Seville Food Guide – Where and What to Eat in Seville, Spain!

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Looking for a comprehensive Seville Food Guide? Looking no further – in this post I’ll outline exactly where and what to eat in Seville, Spain!

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie who just happens to find themselves in Seville, you’re in luck! The Andalusian city is famous for its eclectic tapas culture and breathtaking rooftop terraces to dine on. 

Considered to be one of the hottest places in Spain to visit during winter, it’s a great year-round destination. 

If you want to know the best places to eat in Seville, then this Seville food guide has all you need and more, including where to find the best food and which Seville food market to visit. A great addition to any Seville travel itinerary

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Let’s dig in – or as the Spanish say, buen provecho!

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Best Food Markets in Seville

Markets in Seville

What better way to truly dive into any local cuisine, than by visiting a food market and browsing through all the local produce that make up the traditional Sevillian fare!

Thankfully, you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes down to choosing the best food markets in Seville to try out, and should undoubtedly be one of the top things to do when visiting Seville!

Three of the most well-known markets include the Mercado de Triana, the Mercado de la Encarnación as well as the Mercado de la Calle Feria.

Whilst it’s great to browse through these incredible markets, I have to admit, I do find it somewhat overwhelming when I’m in a foreign country and not familiar with all the ingredients or foods on offer. 

Why not book an immersive 2.5-hour guided Triana Food Market Tour including tastings along the way, and in doing so, learn from a true Seville local and dig into the traditional Seville foodie scene!

If that doesn’t quite touch sides, then indulge in a 4-hour Seville food market tour that incorporates all three markets, Triana, Encarnación and Feria for a true taste of Andalusia

5 Must-Try Dishes in Seville

While there are many dishes to try in Seville, a few stand out from the crowd in the best ways. Regardless of your dietary restrictions, the local cuisine is sure to have something for you, from satisfying seafood cravings to satisfying sweet tooths. Let your palette boldly wander the appetizing realm of Sevillan gastronomy.

Serranito de Lomo

Serranito de Lomo

When eating in Seville for the first time, you have to, at some point, try the city´s signature sandwich, el serranito de lomo. This submarine sandwich consists of seared pork loin (or grilled chicken breast) wedged between slices of fresh bread topped with savoury Serrano ham and typically served alongside a grilled green pepper and fries. This is one of the most common pub foods in Seville, so don’t hesitate to order one to eat like a proper local.

Espinacas con Garbanzos

This vegan and vegetarian-friendly dish has been around since Moorish rule, finding its origins in Seville´s Jewish and Moorish communities. Espinacas con garbanzos is a mixture of spinach, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), and spices. It’s also a local favourite, so you can expect to receive it as a tapa if you´re fortunate enough. Just grab a piece of bread and get to dipping!

Carrillada de Cerdo

Carrillada de Cerdo

This next entry is another meat dish for the list, and one of the most delectable, made from stewed pork cheek slow-cooked in reduced wine with garlic and cloves. The best carrillada de cerdo should be extra tender and rich with flavour. Best accompanied by red wine, it’s also a common tapas staple, so expect to come across it at some point.

Cazón en adobo

For pescatarian travellers, we highly recommend getting this next dish, especially if you´ve never tasted shark before. Seville lies barely an hour away from the coast and has access to some of the freshest seafood in Spain. El cazón en adobo is yet another staple dish heavily-flavoured with Moorish influence, consisting of school shark marinated in a blend of oregano, cumin, lemon, and vinegar before being deep-fried into little balls of deliciousness. Yum!



Let’s finally move onto dessert with this last dish, which is Seville’s unique version of French toast. If you didn’t know, the sweet dish consists of stale bread that has been refreshed by soaking it in beaten egg and deep-frying it. The bread is then covered in sumptuous sugar syrup or homemade sweetened milk. Order it for an after-dinner pick-me-up or stroll into any pastry to place a fresh order. If you’re travelling in Seville around Semana Santa (Holy Week), you can expect to find this dessert practically everywhere.

Best Places to Eat

Seville is chock full of enough tapas bars, chic restaurants, and other eateries to keep you snacking until you keel over. 

Whether you´re looking for the tastiest tapas bars in Seville, scenic cafes, the perfect brunch spot, or the most stunning rooftop terraces, the Andalusian city has it all, so look no further than below for the best venues.

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Best tapas bars in Seville

Best tapas in Seville - croquetas caseras

Looking for the best tapas in Seville?

Seville is practically bursting with tapas bars around every corner. The bite-sized morsels are a local staple in nearly every eating locale. 

Some establishments are a head above the rest, however, offering the highest-quality ingredients for reasonable prices. If you’re dreaming of taking your tongue on a food adventure, these Seville tapas bars are exactly where you want to be, dishing out some of the best food in Seville. 

Winner – El Rinconcillo – Tapas bar Seville

Regarded as the oldest tapas bar in the city, El Rinconcillo opened its doors in 1670 and has been serving the most arguably delicious tapas in Seville ever since. There’s a clear reason that thousands of patrons have passed through its doors over the years only to leave smiling and more than satisfied with the food selection. Their extensive menu includes a section for tapas and principal plates, depending on how peckish you are. Order the croquetas caseras (homemade croquettes) and tortilla de jamón serrano ibérico (Spanish potato omelette with Serena ham) to start, then work your way to the langostinos de trasmallo (marinated prawns) or the solomillo de ternera (slow-cooked beef sirloin).

Address: Calle Gerona, 40

Runner-up – Bar Alfalfa

This tapas bar is known for serving up a robust mix of Mediterranean cuisine from Spain to Italy with vigour. For this reason, the locale is quite popular with the locals; make sure you arrive before the lunch or dinner rush to snag an exclusive table. Their tapas menu has so many tapas choices on offer that you won’t know where to start, especially with their rock-bottom prices. We recommend trying the bresaola tapa (cured carpaccio beef served with parmesan and lemon), the brusquetta andaluza (toasted bread with mozzarella, salmorejo, and ham), then finishing with the pollo a la Alfalfa (La Alfalfa chicken) for a perfect palette combo.

Address: Calle Candilejo, 1

Best brunch places

Brunch has only started to take off in the Iberian peninsula in the last few years, with new eateries opening every year as cosmopolitan cuisine becomes increasingly popular. Luckily, there are several brunch places where you can get your fill of mimosas. These spots offer stylish digs that aren’t too pricey.

Winner – La Cacharreria de Sevilla

This brunch spot is so popular with the locals that they had to open a second location to accommodate all their demands. Both restaurants have the same menu, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything at either locale. Ask for a combo from their main breakfast menu, which comes with a fully-loaded toast topped with ingredients of your choosing and a drink (coffee, orange juice, or chocolate milk). Alternatively, you could make space for one of their epic homemade milkshakes by pairing it with a fully-loaded bagel.

Address: Calle Regina, 14 and Calle Carlos Cañal, 5

Runner-up – KÖK Tu Cocina

If you’re looking for more of an all-American breakfast in Seville, this place is our top pick for you. Try their benedictinos classicos (poached egg with Hollandaise sauce served on a bagel) or their bagel de bacon, queso de cabra y tomate (bagel topped with bacon, goat’s cheese, and tomato) to make sure you start your morning off right.

Address: Calle San Luis, 46

Best cafes in Seville

Chocolate Churros - Seville

Cafeterias and cafes in Seville are everyday staples in Seville’s food scene: the Spanish tend to flock to them, morning, noon, and night. If you’re looking for a cute cafe to grab a quick bite in or sample some Spanish-style coffee, the places are the best of the best among the locals.

Winner – Cafeteria Doña Carmen

You can expect this Sevillan cafeteria to be packed with regulars nearly around the clock. The establishment is famous for making the best churros in Seville. Snap a spot by the bar if you can since the cafeteria only starts serving between 7 am to noon before closing down midday and reopening in the late afternoon. Make it your go-to breakfast spot for a sweet pick-me-up with a side of delectable warm chocolate.

Address: Calle San Agustin, 78

Runner-up – Almazen Café

This charming cafe serves some of the most diverse intercontinental breakfast and brunch selections that you can find in Seville, as well as yummy principal plates if you’re feeling ravenous. Order the Greek bowl (Greek yoghurt topped with muesli, fresh fruit, and chia seeds) if you want to eat healthily, or upgrade to a combo by asking for either el tipico (Serrano ham and tomato on a baguette) or the Croque Monsieur (a French-style ham and cheese sandwich topped with more cheese). If you head to Almazen for a midday snack, try one of their homemade desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Address: Calle San Esteban, 15

The best vegan and vegetarian options

It can often be challenging for any vegan or vegetarian traveller to find restaurants that cater to their tastes by offering more than just salads. Especially in a country that loves its meat dishes.

Thankfully, you can find awesome options for vegetarian and vegan food in Seville! Both places on this list boast a colourful menu packed with flavour. There is an assortment of dishes for any dietary restriction, from gluten-free to non-dairy too.

Winner – Verdetariano Healthy Food

If you don’t eat meat, fish, nuts, gluten, or dairy (or a combo of the bunch), this delightful establishment has something for everyone. For vegans, order the burrito tex mex (filled with Brussel sprouts, rice, guacamole, pumpkin, and veganesa) or the burger de la casa (made with a beet and garbanzo bean patty topped with guacamole, crunchy onions, Brussel sprouts, tomato, and veganesa). For vegetarians who love cheese and eggs, get the albondigas de broccoli en salsa (broccoli non-meatballs) or the pimiento piquillo relleno (pepper stuffed with leek and a white cream sauce). For celiacs, the wild burger (made with a spinach and eggplant patty served on gluten-free bread with smoked cheese and Brussel sprouts) is the top choice.

Address: Carretera de Carmona, 13, 3

Runner-up – El Enano Verde

This restaurant is the place to go to if you want to get really experimental with your food choices as the dishes can be quite avant-garde. If you’re feeling adventurous, get the crema de cebolla con cerveza negra (onion cream soup made with black beer) to start, then follow up with the perrito (jackfruit and corn hotdog with mango cheese). Both are sure to give your tastebuds a thrill.

Address: Calle Feria, 61

Best rooftop bars and restaurants

Seville is well-known for its rooftop terraces, and selecting the best ones can be a welcome challenge on a warm summer night. Still, the ones on this list are the best of the best, not only for their elegance and class but also for the epicness of their panoramic views.

Winner – La Terraza del Hotel Inglaterra

Although this rooftop bar is certainly not the cheapest establishment on this list, it is undoubtedly the most scenic, with a trendy terrace that overlooks Seville for kilometres from atop Hotel Inglaterra. Order a cocktail from one of the most comprehensive lists of drinks in Seville. At the same time, take in the city’s best views, including some of the most famous landmarks – Plaza Nueva, Giralda Tower, and the Cathedral of Seville.

Address: Plaza Nueva, 7

Runner-up – Pura Vida Terraza

Find this picturesque rooftop bar on top of Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla Seises, and expect the place to be packed. With tasty cocktails and chic decor, this place is a local haven, particularly for those wanting to dip into its open-air swimming pool to escape the summer heat. The pool is only free for guests of the hotel, but you can buy a half-day or full-day access pass in summer that comes with a complimentary mojito, towels, sunbeds, and fantastic views of Seville.

Address: Calle Segovia, 6

Best restaurants for traditional Spanish cuisine

Tortilla de camarones

Uncovering the best traditional cuisine in Spain can be a bit confusing at first since many foods tend to originate from various corners of the Iberian peninsula. Dishes such as paella, for example, hail from the northeast communities of Valencia and Catalonia. Seville, to the southwest, is also famous for its own unique seafood and meat plates. If you’re dying to dabble in the local gastronomic scene, Seville has no shortage of places for you.

Winner – Mercado de Triana

Situated within the ruins of the former Castillo de San Jorge (Saint George’s Castle), this is Seville’s biggest food market, overflowing with tapas counters, beer taps, and wineries. Head there if you want to taste a little bit of everything that Sevillan cuisine has to offer without having to go too far. Who knows, you might just come across the best paella in Seville.

Address: Calle San Jorge, 6

Runner-up – La Bodega de Santa Cruz – Las Columnas

If you want to go old-school and dine like you’re at your Abuela’s, no spot is more synonymous with traditional cuisine than this restaurant. Their menu is loaded with tapas and principal plates from all over Spain, so let your palette go for a tour of the country by ordering either the tortilla de camarones (Spanish potato omelette with prawns) or cazón en adobo (slow-cooked school shark).

Address: Calle Rodrigo Caro, 1 

Seville Food Tours

If all this talk of food seems too daunting, and you are left feeling like you don’t know where to start, then let me help you out!

Whenever I visit a new destination I love to connect with locals who can guide me through the local customs, culture, history and of course the cuisine.

As such, I would highly recommend you consider booking a Seville Food Tour, allowing you to truly indulge in the local gastronomy, all the while whilst being guided by a knowledgeable local guide. 

Of course, there is an abundance of great Seville foodie tours on offer, whether you opt for a 4-hour Taste & Traditional Food Tour, or a more hands-on 3.5-hour Cooking Class and Market Tour or a 3-hour Tapas Cooking Class, there truly is a tour to suit every preference and budget. 


Whether you’re attracted to Seville for its sites, its sun, or its seafood, there’s no end in sight to the number of eateries spilling onto nearly every street and plaza. 

Whether you’re searching for the best restaurants in Seville, the best tapas bars, cafes or brunch spots, I hope you’ve found ample inspiration in this post. Enough to satisfy your tastebuds and have you coming back to Seville time and time again for delicious local cuisine!

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