12 Of The Most Exciting & Best Road Trips in Spain!

There is something truly spectacular about Spain. Perhaps it’s the sunshine, its natural beauty, vibrant cities, history, and culture, or the delicious foods and drinks.

One of the best road trips you can go on in Spain. A good route would start in Malaga to Cadiz – Jerez de la Frontera – Sevilla – Cordoba – Granada – Guadix, and back to Malaga.


Is a perfect idea for a day trip. Reserve most of your time for Cádiz, which is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. The Cathedral of Cádiz is spectacular.

Seville to Cadiz

The total route is about 90 kilometres and most towns are close to each other which makes it easy to visit many places in a short period of time.

Costa del Sol

On a length of about 200 kilometres, you will discover amazing beaches, but also romantic towns and many other attractions.

Costa Blanca

One of the best road trips is around the Asturian coast. The wild Bay of Biscay and is known as Spain’s green region due to the above-average rainfall and lush vegetation.


From Bilbao, it is a 100km or around 1.5 hours drive to San Sebastian, a picture-perfect beach city. Hang out by the beach or take a funicular to see famous views of the city.


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