Famous German Things: 21 Best Things Germany Is Famous For!

Germany is such a diverse country packed with exceptional German landmarks, architecture, history, and so much more! The Germans have become synonyms with precise engineering and craftsmanship too.

You can have fun at the fairground attractions, taste authentic German food and drink the different beers from the numerous Brew Houses.


It is often made of pork or veal while being served with some fresh fries and lemon on top to drizzle the juice over the meat.


One of the most traditional and colourful celebrations anywhere in the world. It starts every year on 11.11. at 11:11 o’clock with special ceremonies and big events.

Carnival in the Rhineland

Some of Germany’s cathedrals are absolutely iconic. For example, Cologne Cathedral with its mind-blowing Gothic architecture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


While it is Beck’s Beer (from Bremen) that is actually reportedly consumed the most today, it is Bavaria that most likely put beer on the map when it came to Germany.


The Deutsche Bahn train system is extensive and connects nearly every town in the country. Getting around Germany by train is great since the system is so comprehensive.


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