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Stunning Beauty Of Koufonisia in Greece: Ultimate Koufonisia Travel Guide!


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Greece is undoubtedly known for its gorgeous Greeks islands, but if you’re searching for an untouched and lesser-known option then be sure to visit Koufonisia in Greece. 

When a friend mentioned that she had decided to book a spur-of-moment trip to Koufonisia in Greece and asked if we wanted to join, our interest immediately peaked. Having never heard of Koufonisia before, we were eager to explore this hidden gem that she had dubbed her all-time favourite place to visit in Greece!

While the term “hidden gem” can sometimes be overused, it aptly captures the essence of Koufonisia and what awaited us certainly did not disappoint. 

As we disembarked the ferry, we were immediately greeted by a tranquil island paradise featuring pristine beaches, clear waters like you’ve never seen before, and bucket loads of traditional Greek charm. So much so that I was almost hesitant to blog about it and instead wanted to keep this secret all to ourselves.

An archipelago set in the Cyclades group of islands of Greece, this small island offers a true glimpse into an authentic Greek island experience. 

In this post, we’ll guide you through all the nitty-gritty you need to be aware of, in order to make the most of your visit to Koufonisia, including how to get there, the top sights to explore, the best beaches, accommodation options, mouthwatering cuisine, essential travel tips, and loads more information that we hope will inspire you to plan your next visit to Koufonisia!

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Now, you might be excited to pack your bags and visit Koufonisia right away. Before doing so, we recommend you check out our European packing guide!

Visiting Koufonisia: About Koufonisia 

Located in the Aegean Sea and forming part of the Greek Cyclades islands, Koufonisia is a small cluster, made of up three islands: Ano (or Pano) Koufonisi (Upper Koufonisi), Kato Koufonisi (Lower Koufonisi), and Keros. 

Ano Koufonisi is the only one of the three that remains inhabited, whilst Kato Koufonisi is largely uninhabited but can still be frequented by tourists, especially as a day trip for those looking to explore the serene landscapes found here. Keros, on the other hand, is a protected archaeological site, is also uninhabited and known for its historic and significant ancient Cycladic art findings.

Koufonisia Travel Guide – How to Get to Koufonisia 

View of the port and Chora in Koufonisia - © Photo by Travel-Boo
View of the port and Chora in Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

When it comes to reaching the tranquil shores of Koufonisia, most travellers would travel via the mainland, connecting the vibrant capital of Athens to this Aegean gem. Whether you prefer the leisurely pace of ferry travel or the swift convenience of domestic flights, Koufonisia’s allure is easily within your reach with proper planning and foresight. 

Let’s delve into the details of how to embark on this journey from Athens to Koufonisia by ferry, as well as the alternative route through domestic flights:

By Ferry: Navigating the Aegean Waters

Direct Route from Piraeus Port:

By far one of the most popular methods of travel would be by ferry, a regular and reliable connection exists between Koufonisia and Piraeus Port, the main gateway of Athens. During the peak summer months ferries operate almost daily between Koufonisia and Athens. 

Duration of the Ferry Trip:

The duration of your ferry journey can vary based on your choice of vessel. A high-speed ferry may whisk you across the seas in around 5 hours, while a regular ferry journey might extend to around 8 hours.  

On our journey to Koufonisia we opted for the Hellenic Seaways, Highspeed 4 ferry which I can highly recommend. Seats were very comfortable, the ferry quite large, and with good facilities onboard including a snack bar too.

Unfortunately, on the return we did not plan our dates properly and since we visited right at the beginning of June ferry schedules were just starting up for the season. This meant that we had to endure an agonizing 8 hour return journey on a much smaller SeaJets ferry. 

I would definitely recommend against doing such a trip. We were quite lucky that the sea was quite still but if the winds pick up and the waters start getting choppy, this ferry would be a total nightmare for those that suffer from motion sickness as you’ll be feeling every bump and sway along the way.

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Connections with Cycladic Islands:

In addition to Piraeus, Koufonisia is also well connected to other Cycladic islands, which is great for those wanting to embark on a true Greek island-hopping experience

Ferries also ply the waters connecting Koufonisia to other Greek islands such as Naxos, Paros, Santorini,Schinoussa, Iraklia, and Amorgos, to name a few.

Local Ferry from Naxos and Amorgos:

Among these island connections, the “Express Skopelitis” ferry stands out as a vital link, departing from Naxos, Iraklia, and Amorgos to Koufonisia. This local ferry embarks almost daily, offering seamless connections not only to Koufonisia but also to the other islands within the Small Cyclades group.

And with prices as little as under €10 per one-way journey, it’s great value for money too! 

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Where to Stay in Koufonisia in Greece

Where to stay in Koufonisia - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Where to stay in Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

While Koufonisia is by no means one of the larger islands you’ll find in Greece, due to its ever increasing popularity over the last few years, as more travelers discover this gem, there are ample choices for good, quality accommodation.

In exploring the options for your Koufonisia stay, you’ll discover that the majority of accommodations are nestled in or around Chora, the island’s main village. This charming Cycladic village is a hub of activity, offering a glimpse into local life while providing easy access to all the island has to offer you.

Below are some of our recommended hotels and accommodation that will enhance your stay in Koufonisia, including the self-catering apartment villa we stayed at – Sohoro:

Sohoro Koufonisia – Recommended – Where we stayed!

Sohoro Accommodation in Koufonisia - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Sohoro Accommodation in Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

As we were three friends traveling together to Koufonisia and planned to mostly dine out during our stay, we opted for a self-catering option. Granted, we did book the trip at the very last minute, a few weeks ahead of time, but we were so lucky to scoop an amazing deal on our accommodation.

We opted to stay at the self-catering villa, Sohoro, only a few hundred meters from the main port and Chora and with stunning views out over Kato Koufonisi. It offered us an upstairs unit that consisted of the upstairs being complete with a fully equipped kitchen, and an open plan living and dining room that led out to a covered balcony.

Downstairs were two large rooms, one with a double bed, and another with two single beds and a roll out bed if required. There was also one bathroom with a shower. 

We stayed in the Villa Makares unit and were really happy with our choice given the size and comfort that this unit offered. Not the most modern, but still very well appointed and with cleaning included, it was an excellent choice for us.

Added to that was the amazing hospitality of the owner Yiannis and his wife. Despite them barely speaking any English (top tip, be sure to learn some handy Greek phrases before your visit!), we were still able to communicate and Yiannis made sure that we had everything we needed during our stay. We even bumped into them on two occasions while dining out for dinner and on the first instance Yiannis even bought us a round of drinks. 

It’s these small acts of hospitality that still blows me away, no matter where we travel throughout Greece!

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Nysis Koufonisia – Luxury Option

Nysis Koufonisia invites you to explore the island’s treasures, as it’s conveniently located near Karnagio Beach, Treleo Beach, and Finikas Beach. Other attractions including the Saint George’s Church are also within easy reach. The island’s allure unfolds at your doorstep, offering a seamless blend of luxury and relaxation.

The atmosphere at Nysis Koufonisia is synonymous with relaxation, inviting you to unwind and savor every moment. Whether you’re admiring the amazing sunset views from the pool or embracing the sunrise views from your balcony, every angle offers a slice of serenity. 

The units are tastefully decorated with a minimalist, luxurious design that screams quintessential Greece!

As a top-rated option, and especially well-rated for its exceptional hospitality and cleanliness, you cannot go wrong with a stay here. 

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Aeris Suites

Another top-rated accommodation for you is an idyllic retreat situated just a 5-minute stroll from the Port of Koufonisi, 200 meters from Ammos Beach, and a half-mile from the Saint Nicholas Church is the gorgeous Aeris Suites. 

Aeris Suites ensures your comfort with air-conditioned rooms, providing a sanctuary where you can unwind after each day of exploration. It also offers an outdoor swimming pool, complimentary WiFi, and a cleaning service is also available, allowing you to enjoy all the home comforts while embracing the tranquility of the island.

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Oceanides Residence

Located around 500 meters from Ammos Beach, Oceanides Residence is definitely worth mentioning as a great option for your stay on the island too.

While they may not offer a direct seaview, Oceanides Residence still boasts beautiful surroundings from all angles. Stand on the large patio to catch glimpses of the sea or admire the soothing views out over the nearby fields and terrain. The vibrant main streets and restaurants of the Chora are within easy walking distance, adding a layer of convenience to your stay.

All units include the necessities you’d come to expect, including TV, Wi-Fi, and small kitchenette too. They also offer free bicycle use so you can explore the island at your heart’s content. 

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Ionathan Suites

Ionathan Koufonisia Suites effortlessly harmonizes authentic Cycladic architecture with modern elements, all while adhering to environmentally friendly design principles. 

Boasting a great location just a stone’s throw away from the port and set in the vibrant heart of the Chora, Ionathan Koufonisia Suites offer a unique blend of convenience and tranquility. 

Guests’ reviews reveal extraordinary sea, pool, and garden vistas allowing you to enjoy the charm of this captivating haven. 

The location is more than bliss—it’s a sanctuary where you can gaze from your bed upon the tranquil swimming pool and the glistening sea beyond. The hotel’s proximity to bars, restaurants, and beaches further enhances your stay, making every moment one to cherish.

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Getting Around on Koufonisia

Koufonisia is a fairly small island and with the Chora and most beaches located on the south-easter part of the island, getting around on foot is pretty straightforward. 

The island’s road network might not be extensive, but then again, you’ll not be traveling much by car here. There are no car rental options on the island itself and cars are limited. It’s mainly the accommodation providers that offer transfers, and local residents that may travel by car.

With that being said, here’s a rundown of the options that await you:

Taxis and Private Transfers

There is really only one taxi service operation on the island in cases where you may absolutely need an island transfer. But we’ve honestly not used this service at all during our stay. 

To arrange a taxi, simply dial 0030 694 5042 548 and schedule your pick-up. 

When it comes to private transfers, most accommodation properties will offer you a pickup from the Ferry port which is right by the Chora too. In fact, our accommodation was a mere 450 meters from the Ferry port (a short 5 minute walk), but our host Yiannis still included a free pick up for the 2 minute journey by car. 

Bicycle Adventures

For an authentic island experience, cycling is the go-to choice for many visitors. Bicycles are a very popular means of transport, allowing you to leisurely explore every corner of Koufonisia. 

Here you’ll find both regular and electric bikes so you can whizz around on the island without too much effort. On our trip we opted one day on the regular bikes so we could do a leisurely cycle to Fanos beach. 

We also embarked on an electric bike adventure so we could cycle all the way to Pori beach, and we are so glad we did. The road to Pori includes some insane uphill roads and we were all very thankful for the much-needed electric boost getting up and over those. 

We rented our bikes from Bike Rental Koufonisia which is conveniently located on the road you would use to Walk to Finikas and Fanos beaches. It is one of the last buildings on the left as you exit the Chora on this road and you cannot miss it as they have tons of bikes stacked out on the pavement.

For the non-motorized bikes we paid around €7.50 whilst the electric bikes set us back around €20 per day (the latter of which was a discount price when paying in cash). 

On Foot

As the island is compact, walking is not only effortless and swift but also incredibly pleasurable. 

Moving from one enchanting spot to another is a delightful experience, offering you a closer connection to the island’s essence and panoramic vistas. Needless to say, we definitely got our step count during our week-long stay on the island. 

Almost everything you need is condensed to the southeastern tip of the island where the Chora is located, although the walk to Finikas, Fanos, or even Pori beach is a bit further along. On foot Fanos beach is roughly 30 minutes from the center of the Chora, and from there Pori beach is an additional 30 minutes along the coastline too. 

Sea Bus Excursions

Pori Beach Koufonisia by seabus - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Pori Beach Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

During the summer months, a sea bus operates too, adding to your travel options on the island. This sea bus facilitates routes to specific destinations on both Ano and Kato Koufonisi. 

On Ano Koufonisi in particular, the boat departs several times per day connecting the Chora to Italida/Fanos beaches as its first stop, and then Pori beach as the second stop. You pay around €7.50 for a return ticket valid for the full day.

You can also embark on a day trip to Kato Koufonisi for those who want to hike and explore this stunning island and its beaches too. 

These boat trips depart from the main port where the ferries arrive and depart to and from. The port is not very big, so you honestly cannot miss it. There is a small booth usually manned all-day long by an assistant. Here you can buy your tickets for these boat trips and also get more information regarding departure times too. 

5 Top Things to Do in Koufonisia

Exploring the Chora in Koufonisia in Greece - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Exploring the Chora in Koufonisia in Greece – © Photo by Travel-Boo

In Koufonisia, the charm lies in its modest size and unspoiled ambiance, offering a selection of activities that embrace the island’s tranquility and authenticity. While the range of options might be limited due to its size and a deliberate preservation of its natural beauty, you’ll still find enough to see and do here to fill up your travel days. 

Below are our recommended activities for you:

Explore the stunning beaches of Koufonisia

It goes without saying that with crystal-clear turquoise waters and golden sand, the beaches of Koufonisia are without a doubt the main attraction.

Whether you’re looking for a remote cove, or sandy expanses with beautifully clear waters and all the amenities you’ll need, there is a beach to suit all preferences.

For more information on the best beaches in Koufonisia (including both Ano and Kato Koufonisi) check out our beach recommendations further down on this post. 

Take a boat to Kato Koufonisi

Kato Koufonisi is largely uninhabited, although there is one home with residents who live permanently on the island. Due to this, the island offers a real untouched beauty. 

You may opt to take the boat that departs regularly from the port of Ano Koufonisi, offering you the chance to explore the pristine beaches and caves of this lesser-known island. See down below for our recommendations of the best beaches in Kato Koufonisi.

Other boat tours also offer excursions to Kato Koufonisi and often include stops for swimming and snorkeling, and some even offer traditional Greek meals prepared on board. The natural scenery and relaxed pace of these tours provide a unique opportunity to truly disconnect and enjoy the beauty of the Cyclades.

Explore the Chora 

St. Georges Church - Koufonisia Chora - © Photo by Travel-Boo
St. Georges Church – Koufonisia Chora – © Photo by Travel-Boo

The charming Chora is located in the heart of Koufonisia, with narrow alleys, traditional architecture, and friendly locals. Walking through the village offers a glimpse into the everyday life of the island’s inhabitants.

Visitors can explore small boutiques selling a variety of both local and boutique products, perfect to snap up a few memorable Greek souvenirs, enjoy a Greek frappe at a traditional café, or dine at one of the family-run tavernas too. 

Although you won’t find may famous Greek landmarks here, you can visit a few of the beautiful churches scattered throughout the island, including St. George’s Church, and the quaint Agios Nektarios Church.

While the Chora is not that big, you can still spend a lazy morning or afternoon getting lost in this gorgeous town!

Agios Nektarios Church - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Agios Nektarios Church – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Delight in traditional Greek cuisine

Greek Salad - What to eat in Koufonisia - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Greek Salad – What to eat in Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

For obvious reasons, one of the must-try activities in Koufonisia in Greece is savoring the island’s fresh fish and other delectable Greek foodie offerings. 

Many of the island’s residents are primarily fishermen, and as such freshly caught fish and high-quality seafood is a staple of the local cuisine found in Koufonisia.

Here you’ll find numerous charming fish taverns lining the seaside, each offering a delightful dining experience against the vast backdrop of the Aegean blue. These taverns are the perfect places to explore the local culture and indulge in traditional Cycladic dishes made from the finest and freshest ingredients sourced directly from the surrounding waters.

Of course, you can also expect some more well-known classic and delicious Greek dishes too. Check out our section down below on what and where to eat in Koufonisia!

Hiking on Koufonisia 

If you’re spending a couple of days on the island, then exploring nearby Keros Island is another great suggestion for a day trip when visiting Koufonisia, Greece. 

Keros is known for its characteristic white fine-grain marble, adding a touch of unique beauty to the landscape. However, it’s essential to be aware that Keros has no drinkable water, so you must prepare accordingly for your visit.

To reach Keros Island, you have two options: you can either take your boat or hire an excursion boat. While visiting, keep in mind that staying overnight is prohibited by the Archaeological Authority, so plan for a day trip to fully experience the island’s wonders.

What and Where to Eat in Koufonisia

What to eat in Koufonisia - Freshly Grilled Octopus - © Photo by Travel-Boo
What to eat in Koufonisia – Freshly Grilled Octopus – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Savouring the culinary delights of Koufonisia is an essential part of experiencing the true essence of this group of idyllic Greek islands. Offering a tantalizing array of traditional Greek dishes that embody the flavors of the Mediterranean, you’ll definitely not leave here hungry. In fact, you may gain. 

On our trip we opted to dine out pretty much every day and were able to enjoy a range from freshly caught seafood to locally sourced ingredients. Here’s a glimpse into our top and most favourite Greek foods we enjoyed and suggest you sample while exploring the beauty of Koufonisia.

Fresh Seafood Delicacies: Given their maritime setting, Koufonisia boasts an abundance of seafood delights. Feast on succulent grilled octopus, tender calamari, and mouthwatering fish, all caught just a stone’s throw away from the azure waters. The simplicity of preparation highlights the natural flavors of the catch, leaving a real lasting impression on your taste buds.

Ladenia: A Cycladic specialty, ladenia is a delicious Greek flatbread topped with ripe tomatoes, onions, and fragrant herbs like oregano. Drizzled with olive oil and baked until golden, this savory delight captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine and is likened to the Greek version of a pizza.

Greek Salads: Not a single day went by on our 7 night stay that we didn’t indulge in the quintessential Greek salad, or horiatiki, bursting with colors and flavors. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, olives, and creamy feta cheese are adorned with a generous drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano. It’s a refreshing and healthy dish that’s perfect for a sunny island day. 

Tip: Be sure to ask for the local cheese when enjoying a Greek salad in Koufonisia. It’s a mouthwatering, creamy cheese that really elevates the salad in my opinion, definitely a must-try!

Taramasalata - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Taramasalata – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Taramasalata and Tzatziki: As for appetizers you cannot go wrong with taramasalata, another of our favourites! It’s a creamy dip made from fish roe, and you can enjoy it alongside a frensh tzatziki, a yogurt-based dip infused with garlic and cucumber. Pair them with warm pita bread for a delightful start to your meal.

Moussaka: If there is one Greek dish I cannot say no to, then it has to be the iconic Greek comfort dish that features layers of eggplant, minced meat, and creamy béchamel sauce, all baked to perfection. The hearty flavors and satisfying textures make moussaka a must-try culinary adventure.

Traditional Greek Moussaka - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Traditional Greek Moussaka – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Saganaki: Indulge in the crispy goodness of saganaki, which comprises cheeses that are breaded and fried until golden and gooey. The salty and savory flavors are complemented by a drizzle of lemon juice, creating a delicious taste sensation.

Baklava: Last but certainly not least, conclude your culinary journey with a touch of sweetness through baklava. This decadent dessert consists of layers of flaky pastry, chopped nuts, and a sweet syrup or honey glaze, resulting in a rich and satisfying finale to your meal.

Apart from these Greek classics, you may be surprised to also find an array of other culinary food types on the island too. In fact, we had some of the best pizzas (approved by our Italian friend who traveled with us) and other Italian dishes too. This is likely due to the island’s popularity with Italian tourists. 

Here also is a list of our suggested places to eat on the island:


Tzet was undoubtedly one of our favourite restaurants on the island and conveniently located close to our accommodation. This Mediterranean restaurant boasted the best pizza I have probably ever had outside of Italy (and this was confirmed as authentic and approved by our Italian friend, Valentina).

The decor is modern, fresh, and quintessential Greek and offers you an upscale yet laid back vibe. The service was equally on point with all the servers being extremely attentive and friendly.

Fanos Studios & Seaside – Fanos beach bar & restaurant

Whenever we visited Fanos, Finikas, or even Pori beach, we made sure to stop by the restaurant and bar located on Fanos beach for lunch. Not only was the service amazing, so much that the waiter started calling us by name each time we returned, but the food was great too!

Here I would highly recommend the Greek salad, this was my all-time favourite on the island and one portion is absolutely huge and can be an entire meal on its own! 


This was probably our second favourite place on the island. Serving a range of Italian dishes and craft beers and wines, what really stands out is the service by the team working here, who became our friends by the end of our stay – Ivo & Michalis.

Add to that the incredible views out over the stunning clear waters and you have a winning combination. This was honestly one of our top places to go for a great relaxing meal, taking in the beauty of the island! 

Souvlaki Sti Strofi

Known for the best Gyros on Koufonisia (and apparently considered one of the top 5 in Greece) this hole in the wall is an extremely popular choice. It’s mainly for take-away as they only have one or two tables along the street, but believe me when I say, people queue to get their hands on these Gyros.

Ca Chi Ca

Last, but definitely not least, was Ca Chi Ca, our absolute favourite bar and restaurant on the island, and with a near perfect rating on Google, it’s no wonder.

During our stay we made friends with the owners of this chic bar. It’s a small space but tastefully decorated and boasting a trendy, modern vibe. 

Although Koufonisia is not known to be one of the top Greek party islands, Ca Chi Ca and a few other spots on the island does boast a vibrant and fun night out too! 

While they don’t have a large seating area, you can grab a seat at one of the tables and sample some of the food here too. We had bao buns that were simply delicious!! 

Needless to say, by the end of our stay we were invited over for a free round of shots as a farewell from the two owners, a true testament to Greek hospitality! 

Best Beaches in Koufonisia

Koufonisia is home to several beaches. These beaches are so stunning and definitely a reason for visiting the island. Another reason why Koufonisia is now one our favourite and best Greek islands worth visiting

Here we’ve rounded up 7 famous beaches that you’ll no doubt enjoy on your upcoming trip to Koufinisia.

Pori Beach

Pori Beach - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Pori Beach – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Considered to be the longest beach in Pano Koufonisi, Pori stands out as one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Nestled within a spacious bay, Pori Beach is approximately a 45-minute walk from the Chora, making it one of the more remote beaches compared to the main town. Alternatively, you can opt for a quick boat trip from the port to reach this pristine destination, which is exactly what we did the first time we visited.

On our second visit we opted to rent some electric bicycles and cycled the way there, which was a great way to explore some more remote parts of the island that you wouldn’t normally get to see.

The beach itself is a long stretch of white sandy beach and is in my opinion the most beautiful on the island for sure. Due to its proximity, on the north east of the island, it is somewhat less protected than other beaches and on both visits it was quite windy, which can be the only drawback to spending a day here.

The beach itself does not have many amenities. There is one beach bar, which sadly, I would not recommend. We did buy some drinks there and they do offer toilet facilities, but their prices were insanely high when we visited. I nearly fell of the chair when I saw they were advertising a Moussaka for €19 when you can get a decent Moussaka in the Chora for around €9!

Ammos Beach

Ammos Beach - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Ammos Beach – © Photo by Travel-Boo

What sets Ammos Beach apart is its location, thanks to its convenient proximity to the comforts of Chora, the main town. With all your necessities within easy reach, you can fully indulge in the tranquil beauty of the beach without compromising on convenience.

The waters and view of Keros and Kato Koufonisi is simply gorgeous, but it is worth mentioning that the beach and sand itself is not that great. It’s a wide open flat expanse of dense sand and towards the back also acts as a main intersection for cars too. There’s honestly not that much traffic, but this may make the beach less appealing for some.

Having said that, if you do want a chilled day at the beach and still want close proximity to the town, then it’s a great option! 

In fact, we spent a day here but opted to rent a sunlounger at the Lefteris Seaside Restaurant, located right opposite the beach. While we didn’t eat here, we did order some drinks and were able to make use of their toilet facilities too. I found this option way more comfortable for a day at Ammos beach!

Finikas Beach

This beach, also known as Harakopou, is another stunning gem among the beaches of Pano Koufonisi. This beach also boasts signature turquoise waters and soft golden sands that define the beauty of the Koufonisia isles. 

The beach is a long stretch of sand and also boasts a beach bar too. We honestly did not spend too much time on this beach and only really passed along it to get to nearby Fanos Beach. But it’s still a great choice if you want to avoid the more popular beaches along this stretch of coast. 

Fanos Beach

Fanos Beach - Best beaches in Koufonisia - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Fanos Beach – Best beaches in Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

We loved spending time on Fanos beach and it was definitely our go-to choice. It offers a long stretch of soft golden/white sand that also connects up to Italida. 

The scattered tamarisk trees offer a natural shade, providing a cozy spot to relax and unwind while immersing yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. The beach looks directly out at the imposing Keros island, and you can definitely spend hours staring at the views, or taking a dip in the refreshing waters. 

If you prefer additional comfort, you’ll find sunbeds and umbrellas available for rental at the beach bar and restaurant. As previously mentioned, the beach bar was one of our favourite spots to enjoy a bite to eat, especially the delicious Greek salad!!

Italida Beach

Italida Beach is known for being one of the nudist-friendly beaches on the Koufonisia Isles. Its tranquil atmosphere and secluded location make it a preferred spot for those seeking a more liberating and natural beach experience.

For snorkeling aficionados, Italida Beach provides more rock coves to explore, inviting you to discover the underwater wonders and marine life that thrive here.

To get to Italida, you can walk along the shores of Fanos beach and then follow the cliff path until you reach nearby Italida. It’s a really short and easy walk over to the beach and you’ll have some stunning views looking back at Fanos beach as you walk along the cliff edge. 

Ludiko Beach

A short two-minute walk down from our accommodation, Sohoro, was a little hidden gem called Ludiko beach. While this mainly pebbled beach may not exactly be the most comfortable to lie on, it’s absolutely gorgeous and is a stunning secluded beach where you can stop to admire an amazing Aegean sunset from!

Ludiko Beach in Koufonisia - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Ludiko Beach in Koufonisia – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Detis Beach

Detis Beach - © Photo by Travel-Boo
Detis Beach – © Photo by Travel-Boo

Heading over to Kato Koufonisi now, Detis Beach, is another great gem in Koufonisia. Situated within a small bay, this beach delights visitors with its shallow, turquoise waters and soft, fluffy white sand. 

The presence of neat rock formations as well as hidden caves and crannies, add a touch of wonder and seclusion to the landscape.

The tranquil waters of Detis Beach are protected from the wind, creating an ideal setting for snorkeling enthusiasts. Exploring the underwater world here promises an array of delightful marine life and underwater wonders to discover.

Bottom Line: Is Kuofinisia worth your travel time? 

We definitely recommend you add Koufonisia to your bucket list of places to travel in Greece. 

Considered a hidden Greek paradise, Koufonisia offers serenity and privacy which you will not find in other islands. So stop having second thoughts and set a date to visit Koufonisia in Greece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Koufonisia located?

Set in the Aegean Sea, Koufonisia is a group of small islands in the Cyclades archipelago and located southeast of Naxos and west of Amorgos. The two main islands in the group are Pano Koufonisi (Upper Koufonisi) and Kato Koufonisi (Lower Koufonisi).

What is the best time to visit Koufonisia?

The best time to visit Koufonisia is September, according to the locals. During this time, the yearly August winds have subsided, resulting in calmer seas. The days remain warm, while the refreshing Autumn breeze brings cool evenings. 

Having said that, you may also consider traveling at the beginning of June too, this is the time we chose. It’s the start of the season and I somehow found the locals to be refreshed and ready to welcome visitors to the island. While we did experience some windy days (hey, this is the Cyclades after all!), it was still fairly pleasant and we did experience our fair share of warm and balmy days yet cooler nights too!

How long should you plan to stay in Koufonisia?

If you’re embarking on an island hopping adventure in Greece and want to visit several different islands, then I would say a minimum of 3 nights would be on Koufonisia. 

While the island is small, you would not want to miss out on some of the beautiful beaches here and we guarantee you that you’ll fall in love instantly and wish you were staying for longer.

We spent a blissful 7 nights here, but our holiday was really centered around enjoying a slower travel experience, and this amount of time was perfect! We could have honestly stayed even longer, but 7 nights was absolutely perfect in our opinion as it gave us enough time to try out different restaurants, things to do, and also get to see most of the beaches here.

Is Koufonisia suitable for families with kids?

Yes, Koufonisia is a family-friendly destination. The beaches have shallow and calm waters, making them safe for children to swim and play. The island’s relaxed atmosphere and lack of heavy traffic also contribute to a family-friendly environment.

Is there a bank or ATM in Koufonisia?

Yes, there are one or two ATMs in Koufonisia. One ATM is conveniently located next to the post office, providing a convenient option for visitors to access cash during their stay on the island. 

However, it’s always a good idea to carry some cash with you, as not all establishments may accept credit cards. We took a combination of cash and also used our cards. Most restaurants and the local convenience store also accepted card payments too which was very convenient.

Can I use credit cards on Koufonisia?

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in Koufonisia and throughout your travels in Greece. Most stores and restaurants on the island will gladly accept cards but most likely would prefer to be paid in cash for smaller purchases under €20, although they would likely still accept cards grudgingly. 

However, it is still wise to take some cash too for those instances where you may not be able to pay by card. Also make sure to check beforehand if the restaurant or store accepts the type of card you intend to pay with. Throughout Europe, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, but you may find some establishments don’t accept Amex or Diners Club cards as payment methods.


Visiting Koufonisia is a true immersion into a world of tranquil beauty and authentic Greek island life. Whether you are exploring the rustic charm of Ano Koufonisia or bask in the serene and secluded shores of Kato Koufonisia, these twin islands offer an escape from the ordinary.

As you wander through the narrow streets, savour the local Greek delicacies, and dip your toes into the crystal-clear waters, you’ll immediately feel the stresses of today’s bustling world melt away. The genuine warmth of the locals and the unspoiled landscapes create an intimate connection, inviting you to slow down and relish each moment.

From the cobalt sea to the sun-drenched beaches and the traditional white-washed architecture, Koufonisia embodies the quintessential Greek island experience that so many of us have come to know and love. 

Boasting secluded beaches, captivating history, and an authentic taste of Greece, these islands have it all. When visiting Koufonisia, be ready to fall head over heels in love with this gorgeous island and its friendly people!

A Complete Travel Guide to Visiting Koufonisia in Greece
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