Rome in 2 Days Itinerary – Spending 48 Hours in Beautiful Rome!

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Looking for the perfect 2 Days in Rome Itinerary? In this comprehensive Rome in 2 days itinerary guide, I’ll outline exactly what to see & do when visiting Rome for 2 days. Let’s go!

Rome is jam-packed with incredible historical sites, museums, and beautiful plazas. Although most travellers can easily spend four or five days in Italy’s capital, sometimes your schedule simply doesn’t allow for that. 

If you’re spending the weekend in Rome and only have two days to see the ‘Eternal’ city, it’s understandable that you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. To help take some of the stress of planning a vacation off your shoulders, we’ve put together this ultimate Rome 2 Day Itinerary, so you can still see all the top attractions during your visit.

Although it can be a challenge to see Rome in 48 hours, it’s still manageable with a bit of careful planning. Read on to learn the basics about travel to Rome and what you absolutely cannot miss on your vacation to Rome, the ultimate European bucket list destination! 

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How to Get to Rome: Rome Itinerary 2 Days

The saying that “all roads lead to Rome” might have been true historically, but today, arriving by plane is usually the easiest option. Rome has two international airports, with direct flights to many countries.

If you’re on a longer trip in Europe, it’s straightforward to arrive in Rome by boat at the Citavecchi port, or by train, with high-speed rail connections to Florence and Milan.

Click here to search and book for your flight to Rome using Skyscanner, or here for train and buses on Omio.

How to Travel around Rome: 2 Day Rome Itinerary

Being such a highly trafficked tourist city, Rome has numerous public transport options to get you around the city with ease.

The metro line and the public buses are great options for transport. Although the metro is much faster, it doesn’t have extensive routes. However, if you’re only stopping at the major attractions, the metro is usually the most reliable choice.

Rome also has plenty of bus lines (over 330 in total!) that can take you all around the city. Because traffic jams are fairly standard in Rome, buses can sometimes run a bit late, so you might need to exercise patience to get your ride.

Taxis are available but tend to be expensive, so it’s recommended to try and use other forms of transport if possible. 

A good option for people spending two days in Rome is to get the Roma three-day tourist pass, which allows unlimited use of public transportation for two or three days running, as well as free entrance to select sights.

Another brilliant way to get around and see the top attractions at the same time is to book a Rome Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing bus tour. See all the sights from the comfort of an open-top bus and return back to your favourite sights later! 

2 Day Itinerary in Rome: Where to Stay

Piazza Navona Rome

Finding accommodation in Rome can be a challenge. The city is packed with hotels and guest houses, but spots can fill up quickly, especially around holiday times.

Rome is relatively compact, so finding accommodation near the Piazza di Spagna and the Termini Station will guarantee that you’ll be able to walk to many of Rome’s top attractions.

Especially if you’re trying to see Rome in 2 days, picking the right accommodation is crucial so you can see everything on your itinerary. Lots of hotels will have tour desks or offer package deals for certain tours if you’re interested in a guided experience of Rome.

Prices for accommodation in Rome have a wide range. If you’re looking for luxury, the sky is the limit when it comes to your hotel choices. There are also plenty of budget-friendly selections that preserve the splendour of Rome.

If like me you like to book your own apartment then you may want to consider booking a VRBO vacation rental in Rome for your stay. Search here for a selection of Rome VRBO Apartments to stay at!

Best Hotel near the Colosseum – Otivm Hotel

Best Hotel near the Vatican City – Hotel S. Anna

Luxury Hotel in Rome – Hotel Vilòn 

Best Hostel in Rome – Free Hostels Roma

2 Days in Rome Italy: Day 1

If you’re stressing about deciding what to do in Rome for 2 days, set your fears aside. Our two-day itinerary in Rome includes all the top attractions, so you won’t leave feeling like you missed out.

Stop 1: The Vatican City

Vatican City - 2 Days in Rome Itinerary

Since the Vatican City is closed during Sundays, it’s important for travellers visiting Rome over the weekend to include this stop on day one.

It’s best to arrive at the Vatican before 9 am to have enough time in the day to see everything and miss the tourist rush, which can quickly lead to very long wait times in line. 

Make sure to book your entrance ticket for the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums ahead of time, to make the most of your visit! Another great alternative is to book a 2.5-Hour guided Vatican Tour for a more immersive experience.

Stop one is St. Peter’s Basilica, one of Rome’s most famous religious landmarks in Italy. Even though it’s a little tiring, it’s definitely worth your time to climb to the top of the dome, where you’ll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views.

When you come down from the Basilica, follow the signs for the Vatican Museums, where you can tour the galleries of famous Renaissance painters and artists, as well as the world-renowned Sistine Chapel, with its masterpiece by Michelangelo.

Although you could probably spend more than an entire day browsing through the galleries, it’s best to remember that you’re on a bit of a time crunch for your two day Rome itinerary.

Once you’ve wrapped up your tour of the Vatican, it will probably be time to take a short break to stop and get lunch at a fantastic local restaurant. 

Stop 2: The Pantheon

Now that your energy is renewed, head back to the centre of Rome and follow signs to the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Once a Roman temple, the Pantheon was converted into a Catholic church and remains one of Rome’s top attractions. 

It’s famous for being the best-preserved ancient structure in Rome. Looking at it, you would have no idea it was actually built in 125 AD! 

Enter the Pantheon to admire the incredible central dome, which has an opening at the very top called the oculus that allows natural light to enter the building. The ancient Romans even gave the Pantheon a slightly sloped floor to allow rain to run off. 

Stop 3: Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

Just a five-minute walk from the Pantheon is another of Rome’s wonders – the Trevi Fountain. Supposedly, tossing a coin into the waters of the Trevi Fountain will ensure you’ll return to Rome one day!

After admiring the incredible sculpture of the fountain, you can spend the rest of the daylight hours wandering the centre of Rome to see other squares and monuments.

The Piazza Colonna is where the famous Column of Marcus Aurelius is located, and the Piazza di Spagna is another excellent spot to visit. There are also plenty of restaurants around the center, so you can stop to get dinner before heading back to your accommodation.  

Stop 4: Rome Food Tour

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and much-loved the world over. If you’ve still got some energy reserves left after an incredible day of sightseeing in Rome, then it’s time to treat yourself and sample the best flavours of Rome!

Indulge in a 4-Hour Rome Night Food Tour where you’ll walk through some of Rome’s best foodie hotspots whilst savouring some of the best wines, foods and local produce on offer. This top-rated tour includes 20 food tastings, a true taste of Roma!

2 Day Itinerary Rome: Day 2

Now that you’ve seen many of the religious sites of Rome, the second day of your Rome 2 Days Itinerary will take you on a tour of the ancient wonders of the city!

Stop 1: The Colosseum

Colosseum Rome

Perhaps the most iconic landmark of Rome is the Colosseum. Depending on where your accommodation is, you may be able to walk or take the metro to the Colosseo station.

Be warned; sometimes, the ticket line to enter the Colosseum is very long, so it’s best to arrive early.. 

Alternatively, you can visit Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum first, which are right next to the Colosseum and have a combined Colosseum ticket entrance for the three sites. Make sure you take your time to get photos of all these landmarks. 

The Colosseum is the famous gladiator theatre of ancient Rome, which some visitors have said still has a slightly eerie atmosphere. Palatine Hill is one of the Seven Hills of Rome and was once the central location of the Roman Empire. Walking through the ruins of the Roman Forum, you will be visiting what was once a bustling market area in ancient Rome. 

To truly delve into this ancient world, considering a guided 3-Hour Ancient Rome Tour that includes the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

Stop 2 (Option 1): The Catacombs of Rome

When you’re done visiting the sites of Imperial Rome, it’s probably going to be time for lunch. Stop and take a break before heading underground for the afternoon of day two in Rome.

Rome has more than sixty catacombs, totalling over one hundred kilometres of tunnels. Because some of the passageways are not entirely safe, only five sites are open for tourists.

It’s best to book a tour of the catacombs in advance. Look for a tour option that includes transportation to save you the hassle of taking the bus or finding a taxi.

Stop 2 (Option 2): Capitoline Museums

Capitoline Museums Rome - two days in Rome

If you can’t get a tour of the catacombs or you don’t like the idea of venturing underground, head to Rome’s famous Capitoline Museums to round off your 48 hours in Rome.

There are many museums within the Capitoline group, including the Museum of Contemporary art of Rome, the Museo di Roma, and the Museo Barracco di Scultura Antica. It would probably take over a week to visit all the museums and galleries, so pick whichever seems most interesting to you to enjoy for the afternoon.

Stop 3: Trastevere Neighbourhood

If there’s still time to spare after the museum, head over to the Trastevere neighbourhood. This charming area is known for its authentic restaurants and friendly atmosphere and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy an excellent meal to wrap up your two days in Rome Itinerary.  

Try out Da Enzo Al 29, a top-rated restaurant located in Trastevere, for a truly delicious Italian dining experience, you simply cannot go wrong!

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