12 Most Unique And Best Souvenirs from Germany!

Recently I had the chance to visit Berlin for the very first time and indulged in my penchant for souvenir hunting.

This has inspired me to come up with this list of the best German souvenirs that you can consider buying as gifts from Germany in collaboration with other travel blogs.

A traditional beer mug or stein may seem a simple souvenir but what makes it so special is how unique it can be for yourself, family, or friends.

Beer Stein

The perfume originated in Cologne in 1709 and the formula became so popular that perfume itself becomes a generic term for many kinds of perfume and fragrance.


A clock with a pendulum that has a bird making a cuckoo sound on the hour originated in the Black Forest of Germany.

Cuckoo Clocks

There are various flavours with different combinations and they do limited editions as well, such as liquor fillings, banana split, or chocolate mousse.

Halloren Chocolate

A hand-painted cup and saucer to savour my tea each morning, however a bountiful selection of other items are available think sugar bowls, serving plates, and figurines.

Meissen China

HARIBO gummy bears might just be the tastiest souvenir you can bring back from Germany. HARIBO has been making some of the world’s favourite candies since 1920.

Haribo Candies

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