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14 Best Souvenirs from Greece — Buy Unique & Beautiful Greece Souvenirs!

14 Souvenirs from Greece

Visited Greece and in search of the best souvenirs from Greece to remember your holiday by? Look no further than this Greece Souvenirs guide where I’ll cover what to buy in Greece! For me, Greece is truly unlike any other destination I’ve visited before and has retained a very special place in my heart. On […]

11 Beautiful Historical & Famous Greek Landmarks Worth Exploring in Greece!

11 Famous Greek landmarks - Meteora

Steeped in history, rich culture & incredible famous Greek Landmarks to admire, makes Greece one of my all-time favourite destinations to travel to.  From the very first time that I saw the Acropolis in Athens, visited the Temple of Zeus, and ogled at the Ancient Agora, I was simply entranced by the fascinating history of […]

Best Santorini Airbnbs – 14 Amazing Airbnbs in Santorini, Greece!

Airbnbs in Santorini, Greece - 14 Best Santorini Airbnbs!

In search of the best Airbnbs in Santorini, Greece? Well, look no further. In this guide, I’ll outline 14 amazing Santorini Airbnbs that you can book and stay at for your next visit to this idyllic Aegean gem! It goes without saying that Santorini in Greece is undoubtedly one of the most romantic Greek Islands […]

12 Most Popular Greek Drinks & Beverages You Must Try In Greece!

11 Popular Drinks in Greece

In search of the ultimate Greek drinks guide? There is something truly spectacular and special about Greece. To this day it remains my absolute favourite holiday destinations and the reasons why are simply endless. A country blessed with amazing scenery, a colourful history, incredible landmarks such as the Acropolis of Athens or the gorgeous whitewashed […]

How To Get From Athens to Santorini: A Complete Travel Guide

How to get from Athens to Santorini

Looking for the best way to get from Athens to Santorini? Look no further than this comprehensive guide! From the glistening blue waters of the Aegean Sea to the quintessential white architecture, to the delicious foods and warm hospitality, there’s just something so special about a visit to Greece and the Greek Islands. I must […]

Serifos Island, Greece Travel Guide – Beaches, Hotels & More

Serifos Island Greece - Travel Guide

Serifos Island, set in the Cyclades group of Greek islands, is an idyllic and lesser-known gem to visit, especially if you are after a more laidback and peaceful holiday in the romantic, gorgeous Greek isles. Although the island isn’t as popular as some of its Cyclades neighbours, it certainly doesn’t mean that there is less […]

Yoga Retreat Greece | Ultimate Guide for Your Next Escape

Yoga Retreat Greece

Ever considered booking a yoga retreat in Greece? Greece is undoubtedly one of my favourite countries to go on holiday to. The allure of the crystal-clear waters, whitewashed villages, gorgeous Greek islands and incredible food, may be what attracts so many visitors in search of sunshine and relaxation. Not to mention how incredibly romantic Greece […]