11 Gorgeous Travel Photos of Santorini, Greece

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11 Inspiring Travel Photos of Santorini, Greece!

Have you ever dreamt of that perfect Greek Island getaway? Well, so did we! 

After years of admiring stunning photos of Santorini online, we finally got to visit this beautiful Greek Island, part of the Cyclades group, and were able to admire the breathtaking imagery in real life. 

Admittedly, I was nervous including Santorini into our Greece holiday. Scared that the island may be somewhat of a cliché and overrun by tourists, we were sceptical. 

But boy were we wrong, Santorini is everything you’d expect and so much more! Since that holiday, both myself and my partner have yearned to go back and relive the magical moments we had on this island. To understand why, be sure to read my post on the top reasons to visit Santorini.

So today I decided to revisit those fond memories by publishing 11 of our favourite pictures of Santorini that we’d snapped whilst visiting. 

Tip: If you’re planning a tour of the different Cyclades Islands, including Mykonos, then be sure to read up on how best to travel from Mykonos to Santorini.

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1. Santorini Views

Santorini Views from Imerovigli
Santorini Views from Imerovigli

2. Beautiful architecture around every corner

Beautiful Santorini Photo
Beautiful Santorini Photo

3. White-washed buildings remind you, you’re in Greece!

Santorini white washed buildings
Santorini white washed buildings // by Travel-Boo

4. Vibrant colours pop against the white

Santorini vibrant colours
Santorini vibrant colours

5. Amoudi Bay, for a great seafood lunch

Santorini, Amoudi Bay
Santorini, Amoudi Bay

6. The beautiful town of Oia

Views of Santorini
Views of Santorini

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7. Blue-domed churches everywhere, what’s not to love!

Santorini Blue Domed Churches
Santorini Blue Domed Churches

8. Our hotel view, view of the Caldera (Volcano Island)

Santorini view of the caldera
Santorini view of the caldera // by Travel-Boo

9. The most incredible sunsets ever.

Santorini Sunset
Santorini Sunset // by Travel-Boo

10. Quintessential Greece, truly magical

Quintessential Santorini
Quintessential Santorini

11. Yet more, gorgeous views of Santorini

Santorini, Greece, Views
Santorini, Greece, Views


I truly hope that these images of Santorini have inspired you to plan a visit. I’m confident that you’ll love this romantic island as much as we did!

If you’ve visited before, then I’d love to hear from you. What did you enjoy the most and do you have any tips or suggestions for others wanting to plan the perfect Santorini holiday?

Feel free to comment in the comments section down below. 

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