14 Best Beaches in Rhodes, Greece – Beautiful Rhodes Beaches Worth Exploring

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Visiting Rhodes in Greece and looking for a comprehensive list of the best beaches in Rhodes worth checking out? Then look no further than this list of 14 stunning Rhodes beaches that you can add to your travel itinerary.

The beautiful island of Rhodes that forms part of the Dodecanese group of Islands located in the southeastern part of the Aegean sea is undoubtedly one of the most popular Greek islands worth exploring, and a great addition to any Greek Island hopping itinerary. A romantic Greek island comprising of gorgeous beaches, beautiful towns, historic Greek landmarks, and not to forget the delicious cuisine on offer, no wonder many visitors return back time and time again!

If like me you’re a sunseeker and love lazing the day away on an idyllic Greek beach, then this guide, outlining the 14 best beaches on Rhodes, is perfect for you. Make sure to add these Rhodes Beaches to your travel itinerary, you certainly won’t regret it!

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Planning Your Trip to Rhodes, Greece

Before I round out my favourite beaches in Rhodes, I’d like to share some tips and suggestions for planning your trip to this beautiful and much-loved island.  

Getting to Rhodes

Travelling by air to Rhodes is undoubtedly the quickest and most convenient way to do so. If you happen to be arriving into or spending a few nights in Athens first, then you can catch an onward flight from Athens to Rhodes on either Aegean Air or Sky Express, with the flight last only an hour. 

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Alternatively, you could consider travelling by ferry, but this option will take way longer at around 15 hours 20 minutes and is usually an overnight journey. If you book well in advance then ferry prices are pretty much comparable to flights, so flying would probably be your best bet.

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Where to Stay in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the largest Greek islands, so naturally speaking, there are a number of great areas or places to stay during your visit. 

If you’re considering staying in Rhodes Old Town then the Island Boutique Hotel, the Rodos Park Suites & Spa, as well as the Avalon Boutique Suites Hotel are all great options!

Lindos beach is another popular choice for travellers wanting a perfect seaside escape in Rhodes. Here you’ll find the adults-only Lindos Grand Resort and Spa, and the Lindos Mare, Seaside Hotel.

Meanwhile, over in Faliraki that is set along one of the largest resort stretches on the island you can consider booking the top-rated Esperos Palace Resort, the Mitsis Faliraki Beach Hotel & Spa, or the beautiful adults-only Esperos Village Blue & Spa

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Where Are the Best Beaches in Rhodes?

The island’s Mediterranean climate allows visitors to soak up the sun for around 300 days of the year. Whether you are visiting the Acropolis of Rhodes outside the city or the Ancient Kamiros on the west coast, there are plenty of beaches to relax on nearby.

Faliraki Beach

Faliraki Rhodes Beach

As far as the best beaches Rhodes has to offers goes, it doesn’t get any pretttier than this! Faliraki Beach is located in front of one of the largest holiday resorts in Rhodes and is not far from one of the biggest water parks in Europe, Water-Park Faliraki. The beach offers travellers a place to relax and unwind, while the southern part of the beach has a party atmosphere popular with young adults.

Kallithea Beach, Rhodes

Kallithea Beach, Rhodes

Famous for its hot medicinal springs, Kallithea is a beautiful beach worth visiting for the views and the water activities. The pleasant little beach is bordered by small creeks lined with pine trees. 

For underwater enthusiasts, Triton Diving offers scuba diving to the underwater caves and unusual rock formations. The area is home to Mediterranean sponges, soft corals, and many fish, making it a great spot for dives.

Ladiko Beach, Rhodes

Ladiko Beach, Rhodes

Ladiko beach is a tiny cove with fine beach sand, protected by small rock formations. It is an ideal place to relax or snorkel. The beach is 2km from Faliraki beach and only a short distance from Anthony Quinn Bay – why not visit them all?

Visit Ladiko beach during a sea kayaking trip for an unforgettable time exploring caves and rock formations.

Stegna Beach

Stegna Beach in Rhodes

Stegna beach is located on the east coast of Rhodes Island and has calm waters well-suited for water activities. It is 30 km south of Rhodes Town and feels secluded, while still providing excellent amenities. There is also a delicious fish tavern offering authentic Greek dishes at affordable prices.

During your time at the beach, set off early to explore the stunning coastline on a stand-up paddleboard group tour. Marvel at the rising sun before attempting a SUP yoga session and an early morning swim. 

Are There Sandy Beaches in Rhodes?

Rhodes has various white and gold-sand beaches, from small private coves to long busy stretches of coast. The majority of the beaches have a mixture of pebbles and sand, making it necessary to pack a pair of sandals for your trip. 

For the most part, the following beaches are covered in sand, allowing you to walk along a soft path to the sea. These are the best sandy beaches in Rhodes.

Agathi Beach

Agathi Beach

One of the best beaches in Rhodes, Agathi has golden sands and shallow waters. It is not far from the small fishing village of Haraki and has a couple of taverns on the beachfront offering simple yet tasty seaside dining and popular greek drinks.

Bring along your snorkelling gear to explore the fascinating rock formations on the right-hand side of the beach.

Lindos Beach, Rhodes

Lindos Beach, Rhodes

Lindos Beach, called Megali Paralia by locals, is a large golden sand beach with sunbeds available for rent. It is located below the ruin of a hilltop citadel, Acropolis of Lindos, which separates Lindos beach from the small Saint Paul cove, another popular beach in Lindos.

Saint Paul is a smaller beach and is harder to access, but it offers incredible snorkelling opportunities. Yes, your greek vacation might require some exercise to beat the crowds.

Kathara Beach

Kathara Beach

Kathara beach is a quiet seaside haven located just south of Faliraki beach (separated by a harbour). The beach consists mainly of fine-grain sand with pebbles in few places. The water is shallow and is usually calm, making it a great beach for kiddies.

During your visit to Kathara beach, embark on a kayaking and snorkelling activity with breathtaking rock formations in emerald green waters. Paddle to Anthony Quinn bay before enjoying a picnic on the Traounou beach.

Tsambika Beach Rhodes

Tsambika Beach, Rhodes

Tsambika is a large golden sand beach with a wild feeling. The beach is located in a sheltered bay and is surrounded by rocky hills. There is a monastery atop the nearby rock, which is where the beach gets its name.

Tsambika has calm waters and is suitable for families. Your children will be excited to find out about Bloom Water Park, which floats offshore.

Are There Nudist Friendly Beaches in Rhodes?

If you want to practice naturism in Rhodes, it is important to know that nudism is illegal in Greece. However, it is tolerated in a number of places. While Greek people are unlikely to be upset if you choose to sunbathe or swim topless, the act can still get you in trouble with the law.

Mandomata is the only designated nudist beach Rhodes offers, while the following beaches are also known as safe spaces for naturalists to visit.   

Vlicha Beach

Vlicha Beach

Vlicha beach welcomes the overflow of visitors to the nearby Lindos beach. It offers watersports, canoes, food stalls, showers, and toilets. The beach is typically dotted with beach loungers and being a cove, it is well protected from strong winds.

Nudists can roam undisturbed on the quieter southern end of the beach.

Mandomata Beach

Mandomata is a lovely naturist beach with a restaurant, toilets and showers. Remember to bring sandals or sea shoes as the beach is rocky in places. It is 3km south of Faliraki village and can be reached along a rough road. Naturist families typically visit the beach with young children.

Fourni Beach

Fourni Beach

A remote pebbled beach with wild rocks near the hilltop village of Monolithos. Travel 5km from the 15th-century Castle of Monolithos through pine forests on a steep paved road to reach Fourni beach. The isolated nature of the beach makes it suitable for naturists, and the beautiful views make the journey well worth it.

Which Beaches in Rhodes Offer Activities?

All of the beaches in Rhodes mentioned above are suitable for swimming. However, there are a handful of beaches that offer incredible snorkelling opportunities. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are also popular watersports, with lessons and rentals offered from the beaches. 

Take the plunge and visit one of the beach-based activities below.

Afandou Beach, Rhodes

Afandou Beach, Rhodes

Afandou beach, yet another gorgeous beach in Rhodes, is a combination of pebbles and sand and is located 19km south of Rhodes Town. It is one of the longest beaches in Rhodes and has beach showers, toilets, and rental beach loungers making it suitable for family vacations. 

The beach is 2km from the village of Afantou, one of the oldest on the island, and is easily accessible by taxi. Afandou beach offers fishing charters, water sports and even a nearby golf course.

Kremasti Beach

Kremasti is a pebble and shingle beach located on the north-western coast of Rhodes Island, just outside of the lively coastal village of Kremasti. It is only 12km away from Rhodes Town and offers cafes and restaurants along the beachfront.

An almost constant breeze provides the perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Have you ever tried either sport before? Businesses on the beach offer rentals and lessons. 

Prassonissi Beach

Prassonissi Beach

Prassonissi beach is located on the Prasonisi peninsula and links Rhodes Island to the Hamlet of Macheria, the most southern landmass. It offers a unique opportunity to walk along the beach with the sea on each side.

The beach offers laid-back surfer bars, water-sports schools and is a great kitesurfing and windsurfing location.

Are Beaches in Rhodes Dangerous?

Rhodes is considered one of the safest greek islands to visit. As with any tourist destination, it is not advisable to leave your valuables unattended. Petty theft, however, is unlikely to take place on a Rhodes beach. The low crime rate and relaxed atmosphere in Rhodes make it safe to walk around at almost any time of the day or night. Of course, caution is always advised as is natural when travelling to any new destination. 

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