line the entrance to see the amazing architecture and artwork throughout the Basilica every day, which makes for the perfect photo opportunities. The striking golden interiors have even earned it the nickname “Chiesa d’Oro”, translated as the Golden Church.

Entrance is free to enter the Basilica, but other parts such as the Pala d’Oro, the Museum, and the Treasury do require an entrance ticket. 

For a hands-on experience, consider this 1.5-hours tour of St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica

Stop Two – Climb The Campanile

One of the most famous structures in Italy is the bell tower that rises up from St. Mark’s Square. Originally built in the 9th century, it is mostly known for hosting an early demonstration of Galileo’s telescope. 

For a small fee, you are able to take a lift up the 100m tower for a full panoramic view of Venice and the surrounding islands. 

Stop Three – Doge’s Palace

Right next door to the Basilica you’ll find another marvel of Venice, the beautiful Doge’s Palace, or Palazzo Ducale in Italian. This striking palace was built around the 14th century and was home to Doges, who were the leaders of the then Venetian republic. 

During its colourful history, the palace was also used a political prison, and housed governmental offices too. Today though it serves as a museum that you can visit and explore.

Make sure to take the tour of all the hidden and secret rooms and parts of this palace, after which you can end your visit to the famous Bridge of Sighs.

For a fully immersive experience, consider this top-rated tour – a 3-hour guided tour of Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica to get the most out of these gorgeous sights.

Gondola Ride - What to Do in Venice Italy in 2 Days

Stop Four – Signature Gondola Ride

No trip to Venice is complete without a gondola ride on the Grand Canal. This canal is over 3.8 km long and is lined with hundreds of buildings dating back centuries. 

Running through the centre of the city, roaming the canal is a perfect way to get acquainted with the city’s layout and the friendly locals. This is also undoubtedly the most romantic thing to do in Venice and should definitely be added to your Venice in 2 days itinerary!

Try out a classic 30-minute Venetian gondola ride on your visit to Venice.  

Stop Five – Italian Prosecco

Last but not least, if you can muster up enough energy after all the sightseeing of day 1 of your Venice 2 day itinerary, then why not sample some traditional Italian sparkling wine & Prosecco?

This 40-minute wine tasting is hosted by a knowledgeable sommelier in an off-the-beaten-track part of town. You’ll get a real insider’s view as you taste 5 different sparkling wines paired with snacks as an accompaniment 

Venice Italy in 2 Days – Day Two

Continuing on with our Venice tour, here are a few more must-see spots in the city. It might be easy to cover all the major spots in one day, or you could choose to space them out over 48 hours in Venice.

Rialto Bridge in Venice

Stop One – Visit Rialto Bridge 

As far as what to do in Venice for 2 days goes, the Rialto Bridge is one stop you have to make.

This bridge is an iconic stone structure stretched over the canal and is the oldest bridge in Venice. The first bridge that was built in that spot dates back to the year 1181 and has been since replaced with this stone structure in 1551. 

Today it’s one of the most photographed images of Venice and one you simply have to snap when in the city.

Stop Two – Gallerie dell’Accademia

This famous art gallery is located just off the Grand Canal and is home to a collection of fine artwork. The pre-19th century collection includes works from artists such as Titian, Bellini and Canaletto. 

This gallery is mostly known for boating the iconic work Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci and tourists flock this space every year. 

Stop Three – Aperitivo at Caffè Florian

Kick off the late afternoon on your 2 days in Venice Itinerary with a visit to this legendary cafe, that has been a staple meeting spot for royalty since 1720. Take a step back in time with this 18th-century interior that has played host to some of the late greats like Andy Warhol. 

Venice Restaurant - Where to Eat in Venice - Venice Itinerary 2 Days

Where to Eat in Venice – Venice Itinerary 2 Days

It’s hard to visit Italy without getting stuck into the incredible food & drinks. The city has a wide range of eating options to choose from. From 5-star restaurants frequented by celebrities to budget-friendly, hole in the wall spots fit for royalty, the city has all the glamour. 

Here’s only a handful of restaurants you must try during your Venice 2 days itinerary. 

Breakfast – Pasticceria Bar

Breakfast in Italy usually consists of sweet treats and is the polar opposite of a full English breakfast. It’s a quick and light affair, no longer than a few minutes. For this, Pasticceria Bar is the perfect spot to grab a pastry and a coffee before heading out on your Venetian tour. 

This elegant bar is situated in the Rosa Salva Hotel and is known for its exquisite pastries. Their treats are made with Venetian traditions in mind, which makes for a taste of history at its finest. 

Vegetarian Lunch – La Zucca

This quaint spot in the Santa Croce district of Venice is famous for its variety of vegetarian meals. La Zucca means “pumpkin” which is, of course, their main ingredient in all their dishes. 

Pop into this fine and cosy restaurant for a quick lunch and a coffee at 12pm before heading out on your next walking tour of the city. 

Dinner – Riviera

This spot is located just off the canal and is famous for its unique take on Italian cuisine. You will visit Riviera for its signature cocktails and stay for the amazing pasta and desserts. This famed spot will likely require a reservation so be sure to book in advance. 

Enjoy a famous in house cocktail and a traditional Italian meal while the sun sets over the Venetian Canal.

The Ultimate 2 Days in Venice Italy Travel Itinerary! Venice Travel, Venice Travel Guide, Venice Italy, Italy Travel Guide, Italy Travel Tips. #Venicetravel #Venice #italytravel
Perfect Way to Spend 2 Days in Venice Italy! Venice Travel, Venice Travel Guide, Venice Italy, Italy Travel Guide, Italy Travel Tips. #Venicetravel #Venice #italytravel
Ultimate 2 Days in Venice Itinerary - How to Spend 48 Hours in Venice!
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