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Glamping France – The 7 Best French Luxury Camping Sites For Glamping in France!

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Looking for the best glamping sites in France? Then this Glamping France guide outlining 7 of the best French luxury camping sites is ideal for you!

I have to confess, I do love camping, but having said this, I also love and appreciate all of my usual creature comforts and am perhaps not the best spokesperson for ‘roughing it’! 

Thankfully, glamping has been growing in popularity over the years meaning you don’t have to give up on life’s little luxuries whilst also enjoying the stunning nature and beauty that France has to offer. 

In this France Glamping post, I’ll outline 7 stunning glamping sites in France to hopefully inspire you to embrace glamping in France for your next visit!

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Beautiful Glamping South of France

Southern France borders two mountain ranges in its western and eastern regions. These are the Alps, found in the Southeastern area, and the Pyrenees, in the Southwestern territory. The natural scenery near these snowy peaks makes them two premier France glamping locations.

Find below the best luxury campsites in Southern France.

Domaine de la Vitarelle Glamping

1. Domaine de la Vitarelle - Glamping France

This glamping site is located on a 10-hectare land of a preserved natural environment. It offers unique accommodation in tented camps and cabin lodges under a trail of cedars. They come equipped with all the basic amenities you’d need and expect when on a France glamping trip.

It’s perfect for all travellers; couples can spend their nights gazing at the stars. Families can have a fun-filled child-friendly experience with several onsite and offsite activities. These include a large swimming pool, horse riding, board games, wine tasting, hiking in a dreamy landscape and more. 

They have value-added services like a dining bar, a grocery store selling local products, full breakfast and meal baskets. Pickup and dropoff at the airport or train station are also on offer. In addition, there are nearby attractions that add to your experience.

This includes the Cité de Carcassonne, which is a UNESCO heritage site located 20 minutes away from this glamping location. It also happens to be one of France’s most famous natural landmarks and should prove to be a worthy visit. For water lovers, there’s an assortment of lakes and beaches within 10 minutes to an hour of travel.

It’s only open between April and October, so make your booking here before space runs out.

Yourtes Mongoles Gavarnie – Luxury Camping South of France

2. Yourtes Mongoles Gavarnie - Glamping in France

If you’re looking to be totally secluded in nature when glamping in France, then look no further than Yourtes Mongoles Gavarnie. It’s a prime yurt in France that offers picturesque views overlooking serene rivers and the Pyrenees’ snowy peaks. A stay here is a welcome change of scenery if you want to escape the frenzy of city life.

The accommodation is a tented camp with a dining area and kitchenette with a fridge and stovetop. You also have access to a common garden area with a BBQ grill, a picnic area and a playground for kids. This French luxury camping site has many activities available, which are either on-site or offsite, in which case fees apply. These activities include board games/puzzles, fishing, cycling, canoeing, hiking and walking tours.

Book your stay here.

More Glamping in France Regions

While Southern France offers some of the best views and glampsites in the country, the other regions aren’t lacking either when it comes to France glamping locations worth considering.

Camping in the North, East, or West presents an incredible experience with unique accommodations. This includes treehouses, luxurious cabins and some of the best yurts in France.

The below campsites are the best glamping spots in the North, East and West regions.

Western France’s Echologia – Glamping France

3. Echologia - Forest Cabin - France Glamping

Once an abandoned cluster of lime quarries, Echologia has been transformed into a natural haven with various activities for visitors. Located by the largest water reserve of Mayenne, it boasts some unusually amazing accommodation that takes advantage of this fact. This includes a luxurious tent, a treehouse, and a unique cabin floating above the water. 

Get ready for a fun-filled stay that works regardless of your travelling group makeup. Dive into the natural swimming pool or paddle across the lake on a rentable canoe or kayak. If you are interested in yanking a fishing rod and catching some crayfish, that’s available too! And if you’re interested in being a modern-day Robin Hood, Echologia’s archery lessons are a good start.

A guided tour along a 2.5km trail teaches you all about the site’s history. Even if you don’t care much about its heritage, there are fun activities planned along the way. This includes a small chemist’s workshop and a journey discovering eco-materials. After the tour, go back to your room, relax and get a meal tray or picnic basket conveniently delivered to you.

You can contact Echologia and make a booking here.

Eastern France’s Huttopia de Wattwiller

4. Huttopia de Wattwiller - luxury camping France

Located in the middle of the forest, Wattwiller is as natural as France glamping sites come. It offers many accommodation setups, mainly in a communal setting. This includes tent camps, huts, mobile homes and chalets. There are also specially marked pitch areas for visitors who prefer bringing their own tent or caravan accommodation.

All their accommodations come with basic amenities, including wifi should you want to stay connected to the outside world. The campsite also boasts an exceptional range of activities that all members of the family can partake in. 

This includes playing board games, tennis and table tennis, hiking and biking and movie nights. It also has two pools, namely indoor and outdoor pools, that can be heated dependent on the weather.

Being friendly to the mobility challenged, having an excellent onsite restaurant, and great security makes Wattwiller an excellent family glamping option.

It’s open between April and November; you can book your stay here.

Yurt in Trie-Château in Northern France

5. Yurt in Trie-Château

One of the best tent holidays in France, the yurt is ideal for people looking for a truly peaceful getaway. It’s located in the countryside and accommodates up to six guests. It’s equipped with all basic amenities, including but not limited to a private bathroom, sink and shower room. Its shared kitchen comes fitted with a microwave, stove, oven and a mini-fridge.

Its luxurious jacuzzi and the specially prepared breakfast (at a small charge) mean all you do is simply sit back and relax. The lack of physically demanding activities makes this the go-to glamping adventure if you just want to recharge leisurely.

You can start booking your stay at this peaceful campsite.

Featherdown Farms France: Countryside Fun

If you’re looking for family fun in the countryside, Featherdown offers epic farm holidays in some European countries. In France, they offer excellent glamping accommodation right in the heart of an active farm. Your days will be spent in great tranquil surroundings, of course excluding the clucking of chickens wake up call. 

The following are the best glamping getaways in the countryside.

Pays de La Loire – Glamping France

This is a glamping destination sandwiched between land and the ocean in Loire Valley in Western France. The region is popular for its vineyards, where some of France’s best wines originate. It’s also known for its rich heritage with several castles, abbeys and historical monuments in the area. 

The region exhibits diverse landscapes with long stretches of beaches, forests and rocky coasts, making it an attractive travel destination. 

It’s near the city of Nantes, which is always jam-packed with organised events and art exhibitions. For instance, it’s home to the famous giant robotic elephant. This is particularly entertaining for kids. 

You can visit the plant-focused theme park if you want to get even closer to nature. You can also visit the Le Puy du Fou, named the best French theme park, for some more fun.

You can contact Featherdown and book your stay here.

Normandy – Luxury Camping France

Featherdown’s Normandy property is in the heart of nature and boasts magnificent landscapes, and promises several possibilities during your stay. It has two different farms that offer unusual-yet-interesting glamping accommodation. These are the La Ferme de la Moricière and La Ferme de la Folivrae. Both are dairy farms, with the latter offering a garden activity you can get involved in. 

The farms are conveniently located between the countryside and the ocean, making it easy to access the surrounding attractions. There are several enchanting places to explore, each with its own complementary activities.

You can hike the trail of the steep Contentin rocks located along the sandy beaches of the English channel. Or, go view the breathtaking cliffs of rocky Etretat beach. The Cabourg beach is a favourite amongst couples and has several romantic activities, including horse riding. Visits to ancient abbeys and castles in nearby towns are sure to be a fun experience for kids.
Contact Featherdown here to book your stay in unusual accommodation.