How to Plan The Perfect 5 Days in Greece Itinerary!

The Greece weather is at its best between May and mid-October. So, any visit within this period will certainly offer incredible tourist attractions and activities.

The best place to start is by visiting the ancient Acropolis. This 5th-century BC old ruin was originally the centre of ancient Greek art and philosophy.

Day One and Two – Visit Athens Ruins

Resting just adjacent to Acropolis Hill, you can combine the visit with the tour of the Acropolis ruins.

Visit Athens Museums

Grabbing a Greek drink at one of these rooftop bars is one of the best things to do in Athens at night.


If you leave early, you can make it to Delphi by 9 am. At the museum, you get a chance to see numerous spectacular exhibits.

Day Three – Trip to Delphi

Known for its extensive white villages that adorn the high cliffs and its spectacular beaches, there are plenty of good reasons to visit Santorini.

Day Four and Five – Santorini

You can start by touring the Ancient Thera perch ruins located on the Mesa Vouno Mountain. Here, you’ll see the ancient temples, spas, and markets.

Visit Santorini Ruins

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