Travelling from Barcelona to Zaragoza

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How to get from Barcelona to Zaragoza – Transport Guide

Travelling through Spain can be a real adventure. With so many historic gems to discover, combined with an ever changing landscape, you will never tire of exploring this wonderful country.

One such gem, is the capital of the Aragon region, the ancient city of Zaragoza, that is definitely well worth a visit!

If you happen to be flying into Barcelona and wanting to discover this gorgeous city, then you may be wondering how you can get there.

Whether travelling from Barcelona to Zaragoza by train, by bus or car, I’ll provide you with all the relevant information, enabling you to choose the best way for you to travel between these two Spanish cities.

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Barcelona to Zaragoza Train

How to get from Barcelona to Zaragoza
Barcelona to Zaragoza Spain © (By NeoPhoto Getty Images Pro) via Canva

Journey Duration: Fastest train – 1 Hour 23 minutes

When planning how to travel from Barcelona to Zaragoza, the quickest mode of transport is undoubtedly to travel by train.

With the high-speed AVE train service taking around 1 hour 23 minutes to connect these two Spanish cities, travel by rail is quick and convenient.

Also, on offer is a range of slower regional train services that take anywhere between 1 hour 55 minutes to well over 3 hours for the much slower trains.

These train services are all managed by Spanish rail company Renfe, through whom you can consult train schedules, prices and also book online.

Depending on the train booked, you can expect to pay anywhere from €23 and upward in price for a one-way ticket per adult.

I would advise that you plan ahead and book in advance as these rail fares can increase quite drastically, especially during peak or busier travel periods.

Train from Barcelona to Zaragoza

The Barcelona to Zaragoza train offers frequent daily departures starting from as early as 06:05 am until 22:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

Whilst on Sundays, the service runs from between 06:50 am up to around 21:00 pm at night.

It is worth noting that these times are based on current train schedules as at time of publishing this article.

I would recommend that you consult the Renfe website for up to date schedules & times when you are ready to plan and book for your exact travel dates. 

Zaragoza to Barcelona Train

If booking a return journey, the Zaragoza Barcelona train service starts operating at 06:15 am until 21:52 pm at night on weekdays and Saturdays.

On Sundays, times vary slightly, with the first train departing at 07:42 am up until the last train at 21:52 pm.

Train Stations

The train station in Barcelona from which trains depart or arrive into, is the Barcelona Sants train station.

The Sants Estació railway station is easily accessible by taxi, bus or simply by taking either the green (L3) or the blue (L5) metro lines to the metro stop of the same name.

When arriving into or departing from Zaragoza you will do so from the Zaragoza Delicias train station.

It is located only short distance from the city centre (approximately 2 kilometres). You can either choose to travel onwards by taxi or you can also take the bus number 34 which should cost around €1.35 for a one-way trip from the station to the centre.

Bus: Barcelona – Zaragoza

Zaragoza Spain
Zaragoza © (By mmeee from Getty Images Pro) via

Journey Duration: Fastest bus service – 3 Hours 30 minutes

With over 15 daily departures, your next option would be to travel from Barcelona to Zaragoza by bus.

Operated by the coach company ALSA, the bus service connecting these two cities take anywhere between 3 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours 45 minutes.

What makes this transport option more appealing then travel by rail is without a doubt the cheap price that you can expect to pay for a one-way ticket.

Fares start from as little as €5.45 and upwards on this route for a discounted, non-refundable and non-changeable ticket.

I would suggest that you consider the fare rules as these discounted tickets don’t allow changes or cancellations. 

The ALSA website will clearly display all the relevant ticket terms when searching and booking online through their site.

Barcelona to Zaragoza bus

On the Barcelona Zaragoza bus route, services usually start from 07:00 am and run throughout the day until the last bus departs at 01:00 am the following morning.

These times operate pretty much at the same times daily, including over weekends too.

As already mentioned under the train section, these scheduled times are currently accurate at time of publishing this post. 

Be sure to consult the up to date schedules when planning for your travel dates, as times may have changed since.

Bus: Zaragoza – Barcelona

Upon the return journey, the Zaragoza Barcelona bus starts running from 07:35 am.

 Departures continue throughout the day and into the early morning of the following day, up to 05:20 am.

Bus Stations

Most ALSA buses from Barcelona to Zaragoza depart from Barcelona’s Estacio del Nord.

It is located centrally in the city. In fact, you can quite easily get there using Barcelona’s metro system on the red line L1.

From the Arc de Triomf subway station, it’s only a short 5-minute walk to the station (around 400 metres).

Do take note, upon the return the buses arriving back from Zaragoza may terminate in other Barcelona bus stations, such as the Barcelona Sants station or the Puerto Maritimo station.

Thus, be sure to consult your bus ticket which should clearly indicate the destination arrival point.

Into Zaragoza, you will arrive at the Estacion Central de Autobuses. This bus station is located right by the Zaragoza Delicias railway station.

Therefore, getting into the city centre from here is pretty straight forward. Either make use of the bus number 34 or catch a taxi, depending on what you’d prefer.  

Driving from Barcelona to Zaragoza by Car

Barcelona to Zaragoza Spain © Google Maps
Barcelona to Zaragoza Spain © Google Maps

Journey Duration: Between 3 – 3.5 Hours

If you are embarking on a Spanish road trip or simply prefer to have the freedom to travel at your own pace and leisure, then hiring a car would be ideal for you. The distance from Barcelona to Zaragoza is roughly 310 kilometres when taking the quickest route, via the AP-2 motorway. This should take anywhere between 3 hours to 3 and a half hours to drive. Do remember though, exact journey time will of course depend where you are departing from in Barcelona, or arriving into Zaragoza. As such, this is only an estimate / guideline when planning your trip.


If you do opt to travel on the quickest route, being via the AP-2, then do note that this road is tolled. On the Spanish road network you will find both free and tolled highways. Have a look at this very handy Spanish road map. It provides a clear layout of all the highways and indicates which you can expect to be tolled versus free. This is particularly useful if you are planning a road trip throughout Spain and need to plan out and budget your route.

Renting a car

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Where to stay

Barcelona © (By Ihor_Tailwind from Getty Images Pro) via
Barcelona © (By Ihor_Tailwind from Getty Images Pro) via

Are you staying over in Zaragoza or still need to confirm your Barcelona accommodation? Go ahead and check out availability, reviews and rates on here:

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What to do in Zaragoza

Wondering what to see in Zaragoza? Looking to spice up your trip? Why not book a couple of unique experiences or tours whilst visiting Zaragoza? Take a private tour with a local guide, enjoy a wine tasting & tapas experience or why not go on a midday Olive Oil Tour and visit the Old Town of Belchite?

All of these tours, activities, as well as many more, can be booked here: Zaragoza activities & tours here.


As you can see from this guide, there really are quite a few affordable and good public transport options available to you when travelling along this route. 

Either that, or you may opt to drive instead.

Whatever your preference is, you shouldn’t have any hassle when travelling from Barcelona to Zaragoza (or return).

If you have already travelled along this exact route and have any tips or suggestions that I may have neglected to mention, then I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to comment in the comments section further below with your thoughts or any questions you may have on this post.

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