How to Get from Pisa to Florence Italy – A Comprehensive Travel Guide

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In search of the best way to travel from Pisa to Florence, Italy? Look no further than this comprehensive guide.

The gorgeous region of Tuscany has long served as travel inspiration for many wanting to explore the best that Italy has to offer. Made famous by films such as ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, the idea of living in the Italian countryside and sampling some of the best food and drinks on offer in Italy is what attracts so many visitors in search of ‘La Dolce Vita’ (the sweet life).

If you’re one of the lucky people who has the opportunity to explore this idyllic region of Italy and you’re planning to connect between two of Tuscany’s most famous destinations, Pisa and Florence, then this guide is for you.

Getting from Pisa to Florence, or vice versa, should be a breeze and in this guide, I’ll be outlining in detail exactly how to do so. Whether by train, by bus or by car, I’ve got you covered.

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Pisa to Florence Train

Florence to Pisa Train

Journey Duration: Train journey is between 51 mins to 1 hour 20 mins on average

By far the most popular and quickest way of getting from Florence to Pisa is by train on Italy’s national Trenitalia railway service.

The quickest non-stop train journey lasts just 51 minutes with the slowest train journey taking around 2.5-hours. Most services though are between an hour and 1 hour 20 mins on average.

Pisa to Florence by Train: Schedules

The Pisa Florence Train route offers regular daily departures, offering several departures per hour from as early as 04:15 am and continuing right through the night until as late as 22:30 pm.

Upon the return, the Florence to Pisa train schedule also starts with departures at around 04:30 am until around 23:00 pm at night. Also offering a few frequent departures per hour.

Train from Pisa to Florence: Fares & Buying Tickets

Another advantage to using these train services to get between Florence and Pisa is the relatively low cost. A one-way adult ticket costs only €8 – €10 making it a quick and inexpensive way to connect between these two cities.

You can search, compare and book your train ticket through a site such as Omio. I love Omio because you can also view all the bus and flight options too, making it great to compare all the various modes of transport.

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Train Stations:

Arriving into or departing from Pisa or Florence you will most likely do so at the main train stations of each city. Unfortunately, you cannot catch a direct train from Pisa airport to Florence, or vice versa. Luckily each train station is fairly central and easy to get to, so it shouldn’t be a hassle getting to and from the train terminals.

Florence Train Station

When departing from Florence, most of the trains will depart from the main Florence train station, the Florence Santa Maria Novella station. Do make sure to double check this though as a few also depart from the Campo di Marte station.

The great news is that the Santa Maria Novella station is right in the heart of Florence and within easy walking distance to all the major attractions and sights. It is also a hub for bus services too.

If you happen to be spending the day in Florence and need a place to store your luggage, then the baggage locker service along train track 16 is ideal.

Pisa Train Station

If you’re leaving from the Pisa train station, then you will be arriving to, or departing from the Pisa Centrale station.

The Pisa Centrale station is located south of the Arno river, at 2km’s (approximately 25 minutes) walking distance from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, located north of the river.

Thankfully though you don’t have to walk all that way. You can simply catch the number 1 bus line that departs from the station to the Piazza dei Miracoli (where you can get off for the Tower of Pisa).

It’s good to note that Pisa Centrale also offers luggage storage facilities onsite too.

Pisa to Florence by Bus

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus from Pisa to Florence. This is likely due to the fact that rail travel is so frequent and fairly inexpensive too.

Having said that, if you happen to be flying into Pisa airport and intend to travel from there to Florence, then you’re in luck!

Bus from Pisa Airport to Florence

The bus service from Pisa Airport to Florence is run by the Caronna Tour coach service who also has a ticket desk at the airport.

They have daily departures that leave for central Florence with no stops being made along the way. The journey time lasts an hour at a cost of €25.00 one-way per adult ticket.

Make sure to check the departure points as some departures will happen from the Tram stop – Guidoni – T2 line.

Driving from Pisa to Florence by Car

Pisa to Florence by car

Journey Duration: Quickest direct route – roughly 1 hour 15 minutes

Will you be embarking on an exciting Tuscan road trip? Then renting a car for the duration of your stay is likely the route you’ll be taking.

Given the distance from Pisa to Florence is approximately 90 kms / 56 miles, it should take you an hour and 15 minutes to cover the distance between these two cities.

When travelling by car you’ll have to choose between two main motorways, the tolled A11 freeway (Autostrada) versus the SGC Firenze-Pisa-Livorno (sometimes referred to as the Fi-Pi-Li highway) that is not tolled. Some travellers report encountering more traffic congestion on the latter, probably due to it not being tolled. Having said that, both routes should take you more or less the same journey time to complete.

According to ViaMichelin, the A11 leg should set you back roughly €4.80 in toll fees and an estimated €8.88 in fuel consumption.

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Transfer from Pisa Airport to Florence

Last but not least, you may also opt to make use of a taxi from Pisa to Florence but this will likely be the most expensive route to take.

If you intend to make use of a Pisa Airport transfer to Florence, then compare the most current rates & availability through Suntransfers (you can also book online with them too).

As I mentioned, this option is certainly not the cheapest, expect to pay in excess of €150.00 for two adults. This is of course due to the distance being covered.

Where to stay in Florence & Pisa

Where to stay in Florence

Still need to firm up your accommodation for Florence and Pisa? Have a look at these great hotels, perfect for an overnight stay.

Where to stay in Florence

Consider one of these fabulous hotels for your next visit to Florence.

Top Luxury Hotel with stunning views of the Ponte Vecchio bridge – Portrait Firenze

Perfect Budget Hotel by the Duomo of Florence – Hotel Costantini

Bed & Breakfast in the centre of Florence – Porcellino Gallery Art Boutique B&B

Great Apartment Hotel in the Center of Florence – Appartamento Piazza Signoria

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Where to stay in Pisa

Book your perfect overnight stay in Pisa at one of these great hotels.

Pisa Luxury Hotel – Palazzo Cini Luxury Rooms in Pisa

Great Budget Hotel – Hotel Di Stefano

Bed & Breakfast in the centre of Florence – Rinascimento Bed & Breakfast

Great Apartment in Florence – Relais Pacinotti Apartments and Suites

Browse through these great Pisa Airbnb options here

What to do in Florence & Pisa

Why not round out your trip with an unforgettable tour or excursion. Whether you’re into foodie tours, walking tours, guided historic tours, or other unique experiences, you’ll no doubt find an activity that piques your interest.

Click here to browse an exciting array of tours & activities in Florence.

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