The Ultimate 3 Days in Seville Itinerary

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Looking for the perfect 3 days in Seville, Spain Itinerary? Then look no further than this comprehensive guide to making the most of your three days in Seville!

Seville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, filled with so many enchanting sights to see that they’re enough to make your head spin with the wonder of it all. Still, it might be difficult to decide on exactly what to see and do in Seville, especially if you have limited time. Plus, the last thing you want is to miss out on the most important monuments if you can help it.

Thankfully, although Seville can have the feeling of a sprawling city, you can get around to nearly all the top destinations on foot without too much issue – as long as you plan ahead. This guide has all the must-see places in Seville that you need to visit, packed into a streamlined 3 days Seville itinerary, and including some of the best restaurants where you can replenish your energy along the way.

By following the daily route laid out, you can seamlessly hop from one destination to another and truly make the most of your time in the south of Spain like a proper turista (tourist). 

Visiting Seville in Easter, during the summer months or even in fall or winter? Your adventure is just beginning, so don’t let the clock run out on your trip when you use this ultimate 3 day Seville itinerary. You never know what magic might be hidden around every corner, but it never hurts to plan in advance.

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How to get to Seville

Seville has an international airport and an airport shuttle bus that goes directly to the city centre, passing through other popular neighbourhoods. Purchase the round bus ticket to save time and money if you plan to fly out from the same airport. Find the bus stop right outside of the arrivals terminal, or find the taxi stand not too far from there should you prefer to take a cab instead.

How to travel around in Seville

Whilst Seville is just small enough to easily explore on foot, there are many reliable bus lines for those with reduced mobility. Purchase a bus pass at the airport and make sure to validate it as soon as you board your first bus. There’s a bus service offered by Tussam that goes to almost every neighbourhood in the city; they also provide passes that allow unlimited travel for one to three days, until about 2 am. The best lines with circular routes for tourists are C1, C2, C3, and C4, which service the trendiest neighbourhoods in Seville.

You can also easily get around the city by finding a taxi stand in front of any major plaza. If you’re keen, biking is a great way to quickly get around Seville; it’s inexpensive and eco-friendly. There are several bikes stands around the city provided by Seville’s Sevici company, where you can rent a bike for a fair rate, depending on how long you ride it.

Last but not least, if you really want to make the most of your time whilst visiting Seville in three days, then consider booking a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour of Seville. This is a great way to quickly travel around the city, ticking off all the sights and seeing which you’d like to return back to later on!

Where to stay in Seville

Seville Barrio Santa Cruz

If you only have a handful of days in Seville, it’s best to stay in its old town, close to all the most iconic landmarks. Luckily, there’s an abundance of fantastic places to stay in the city, ranging from the low-cost and cosy to the gilded and grandiose. No matter your budget or preference, one of these places is sure to suit your travel needs.

The Budget-Friendly

Oasis Backpackers Palace Sevilla

There’s always a good time to be had at this lively hostel, which houses several large mixed-sex or all-female dormitories with comfy beds, as well as private rooms for solo travellers and groups. The hostel offers complimentary continental breakfast with your reservation. Enjoy it on the huge rooftop terrace before sliding into the open pool – a fine start to any morning. Book your stay at Oasis Backpackers’ Palace here.

The Elegant-But-Affordable

Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla

This gorgeous hotel is right next to the Cathedral of Seville. Set in a 19th-century mansion with a courtyard and rooftop terrace, there’s even a seasonal pool. Be enchanted by the hotel’s luxuriant chandeliers and balconies, then further charmed by the service as you enjoy a free afternoon snack and bathrobes and slippers in every room. The hotel also provides discounted street parking for guests arriving by car. Click here to book a stay at Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla.

The Glamorous

Hotel Boutique Palacio Pinello

Located a few meters away from Seville’s most important monuments, this hotel is as elegant as it is decadent. Stay in the epitome of luxury when you reside in this former 16th-century palace. You can expect private parking with a valet, a prearranged shuttle service from the airport and back, and a rooftop terrace where you can sip on a glass of wine while soaking up the city skyline. Go ahead and spoil yourself and book into the gorgeous Palacio Pinello.

Ultimate Seville 3 Day Itinerary

Day One – 3 Day Itinerary Seville

Assuming you arrive by midday and don’t take too long to settle into your accommodation, an assortment of astounding architecture can be found by wandering around the impressive city. The biggest draw for most people would have to be Catedral de Sevilla (Seville Cathedral), located right in the heart of the city.

Seville Cathedral

Seville Cathedral

(time to next destination: 1-minute walk)

This 15th-century cathedral stands 105-m (344 ft) tall in the centre of Seville’s old town and is usually the hottest ticket in town. Make sure to snag tickets online well in advance to beat the crowd or better yet, book a guided tour with priority access to enjoy a more immersive experience. 

Marvel at the cathedral’s external beauty, then head in to see the final resting place of Christopher Colombus. The rest of the city basically spreads out around the religious monument, so feel free to take your time as your next destinations aren’t too far away.

La Giralda

(time to next destination: 1-minute walk)

Exit Seville Cathedral, then head around the corner to spot La Giralda, the bell tower of Seville Cathedral built in the 13th-century during Moorish Spain. It was originally constructed as part of the Great Mosque of Seville before it was converted into the current cathedral. Make sure to snap a picture of what was the tallest tower in the world in its day, then round the next corner to reach your next destination.

General Archive of the Indies

(time to next destination: 1-minute walk)

Locally referred to as Archivo de Indias, this historic building is worth at least a fly-by if you can swing it. Once housing the ancient merchants’ exchange of the city, it now functions as an important repository of documents detailing the history of the Spanish Empire from the Americas to the Philippines. Book tickets online to visit or simply get an eyeful when you walk past the Archives to the next stop of the day.

Puerta del Leon

(time to next destination: 1-minute walk)

Look out for this decorated archway known as the Puerta del Lion (Lion’s Door), an intriguing work of art that doubles as the entrance to the Real Alcazar of Seville, one of the most breathtaking destinations in Seville.

Royal Alcazar of Seville

Royal Alcazar Seville

(time to next destination: 6-minute walk)

The history of this royal palace dates back to the 8th century when Andalusia was under Moorish rule. The first fortified structure was erected in what would eventually become a massive residence fit for Islamic caliphs and Christian kings.

During its nearly 500 years of construction, the Royal Alcazar (royal castle) has seen many expansions, including the addition of grand halls, fantastical botanical gardens, and Moorish-style bathhouses. Get lost in the Murillo Gardens, but make sure to keep an eye out for the Catalina de Ribera fountain and the Christopher Colombus monument before leaving this wonderland.

As one of the top things to do in Seville in 3 days, consider booking this top-rated Alcazar Guided tour with priority access to make the most of your stay.


(time to next destination: 7-minute walk)

You could probably grab a bite after all that walking around, so hit up this Sevillan restaurant next. Ispal is famous for its tapas, so there’s no better place to have your first taste of regional cuisine. The restaurant also offers lavish 10-to-15-course taste menus. Revel in the elegant decor while you get your fill of the tasty fare.

Real Fabrica de Tabacos of Seville

(time to next destination: 6-minute walk)

Swing past this 18th-century building, the Real Fabrica de Tabacos, which used to function as Europe’s most significant tobacco factory but now houses the Chancellor’s Office of the University of Seville. Book tickets online for a guided tour of the building and to learn more about the important impact the tobacco industry had in Spain.

Parque Prado de San Sebastián

(time to next destination: 7-minute walk)

This charming city park is built on the former site of the hermitage of San Sebastian. Check out the Fuente de Cuatro Estaciones (Four Seasons fountain). This small park shouldn’t take too long to explore, which is for the better as the best is yet to come just a few feet away.

Plaza de España

3 days in Seville itinerary - Plaza de Espana

(time to next destination: 17-minute walk)

This public square is one of Seville’s most popular destinations, considered to be one of the most iconic landmarks in Spain, and features a mix of Baroque, Mudejar, and Renaissance architecture. The square was built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and is a must-see on your Seville in 3 days Itinerary. Arrive at the plaza for sunset, and rent a boat to take you around its serene moat.

Casa de Flamenco

When in Andalusia, you must do as the Andalusians do, so why not take in a flamenco show? Casa de Flamenco is one of the most famous institutions for flamenco-style dance in Seville. It provides dinner and a show for those who want a feast for their eyes, ears, and taste buds. You’ll be sure to be clapping along to the music by the end, too.

Day Two – Seville Itinerary 3 Days

If you managed to tick every place off your list from the previous day, then you’re in for more of a treat the second day: we finally move away from the city centre to uncover more of Seville’s hidden secrets away from the crowd on day two of your Seville three day itinerary.

Cafeteria Doña Carmen

Chocolate Churros - Seville

(time to next destination: 5-minute walk)

Start your day off right by heading to this quaint cafe renowned for serving piping-hot churros every day, from 7:30 am until noon. Expect to be surrounded by flocks of locals pandering to the servers for hot chocolate and churros; squeeze in where you can to begin the day with a sugary boost.

Museum of Fine Arts of Seville

(time to next destination: 9-minute walk)

This elegant museum was founded in the 19th century, but the building itself dates back to the 16 century. Reserve tickets online to skip the line and fast-track your way to one of the best collections of Spanish visual arts from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.

Espacio Eslava

(time to next destination: 5-minute walk)

Wandering around the Museum of Fine Arts might have helped you work up your appetite, so head over to the Espacio Eslava for an afternoon snack. This locale is well-known for its extensive tapas menu, so no matter what you order, you can’t go wrong.

Alameda de Hercules

(time to next destination: 1-minute walk)

Come across this promenade on your way to your next destination, originally constructed in the 16 century as the oldest public park in Spain and Europe. Alameda‘s name comes from the eight rows of alamos (white poplar trees) filling the park. Take a picture with the twin columns of the Lions of the Northern Side before continuing.


(time to next destination: 5-minute walk)

Seville is without a doubt a great all-year-round destination and one of the warmer places in Spain to visit during the winter months. Depending on the time of year you’ve decided to travel to Seville, you’ll either experience temperate weather, like in the fall or winter, or a sweltering hot inferno throughout the rest of the year. 

Regardless of the weather forecast, you might be feeling peckish; what better to satisfy your sweet tooth than with some ice cream? Freskura is an Italian gelato spot serving the best soft-serve in town, so get a scoop while you can.

Las Setas de Sevilla

Metropol Parasol Seville

(time to next destination: 9-minute walk)

This eye-popping monument goes by different names depending on who you ask. Whether you call it Metropol Parasol or the Mushrooms of the Incarnation, Las Setas was designed by architect Jurgen Mayer and constructed from wood, standing 26-m (85-ft) tall. Take one of the two elevators up to its viewpoint to get a terrific panoramic view of the city from above.

El Rinconcillo

Considered Seville’s oldest tapas bar, El Rincoconcillo has been a local staple since 1679 and certainly shouldn’t be missed out on. Revel in the Sevillan decor – from the Arabic-style tiling to the swinging rack of Iberian ham hanging over the bar. Eat standing up at the bar like a true local or ask for a table upstairs to get away from the crowd. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the food.

Don’t forget to read my guide on Spanish tipping etiquette, handy for knowing when to tip and how much!

Day Three – Seville 3 Days Guide

If you only have so much time left on your final day in Seville, or can only afford to spend a half-day exploring, these last few sites shouldn’t take too long to tick off your Seville travel bucket list. There’s always more to see for those not-in-a-rush, too.

Seville Town Hall

(time to next destination: 4-minute walk)

For fans of Plateresque-style architecture, the Ayuntamiento de Sevilla should be a particularly special treat. The building was constructed between the 16th and 19th centuries and once functioned as a San Francisco monastery. Stroll by the town hall on your way to the next pitstop for brunch.


(time to next destination: 20-minute walk)

Grab a pick-me-up or brunch at Mamarracha, famous for its chic decor complete with a vertical garden wall and tasty international cuisine. Expect your food to be cooked over an open fire for an authentic taste of the Spanish south. Then, walk off your post-meal lethargy by taking a leisurely jaunt to the last site on this itinerary.

Parque de Maria Luisa

Parque de Maria Luisa - Seville

(time to next destination: 20-minute walk)

This huge mesmerizing park is toward the south of the city but is worth venturing to as it houses two prominent museums, the Museum of Arts and Traditions and the Archaeological Museum.

Take a quick walk across its vast grounds in case you don’t have time to explore at your own pace. If you have the opportunity, however, check out its museums or spend the day counting how many fountains you’ve stumbled upon. Hopefully, all that moseying around will work up your appetite for our final destination.

San Marco – Barrio Santa Cruz

If you’re looking for romance in Seville, there’s no place more appropriate than San Marco – Santa Cruz, where candlelit dinners are guaranteed. The 30-year-old Italian restaurant’s charm comes from the fact it’s situated in former Arabic baths, making the locale even more intimate. Come for the vibe and stay for the authentic cuisine just like your Italian grandmother used to make. 


From stunning plazas and Spanish bars serving the best tapas to sweeping botanical gardens abounding with lush vegetation and fountains, there’s no end to the possibilities of what you can see in Seville. Feel free to mix and match the destinations from our itinerary as you see fit for your schedule and interests. Put simply, the rest is up to you!

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