18 Most Amazing & Cheapest Countries in Europe To Live In!

Whether you’re planning a travel trip or actually embarking on a move across the pond, this post will hopefully provide you with some much-needed.

One of the cheapest countries in Europe to live in. The low cost of living is largely due to low prices for housing and food.


There’s a decent – and cheap – public transport system, well-maintained roads and a great mix of beach resorts on the Black Sea, National Parks and mountain villages.


The costs in this country are still below the European average, but the quality of life is extremely high compared to other countries!


Affordable local transportation, food, housing, and nightlife make the Czech Republic another cheap country to live in Europe.

Czech Republic

The highest expense here is the cost of accommodation, where the prices start from €170 and can get up to €1030 and higher per month.


Is the most popular countries due to its history, culture, cuisine, and climate. Yet it is one of the cheapest countries to live in Europe because of the economic crisis in the past.


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