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20 Of The Best Must-Have Camper Van Accessories To Enhance Your Van Life Adventure!

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Live your best van life adventure with these 20 camper van accessories that you can’t do without. They will make your everyday van life that much more enjoyable and convenient.

When you are first embarking on your camper van adventure, you will probably only have the essentials with you. No matter how many blog posts you read, nothing can prepare you for the real thing.

If you are aiming to stay on the road for a longer period of time or if you intend on living the nomadic van life indefinitely, you are going to want more than the bare minimum with you. 

You will no doubt want to be comfortable and have a few accessories with you on the trip that are going to make your time all the more convenient and enjoyable.

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 must-have camper van accessories that you will thank me later for having with you on your trip. They are there to make your camper van more of a home than a temporary place to sleep while travelling. 

Regardless of whether you are wanting to road trip through France, through Portugal, intend on glamping in France, or visit the most beautiful National Parks on the East and West Coast of the US, you’ll want to be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

Without further adieu, let’s check out these 20 awesome campervan gadgets, and the best campervan accessories to get you on the open road in no time! 

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20 Top And Best Camper Van Essentials You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

1. Jackery Power Pack and Solar Panels

One of my absolute favourite camper van accessories is the Jackery power pack. If you’re going to be working remotely using your laptop and other electronic equipment, you’re going to require a constant power supply.

This isn’t always possible as sometimes you’ll be off the beaten track and not attached to a power supply. This is where the Jackery power pack blows it out of the water. You will be able to keep all of your electronics charged and the unit itself charges by means of solar panels that can go on the roof of your van. 

The Jackery pack is extremely versatile, portable, easy to use, and suitable for all forms of remote work. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey compared to other products on the market.

2. Van Awning

The next piece of camper van equipment I would recommend getting is an awning. An awning is a great accessory to have, especially in the summer months when temperatures soar, but can also help to keep the rain out in the winter months too.

A great option is to get a retractable awning that can roll out when required and retract when you’re travelling. Another great idea is to get sides for the awning. It helps to keep the wind out and can be a nice cosy place to sit in the evenings or at mealtimes. 

You can even set up some fairy lights underneath the awning which creates an amazing ambience at night while you sip on kombucha or a nice glass of wine.

3. Reversing Camera

A reversing camera is one of the essential van life accessories, especially if you have a larger van without a back window. It will make your life so much easier so that you can back up into the smallest of spaces. 

However, no matter how big or small your van is, you won’t want to be backing up into a tree or low wall. Trust me, get yourself a reversing camera.

They are normally not too complicated to install, but if you’re not so confident with electronics then it’s best to get a professional to install them for you. 

4. Solar Shower

A solar shower is a great piece of camper van equipment, especially if you’re going to be in the wild for a few days without shower facilities. It will ensure that you can still have a nice warm shower after a full day of exploring.

You can get yourself a great, inexpensive solar shower online that folds away when you’re not using it and doesn’t take up a lot of space when folded away. The only downside is that they can take a few hours to warm up, which is on the shower’s terms, not yours.

5. Hammock

A hammock is one of the best ways to relax when you’re travelling. You can have your own mechanism on your van that you can hook it up to or simply string it between a couple of trees in the wild. 

Hammocks are also the favoured sleeping option for some people as opposed to sleeping in your van, as an alternative, especially in the warmer summer months.

6. Folding Camping Table 

A folding camping table is one of the must-have camper van essentials for all van lifers. It allows you to sit outside and eat but is also great for working outdoors to get some fresh air instead of being cooped up in your van.

The best option for your camper van is a foldable table, that is lightweight and packs away neatly so that it can be stored easily. It’s also great to have for playing board or card games with friends as it provides a nice flat surface for doing so. 

7. Camping Chairs

To go along with your camping table, you’ll need some camping chairs. Not only can you use them with the table but also independently for other uses. 

Perhaps you’re a fishing enthusiast, or you simply want to have a nice comfortable seat while you watch the sunset. They are one of the most essential pieces of camper van equipment.

8. Roof Rack

A roof rack is another one of the most used camper van accessories, especially if you have sporting equipment with you such as surfboards. It’s also a great option for additional storage if you get yourself a box to pop up on the rack. 

One of the biggest issues when it comes to living in a confined area is space. This can be easily solved by getting yourself a rack, but the uses don’t stop there. A rack is also a great place to climb up to and watch the sunset or simply have a drink as it’s nicely elevated. 

The one downside to a roof rack, however, is that it can adversely affect your fuel consumption as it can cause extra drag.

9. Portable Fridge

Another vital piece of camper van equipment is a fridge. While it’s not considered an accessory, it is essential therefore I’ve included it in the list. 

A fridge will ensure that you’re able to keep your groceries chilled while you’re on the road. A couple of things are required of a camper van fridge – it must be compact, and it must be quiet. 

Another important consideration is that it’s best to go for a 12v fridge that can run off your van’s battery and doesn’t rely on electricity. The only problem with these fridges is that they are rather pricey. 

There are a number of different options when it comes to 12v van fridges, with many of them opening from the top. Depending on the interior setup of your van, this might work, while other vans may require a standard front-opening fridge.

10. Coffee Maker

If you’re like me, you might consider a coffee maker one of the most important camping van accessories. Making coffee is the first thing to do in the mornings and dictates how the day will go. While it’s possible to have a coffee maker in your van, I prefer simpler options such as a Bialetti, AeroPress, French press, or a pour-over.

These methods of making coffee are much simpler and don’t require a power outlet. You’ll simply need boiling water or a hot plate/gas burner for the Bialetti. 

I would also recommend buying pre-ground coffee which eliminates the need for a grinder. You can also get a manual grinder if you prefer to grind your coffee fresh every day. 

11. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is without a doubt one of my top van life gadgets to have with me on any trip. You can enjoy music with you wherever you go and with such huge developments in technology, you can grace your tympanic membranes with high-quality sounds. 

Not only can you use it outdoors, but also when you’re sitting in your van or even driving – the quality is that good.

Also, be sure to get yourself a premium Spotify account so that you can download music to listen to offline in case you’re out of signal range. 

12. Magnetic Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a must-have in any camper van. They will ensure that you get your well-deserved rest without being disturbed by the sun’s rays. They come in super handy and are definitely one of the most underrated items. 

Make sure to get yourself a set of curtains that are both removable and magnetic. You will be able to fold them away when you don’t need them and set them up in a matter of seconds when you do.

13. Tire Inflator

A tire inflator is a great piece of equipment to have with you on your trip. It can be used to inflate a camping mattress, bicycle tires, and even the tires on your van. This is especially handy if you’re in the middle of nowhere and you get a flat. 

Make sure, once again, to get yourself a 12v version so it can seamlessly run off your van’s battery and doesn’t require an electrical outlet.

14. Leveling Blocks

Levelling blocks are one of the must-have camper van accessories – no one likes to sleep at an angle at night. By simply placing the blocks under the wheel that needs lifting, you can level out your van quickly and effectively. 

You can use the level on your phone or simply purchase a cheap spirit level at any Walmart, hardware store, or online.

15. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should be an essential item in any car, not only in a van. From simple cuts and burns to more serious wounds, it can even be the difference between life and death.

A comprehensive first aid kit will include everything you need out in the wild or when on the road – bandages, dressings, anti-septic cream/wash, and much more.


16. Projector – Cool Campervan Gadgets

A projector is one of the favourite van life gadgets for many travellers and provides a bit of home comfort. While many consider it a luxury, I feel that it’s such a great accessory to have. There’s nothing better than snuggling up at night and watching your favourite movie or series.

You might want to get yourself a screen too, that rolls up and can be stored away. Alternatively, you can just project directly onto the inside wall of your van. You will, however, require a small inverter to be able to run your projector while on the road or when you’re without electricity.

17. Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is an essential piece of camper van equipment that every van should have. It’s not fun getting up in the middle of the night to go use the restroom or go into the darkness to do your duties. Trust me, get yourself a portable toilet. You won’t regret it!

18. Portable Heater

A heater is a great piece of van life equipment, especially when temperatures start to plummet as winter approaches. 

Be careful when installing your heater as it can become dangerous if not done so properly. Rather seek professional advice first before buying and installing a heater.

19. A Fan

A simple fan is another one of the van life accessories that you’re going to want to get. It’s an essential item for the summer months and will keep your van cool and the air circulating – this will prevent your van from getting stuffy. 

Be sure to get yourself a 12v version or alternatively, a modern rechargeable version that’s wireless and can be clipped on.

20. A Small Safe

Last, but not least on the list, and possibly one of the most important camper van essentials is a security safe. A security safe can be installed in a cupboard or under the bed and will keep your most valuable items safe – a passport, bank cards, cash, or jewellery.

The last thing you want to come back to after a day of exploring is your van having been broken into and your important items being stolen. Rather be proactive than reactive. Get yourself a security safe!

20 Top Camper Van Accessories to Enhance your Van Life Advenutures! 20 Top Camper Van Accessories, Camper Van Gadgets, Camper Van Equipment, Cool Campervan accessories, van life accessories, gadgets for your campervan, accessories for a camper van
20 Top Camper Van Accessories to Enhance your Van Life Advenutures! 20 Top Camper Van Accessories, Camper Van Gadgets, Camper Van Equipment, Cool Campervan accessories, van life accessories, gadgets for your campervan, accessories for a camper van