The 10 Most Popular & Famous Festivals in France to Enjoy!

France is home to many cultural and religious festivals of different historical origins. They include celebrations of music, bits of history dating back to the Middle Ages, film, and so much more. 

Bastille Day is more than just a festival in France; it’s the country’s national day, celebrated every year. It typically takes place from July 13-15.

Bastille Day

Considered amongst the top three worldwide carnivals. There are various artists, animated pieces, floats, and so much more to enjoy whilst attending this celebration.

Nice Carnival

The highly popular festival commemorates the year of unrest in Lyon, at which point the town erected an impressive statue of the Virgin Mary on Fourvière Hill.

Lyon Festival of Lights

An exciting and iconic annual celebration dedicated to the following mission: raising film profiles, contributing to cinema’s development, and drawing attention to films.

Cannes Film Festival

French cheese celebration is a must for all cheese fanatics and French food lovers alike. Considering that cheese is one of France’s most famous food exports.

La Trace du Fromage

Foodies and chefs alike will enjoy the opportunity to witness chef demonstrations, French cooking education, winemaking education, and more.

Fête de la Gastronomie

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