14 Of The Most Beautiful Cities In France That You Simply Have To Visit!

There is so much to love about France, from its world-renowned cuisine, historic French landmarks, the country’s colourful history and culture, gorgeous natural scenery, and so much more.

Strolling down the gorgeous tree-lined Le Cours Mirabeau you’ll find a myriad of quaint shops and bustling restaurants offering the famous foods of France.


Located along the highly desirable Côte d’Azur in the South of France, Menton is an intimate city with endless charm.


The beauty and uniqueness of Paris have been inspiring great artists and writers for centuries, who glorified this most romantic city on earth.


Nice is honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its history as a winter resort town for the aristocracy of Europe.


Canals lined with half-timber houses whose window boxes overflowing with flowers are postcard perfect.


This city on the river Garonne has a beautiful old town and is surrounded by stunning vineyards. Making Bordeaux a perfect stop on a France Spain Portugal road trip.


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