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23 Most Popular Italian Drinks & Beverages You Must Try In Italy

Italian Drinks Guide

Looking for the ultimate Italian drinks guide? Look no further! When visiting Italy, it’s easy to get lost in the incredible history, food, culture, and landmarks of Italy. But, an often-overlooked element is the fantastic array of drinks in Italy that you simply have to try out! In this definitive guide on drinks from Italy, […]

20 Historical & Famous Landmarks In Italy Worth Visiting!

Florence Cathedral - Landmarks in Italy

Famous landmarks in Italy can be found scattered all across this beautiful country. From incredible cathedrals, geographical sites, to world-renowned monuments and art galleries! Regardless of whether your visit Rome, Milan, Venice, Tuscany or any other part of Italy, you are are bound to come across one of these incredible attractions. With so many iconic […]

2 Days in Milan Itinerary: The Perfect Way to Spend 48 Hours in Milan!

2 Days in Milan Itinerary

Visiting Milan for two days and in search of the perfect 2 days in Milan Itinerary? Well, look no further, as in this guide I’ll help you plan the perfect visit to this gorgeous Italian city! Milan is like Rome’s less touristy cousin. It’s a city still packed with history and fantastic museums, but without […]

11 Best Places to visit in Puglia, Italy – Exploring Charming Puglia!

Best places to visit in puglia

Planning your holidays to Puglia and looking for the best places to visit in Puglia? Then look no further than this comprehensive guide, outlining several gorgeous Puglia cities and towns you shouldn’t miss out on! Located in the ‘heel of the boot’ when looking at a map of Italy, this southern region is known for […]

Milan One Day Itinerary – The Perfect Way to Spend 24 Hours in Milan

Milan one day Itinerary

Look no further if you’re after the perfect Milan One Day Itinerary! In this guide I’ll outline exactly how to spend the perfect 24 hours in trendy Milan! Although fashionable Milan certainly draws in the tourist crowds, the city has somehow still retained a slightly undiscovered feel. But apart from being considered the fashion capital […]

How to get from Milan to Venice, Italy – A complete travel guide

How to get from Milan to Venice Italy

Are you planning your dream Italian getaway and intend on visiting the gorgeous cities of Milan and Venice? Then my detailed guide down below on how to get from Milan to Venice, to help you take care of the nitty-gritty logistics! Let’s be honest, Italy is one of the most popular bucket list destinations in […]