50 Basic Greek Words & Phrases: Useful Common Greek Phrases And Words To Learn For Your Trip To Greece!

Have you booked your dream Grecian adventure and looking for some handy basic Greek words, and common phrases in Greek to make use of during your stay? In this guide, we’ve got you covered with exactly that! It’s no secret, we absolutely adore everything about Greece. From the idyllic romantic Greek islands to the historic[…]

Christmas in Greece – How to Experience the Perfect Traditional Greek Christmas in Greece!

Have you ever considered experiencing Christmas in Greece? In this guide, we cover a traditional Greek Christmas to hopefully inspire you to plan a trip to do exactly that! Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most festive times of year for many Christians celebrating this festive holiday throughout the world.  Whilst Europe is known for[…]

Apartments and Airbnbs in Santorini, Greece – 14 Best Santorini Airbnbs and Apartments to Book & Stay At!

In search of the best apartment-style accommodation or Airbnbs in Santorini, Greece? Well, look no further. In this guide, I’ll outline 14 amazing Santorini Airbnbs that you can book and stay at for your next visit to this idyllic Aegean gem! It goes without saying that Santorini in Greece is undoubtedly one of the most[…]

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