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How to get to Ibiza, Spain


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The best way to travel to Ibiza, Spain

When you think of a party island, you may be forgiven for immediately thinking of Ibiza in Spain, an island that has garnered a reputation as the go to place to party up a storm and dance the night away.

But this is perhaps the biggest misconception and thorn in Ibiza’s side. The island honestly has so much more going for it.

From the innumerable number of gorgeous beaches with its glistening clear turquoise waters, the historic old town of Ibiza, a few UNESCO World Heritage sites, outdoor & nature activities galore as well as Ibiza’s stunning neighbour Formentera, there is plenty to see and do here.

It is no wonder that sun seeking travellers flock to Ibiza to enjoy the very best of this Balearic gem!

If you are indeed planning to visit yourself, then you may be wondering exactly how to get to Ibiza. If this is the case, then this post is definitely for you.

In this article I’m going to outline the best ways to travel to Ibiza from the Spanish mainland, by either plane or ferry as well as how to travel from Ibiza to neighbouring Formentera too.

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Flights to Ibiza, Spain

How to get to Ibiza, Spain
Cala d’Hort © (By Perszing1982 from Getty Images Pro) via

Flying to Ibiza is undoubtedly the quickest and most popular way for many visitors to get to the island.

Ibiza Airport, serves not only as the hub for the island, but also for neighbouring Formentera island too, receiving flights not only from Spain but also the rest of Europe too.

If you do happen to be flying into Spain and planning to connect onwards then you’ll be happy to note that you can fly to Ibiza from several Spanish cities including: Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Valencia.

The main airlines servicing these domestic Spanish routes between mainland Spain and Ibiza are Vueling Airlines, Iberia Express as well as RyanAir.

Ibiza Airport

Ibiza Airport (also known as Aeroport d’Eivissa) is situated in the south of the island and is roughly 10 kilometres driving distance from Ibiza Town centre.

There are several local bus services (operated by operated Ibizabus) that connect different parts of the island to the airport.

These include the Route 10, Route 24 and Route 9 that will each cost around €4 for a one-way journey.

The Ibiza Airport website provides a very comprehensive breakdown of these bus routes and where they connect to.

Alternatively, you may also want to opt to travel by taxi or private transfer from the airport to your end destination on the island.

Taxi’s are located at a designated taxi rank at the airport and it is advisable to only make use of these taxis.

Tariffs do work on a per kilometre rate with a minimum price set, plus an airport supplement applicable. Read here for more info on the Ibiza Airport taxi services.

If you would much rather prefer to pre-book a private transfer, resting assured that your driver will be waiting for you upon arrival, then I would suggest you compare Suntransfers as well as Welcome Pickups for rates, availability and to book.

Getting to Ibiza by Ferry

Eivissa Ibiza © (By Michal Collection) via
Eivissa Ibiza © (By Michal Collection) via

Apart from flying into Ibiza, the only other option available would be to travel by ferry to Ibiza from mainland Spain.

You can do so by taking a ferry from one of 3 different ports, depending on your location. These being either Denia, Valencia or Barcelona.

All of whom have ferry services operating to and from Ibiza island.

Below I will give a breakdown of each of these services.

Ferry from Denia to Ibiza

Journey time: 2 Hours

The closest and quickest connection would be taking the ferry from Denia to Ibiza. Denia is located on the east coast of Spain in the province of Alicante.

The journey time on the Denia to Ibiza ferry lasts 2 hours and the service is currently only operated by one Ferry company, Balearia.

Denia ferries link up with 2 different ports on Ibiza, being the San Antonio as well as Ibiza town with roughly 15 weekly scheduled departures.

On average you can expect to pay from around €60 and upward per adult for a one-way journey when travelling as a foot passenger, travelling across without a car or other vehicle type.  

Ferry: Valencia – Ibiza

Journey time: 5 Hours or 6 Hours 45 minutes

The next option would be to travel from Valencia, that has around 11 – 13 departures per week.

The Valencia to Ibiza ferry route and service is currently operated by two ferry providers, Balearia and Transmeditterranea and also connects to the two ports in Ibiza (Ibiza Town and San Antonio).

The journey time on the ferry from Valencia to Ibiza varies by provider. The Balearia ferry lasts 5 hours, whereas on the Transmeditterranea ferry lasts around 6 hours 45 minutes. 

You can expect to pay from €50 and upward per adult on a one-way journey when travelling without any vehicles.

Ferry: Barcelona – Ibiza

Journey time: 9 Hours

Lastly, the Barcelona to Ibiza ferry service is also operated by both Balearia and Transmeditterranea ferry companies. Both lasting around 9 hours in total journey time.

Between these two operators they offer approximately 13 set departures per week and you can expect to pay anywhere from €60 and upward in price for a one-way ticket per adult passenger on foot (without a vehicle).

This ferry only stops off at Ibiza town and does not offer any stops at the other port (San Antonio).


Of course, pricing does vary according to the time of year and it is always advisable to consult online schedules and prices based on your exact travel dates to reconfirm costs.

Both ferry operators, Belearia and Transmeditterranea, offer direct online booking, allowing bookings a few months in advance.

During the busier summer months, it is also recommended to arrive early and ahead of the ferry’s set departure time as ports can get really hectic over these peak periods.

Top Tip:

If you’re looking to just book a quick ferry trip across and don’t want to search between different websites, then using a comparative booking site such as Ferry Hopper will save you a ton of time.

These sites will show you all the available options and prices, as well as allow you to book online through their website.

Travel from Ibiza to Formentera by Ferry

Cala Salada Lagoon © (By amoklv from Getty Images Pro) via
Cala Salada Lagoon © (By amoklv from Getty Images Pro) via

When visiting Ibiza, you may want to plan a day trip or even spend a few nights on Ibiza’s idyllic neighbour, Formentera.

The great news is that these two islands are conveniently linked by ferries that operate a quick and frequent schedule that takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour.

Currently, there are three different operators that manage Ibiza to Formentera ferry services, linking these two Spanish islands. Once again, you can search and book directly on Ferryhopper who show you all available rates & operators.

Aquabus Ferry Boats

The first option would be to take the Aquabus Ferry Boats that offer a cheap connection between the two islands. Start from around €15 for a one-way or €20 for a same day return ticket, they are your cheapest bet when wanting to travel to Formentera.

Mediterranea Pitiusa

The next operator is Mediterranea Pitiusa, offering a quick 30 minute ferry hop across starting from around €20 for a one-way adult ticket.

Be sure to check their website and consult their specials including their same day return ferry & bus offer that includes the use of a local bus route that visits several of Formentera’s beaches too. 


Lastly, ferry operator Trasmapi also offers a 30 minute connection between the two islands.

Starting from around €20 for a one-way, Trasmapi also offers a range of different discounts and offers directly on their website, including a free city bus transfer in Ibiza to get you to the ferry departure point.

Be sure to consult these operators’ sites ahead of time when ready to plan and book a Formentera Ferry, in order to confirm up to date pricing and schedules.

Also make sure to compare the cost of a return ticket or same day return prices versus one-way ticket costs, to ensure you get the best possible fare.

Similarly, you may want to consult and book through Ferry Hopper, bypassing the need to trawl through various different sites.

Travelling to Ibiza by car

Dalt Vila fortress © (By AlexanderNikiforov from Getty Images Pro) via
Dalt Vila fortress © (By AlexanderNikiforov from Getty Images Pro) via

If you are travelling to, or through Spain by car and plan on doing so on Ibiza island too, then you can do so by connecting from mainland Spain to Ibiza by ferry too. Both Balearia and Transmeditterranea have options to include and transport several different vehicle types, which you can specify and book for when booking your ferry ticket online.

Renting a car in Ibiza

Of course, if you simply want to hire a car for the duration of your trip and plan on exploring the island this way, then you may want to skip transporting a car across and hire one when arriving on the island itself. If this is your plan, then why not check out to plan and book your car hire for your trip to Ibiza.

Where to Stay in Ibiza

Cala Vedella Ibiza © (By Tanaonte from Getty Images Pro) via
Cala Vedella Ibiza © (By Tanaonte from Getty Images Pro) via

If you’re still looking to book your accommodation for Ibiza, then go ahead and have a look at the following link to search for and book your stay. Click here to view rates & availability for Ibiza accommodation.

What to do – Ibiza Tours & Activities

When I travel to a new destination, I often check for different tours and activities that I can plan for, as well as book ahead of time. If this sounds like something you’d do, then go ahead and check out the link below for a range of unique Ibiza excursions, experiences and tours that you can pre-book.

Click here to view Ibiza Tours & Activities.


If you’ve visited Ibiza before and have any tips or suggestions on how to get to Ibiza, then I’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to share your thoughts or any insider hints and tips that I may have missed out on.

If you have any other questions on how best to get between mainland Spain, Ibiza or Formentera then feel free to pose your questions below too.

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