Portugal Weather in November – Where To Go & What To Do

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I often get asked when the best time to visit Portugal is. The honest answer is that Portugal really is a great year-round destination, thanks in large part due to Portugal weather in November, and in fact throughout the winter months are far more temperate compared to other European destinations.

Depending on where you are travelling to and what you plan to see and do, a visit to Portugal in November still allows for plenty of exploring of this beautiful country.

In this guide I’ll outline all you need to know about visiting Portugal during these colder months.

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Benefits of November Travel

November is an underrated time to visit Portugal. Not only are the temperatures mild – a saving grace for visitors from colder countries, who can feel like we’re melting in Portugal’s hot climate. But perhaps more importantly, the costs are a lot lower.

November is Portugal’s off-peak season. Summer has long passed, and Christmas is still a long way off. This means that prices are at their lowest, for accommodation, transport, and even food. Flights to Portugal can also be found for a steal.

If you’re keen on a peaceful vacation, this is also a perfect time to visit. Rural Portugal is sleepy and quiet, and you’ll get to see a more authentic side to places that often cater specifically to tourists. You’ll also be able to explore the many museums and attractions without the crowds. Perfect for photo opportunities and slow appreciation.

Weather in Portugal in November

November is the beginning of Portugal’s winter season. This means that you may experience some light showers and a chill in the air. But compared to much of Europe, the weather is mild and lovely. It’s also often sunny, with temperatures averaging around 18°C maximum.

The weather gets warmer the further south you go, lifting by around 3 degrees celsius on average from the north to the southern tip.

Each city has its draws, but depending on the kind of vacation you’re planning, weather plays a definite role. I’ve put together what to expect from each Portuguese city’s weather in November.

Lisbon Weather November

Portugal Weather in November
Lisbon in November

Lisbon in November is perfect for those who want sparse crowds and an authentic experience of the city, without the cold of deep winter. Temperatures average at around 18°C maximum and 12°C minimum, with rainfall over 9-10 days of the month.

This means that Lisbon November weather is still substantially warmer than December. And it’s a lot quieter too before the Christmas season sets in.

What to Do

Lisbon has many exciting attractions and hidden gems. But what can you do in November that you can’t enjoy any other time of the year?

  • Celebrate All Saints Day on 1st November with the locals, snacking on roasted chestnuts and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere
  • Embrace the local music culture at a festival, the Vodafone Mexefest
  • Enjoy Lisbon’s winter cafe culture, indulging in hot coffee and pastries
  • Visit the Jerónimos Monastery and snap some photographs in front of its amazing architecture with no one else in the shot – a rare opportunity
  • Go museum-hopping, taking advantage of the almost non-existent lines

Porto Weather November

Porto weather November
Porto weather November

The weather in Porto in November is a lot chillier than its southern neighbours. Temperatures average at a 17°C maximum and  9°C minimum, and rainy days take a small jump, averaging at 11 days.

While Porto may not be your go-to for sunny weather in Portugal, it’s a fantastic place to be. The gloomy skies compliment Porto’s gothic architecture, and the port tastes just as good as in summer! Travel from Lisbon to Porto for the weekend, and enjoy the stunning wine region in the onset of winter. With so many amazing things to see and do in Porto, here is my top suggestions!

What to Do

Weather in Algarve in November

Like its main city, Faro, the Algarve is sunny and pleasant in November. Temperatures vary substantially throughout the day, and you can expect quite a chill in the evenings, while noon is usually toasty.

The off-peak season here is ideal for anyone looking to take a break. Prices are low, and everything is quiet and peaceful. In rural Algarve, you’re likely to see no other tourists for days.

What to Do

  • Celebrate what you may never have thought you would – sweet potatoes – at the annual Sweet Potato Festival in Aljezur
  • Take a boat trip to the phenomenal Caves of Benagil
  • Taste as much of the local cuisine as you can at the Rota do Petisco
  • If you play golf, Algarve has over forty golf courses and the mild temperatures of November are ideal for the sport

Faro Weather November

Faro weather November
Faro weather November

Portugal’s southernmost city is your best bet for beachy weather and sunny days. The temperature in November stays warm, averaging around 20°C maximum and 11°C minimum. Rainfall is minimal, at only 5 days on average.

Even on its coldest days, Faro is a beautiful city to visit, with historic charm and cobblestone streets. The landscape is incredible, with monumental rock formations and picturesque beaches.

What to Do

  • Go hiking along the coastal mountain trails just outside Faro and snap photos of the deserted beaches
  • Join a tour to Portugal’s famous Deserta and Farol islands without the crowds that are common there
  • Experience an ancient festival, St Martin’s Fair, with live local music, delicious food, and wine
  • Join the locals in the unique LUZA Festival, a celebration of light and art

Albufeira Weather November

Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s most popular holiday destinations, with sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. In winter, the town calms down a lot but the local population remains and returns to its fishing village roots.

Still, November remains warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging 20°C maximum and 11°C minimum. The rainy season hasn’t set in yet, and you can expect only around 5 days of light rainfall.

What to Do

  • Explore the nearby villages, forests and orange groves on a guided jeep tour from Albufeira
  • Stroll through the Old Town and lounge on quiet, picture-perfect beaches
  • Try the town’s hearty winter cuisine

Weather in Inland Portugal

Portugal weather November
Portugal weather November

Portugal is most popular for its rugged coastline, but the country’s inland villages and wilderness are uniquely beautiful. If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation, it may even be the better option.

The climate inland is less tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, which means summer is hotter and winter is colder than along the coast. So expect a few more rainy days, and a degree or two lower than the coastal cities on the same latitude. 

What to Pack for Portugal in November

No matter what time of the year you prefer to visit this scenic country, packing the right gear is always important. Here are a few necessities that will have you ready for your winter trip:

  • Light waterproof jacket & layers: since the weather varies from warm and sunny to rainy in November, it’s important to pack layers. A light waterproof jacket is the perfect top layer. It protects you from the elements, keeps you dry in any conditions, and folds up small, fitting easily into a day pack.
  • Sunscreen & hat: the sunny weather certainly isn’t gone in Portugal’s early winter. Pack your sunny supplies and prepare to enjoy some clear-skies, particularly if you’re heading to the south.
  • Camera: Portugal is a stunning destination, with gorgeous natural landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and historic attractions. You’ll certainly want to bring your camera to capture the beauty, along with all your favourite moments.
  • Comfortable walking shoes: one of the best things to do in Portugal in the winter season is to go hiking. There are trails for every fitness level across the coastal country, and they all guarantee impressive views. It’s always best to pack comfortable shoes, whether you’re planning to stroll through the city or trek across mountains.
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