A Comprehensive Guide To Island hopping In Greece On A Budget

Well-known for, it’s undoubtedly the idyllic Greek isles with their white-washed villages, dreamy turquoise waters, historic Greek landmarks, hospitality, and not to mention delicious Greek cuisine.

Many of the islands have international airports, so you can certainly fly directly to your first stop, without a detour and as such bypass Athens completely.

Start Your Journey Close By

This makes travelling between these far easier as they are usually located closer compared to islands on other groups.

Stick To Visiting The Same Group Of Islands

Picking islands that are within short distances of each other, and planning your routes wisely, will keep transportation costs at a minimum.

Use Greek Island Ferries

A ferry from Athens to Santorini for instance would take just under 5 hours on the fastest ferry, compared to just 50 minutes by air.

Don’t Rule Out Air Travel

It’s a good idea to try to visit Greece in October, or between April and June. It’ll still be warm enough to enjoy an island escape.

Travel During Shoulder Season

If you decide on a group of islands to explore, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on each island without rushing. You’ll also spend less on ferry trips.

Pick Quality Over Quantity

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