Lisbon Public Transport – A Guide to Getting around Lisbon.

An overview to Lisbon’s public transport system If you’re planning a visit to Lisbon, then you will be very happy to hear that it is a rather compact and easy to get around in type of city. The public transport system is in my opinion uncomplicated and compared to other European cities, actually rather cheap! […]

Awesome day trips from Lisbon!

My top selection of day trips you may want to consider, travelling from Lisbon! Portugal may well be a much smaller country than some of it’s European counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a mighty punch. And boy, it certainly does just that!  Being compact, has the added advantage of allowing you[…]

13 Free things to do in Lisbon, Portugal!

13 Awesome free things to do in Lisbon!​ Let’s be honest, travelling to a new city can be overwhelming! You may wonder what sights you should explore or which activities to go check out. And with so much to discover, it could all end up costing even the most seasoned traveller a pretty penny.  But[…]

9 Unique Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal!

9 Awesome things to see and do whilst visiting Lisbon​ You’ve booked your vacation to Lisbon, and if you are anything like me, you’ve already started scouring the internet in search of unique things to see and do when visiting Lisbon. Lisbon truly is one of those special cities that instantly grabs your attention and[…]

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