How to get from Alicante to Valencia in Spain

How to get from Alicante to Valencia

How to travel from Alicante to Valencia – Transport Guide

Both Valencia and Alicante, situated along the south eastern coastline of Spain, are hugely popular holiday destinations for many travellers visiting Spain.

With so much on offer, from historic city centres, stunning beaches, modern architecture and a host of other things to see, do and explore, it is easy to see why so many flock here, to enjoy some fun in the Spanish sun.

If you are planning to do exactly this and looking to combine these two gorgeous destinations, then you may be wondering how to go about travelling from Alicante to Valencia (or return).

Well, look no further, in this guide I will provide you with all the nitty gritty details that you will need to complete this trip. Whether you plan on doing so by train, bus, car, taxi or transfer, I have it all covered for you!  

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Valencia Cathedal, Valencia © (By photocluster) via
Valencia Cathedal, Valencia © (By photocluster) via

Journey Duration: Fastest train journey: 1 Hours 32 minutes

Spanish rail operator Renfe, offers several frequent and daily departures by train from Alicante to Valencia and return.

The fastest train service is on the EUROMED high-speed train that takes just over 1 hour 30 minutes to connect between the two cities.

Naturally, this option is a tad more expensive than the other slightly slower trains that take up to around 2 hours. But, it is really only a few Euro’s price difference to be honest.

Depending on which service you book, the one-way ticket fare starts from around €16.30 and upward in price. But generally speaking, you can expect to pay around the €20 mark.      

Alicante Valencia Train:

Currently there are approximately 10 daily departures on the Alicante to Valencia train route. Starting daily from around 06:45 / 06:50 am up until the last departure at around 19:20 / 19:28 pm at night.

Services run both weekdays and weekends at more or less the same times and you can quite easily book the tickets online directly on the Renfe website.

Train from Valencia to Alicante:

Upon the return, the Valencia to Alicante train service also offers just over 10 daily departures. Trains start running from 07:08 am in the morning up until the last departure at 21:00 pm at night. 

Although, over weekends, departure times may not be as frequent as over weekdays. So, it’s always a good idea to consult the Renfe site to check up on schedules and times when planning ahead for your trip.

I also have to point out that the fares do work on a one-way fare basis. So, there is no discount to be had when book a return ticket. 

However, Renfe do offer a range of other ticket discounts. These include children under 4 travelling for free as well as discounts on youth (4 to 13 years), senior traveller or group fares.

Alicante Train Station:

The train station in Alicante, known as the Alacant Terminal, is located in Avenida Salamanca. It is situated pretty central and from here you can easily get to wherever you are headed to within the city, by either using the Alicante trams, buses or even a taxi. All of which are located within close proximity in and around the station.  

Valencia Train Station:

When arriving into or departing from Valencia, you would be doing so from either one of two stations.

Generally, the faster EUROMED trains arrive into and leave from Valencia’s Joaquin Sorolla train station. Whilst the other train services do so from the Estacio Del Nord train station.

These two stations are also not located too far from each other, being just over 1 kilometre away.

They are both also situated quite central within Valencia and have the Metrovalencia subway stations conveniently located close by to each one. So, getting around the city from here should be a breeze!

Do make sure to verify both arrival and departure stations when booking your tickets online. The Renfe site will indicate this at time of reserving your train journey.

Alicante to Valencia Bus

Palau de la Generalitat Valencia © (By Lunamarina) via
Palau de la Generalitat Valencia © (By Lunamarina) via

Journey Duration: Fastest: 2 Hours 30 minutes | Slowest – 5 Hours    

When it comes to public transport options, the next choice (apart from travel by train), would be to take the bus from Valencia to Alicante. 

This service is operated by coach company ALSA, a well-known and reputable provider that offers a large route network across Spain.

Bus – Alicante Valencia

The Alicante Valencia bus route currently has over 20 daily departures. This includes on weekends too, although weekdays over a handful more departures.

The fastest journey time is around 2 hours 30 minutes, whereas the slowest one, that makes 17 stops on route, takes 5 hours. But, generally, most of the buses take between 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete the journey.

On this leg of the journey, services start operating at as early as 00:15 am and run all the way through to 20:35 pm at night. 

If you book in advance you could also bag some really great fares, with a one-way ticket price going for as little as €5.35. 

Do take note though, these heavily discounted tickets are completely non-refundable and non-changeable. As such, once booked, it’s booked! No changes, no cancellations!

There are a range of different pricing tiers, all with different rules attached to each. These are clearly indicated on the ALSA website, through whom you can also book your tickets directly online.

Valencia Alicante Bus

Upon the return, the Valencia Alicante Bus service starts from 00:29 am, running all the way up until the last departure at 21:50.

Journey times, frequency and cost are all pretty relative to what has already been mentioned above. And again, tickets can be purchased online, directly through the ALSA website too.

Alicante Bus Terminal

The bus station in Alicante from where the ALSA bus services depart and arrive from is known as the Estació D’autobusos D’Alacant, which can be found in Muelle de Poniente.

It is a short distance (around a kilometre) away from the train station. And as such, also quite centrally located in Alicante.

Be sure to verify the bus terminal location when booking online.

You can do this by clicking on ‘Itinerary’ on the search results page on the ALSA site. From here a screen will pop up listing all the stations and when clicking on the station name, it will provide you with the exact street address.

Valencia Bus Station

The Alicante to Valencia bus will for most part arrive into Valencia’s bus terminal, the Estación de Autobuses de Valencia, found in Carrer de Menéndez Pidal, 11, Valencia.

If you are travelling from Alicante and heading to Valencia Airport, it’s good to note that some buses do offer a service directly from Alicante to Valencia airport too.

Again, as mentioned already, be sure to verify the bus departure and arrival locations if booking online through the website.

Driving from Alicante to Valencia by Car

Alicante to Valencia by car © Google Maps
Alicante to Valencia by car © Google Maps
Journey Duration: Approximately 2 hours Depending on the driving route you may be taking, the distance from Alicante to Valencia is anywhere between 166 – 190 kilometres which should take roughly 2 hours to complete. Given the distance, you may opt to hire a car and drive this route yourself. This would be especially beneficial if you plan to explore more of Spain and would like the freedom to do so at your own pace. Spanish Motorways The quickest route, that works out more or less 166 kilometres would be on the A-7 motorway. Since Spain has both tolled and free highways, it’s good to note that the A-7 is in fact a free road. I happened to find a brilliant Spanish road network map online which is quite useful in showing exactly which roads are tolled and which are free. Click here to view this map. Tip: A quick tip is that you can generally tell from the name of the motorway whether it is free or tolled. Tolled roads normally start with an AP (having a P in the name) and a number – example the AP-41. Whereas roads that only start with an A and a number (example the A-7) are usually free. Do bear in mind that you may encounter tolled roads throughout your journey and even more so if you are planning a far wider road trip across Spain. So bear this in mind when planning your holiday budget. Renting a car If you are still in your planning phase and looking to hire a car, then check out The site is pretty user friendly and easy to book on. Plus, they compare a range of different providers, meaning you have all the rates, availability and terms on one site. In my personal experience using them, we’ve been pretty happy overall with the booking process and the pricing we’ve seen.

Alicante Airport to Valencia

How to get from Alicante to Valencia
L’umbracle Terraza, Valencia © (By RossHelen) via

Despite both Alicante and Valencia having airports, the relatively short distance between them means that flights between these two destinations just wouldn’t make sense. As such, you cannot fly between them.

In saying this, if for whatever reason you are flying into Alicante and need to travel directly onwards from the airport without stopping over first, then below I will summarise the different options available on how you can get directly from Alicante Airport to Valencia.

Alicante Airport to Valencia by Bus

Travelling directly from the airport in Alicante to Valencia by bus is possible. 

When searching online through the ALSA website you can actually specify Alicante Airport as your departure point.

There are quite a few daily departures that leave almost hourly. Ticket prices are slightly more expensive then some of the city departures, with one-way fares starting around €27.

Also note that the bus from Alicante airport to Valencia usually takes 3 hours or more, depending on the number of stops the bus makes along the way.

Do take note of this when booking, as some of these buses travel for over 5 hours making several stops along the way. (All this info will be clearly displayed on the search results page).

Train from Alicante Airport to Valencia:

Currently there are no train services departing directly out of Alicante’s airport. As such, if travelling by train, you would first need to make your way into Alicante city centre, to the relevant train station, to depart from there onward to Valencia.

Taxi from Alicante Airport to Valencia:

Personally, I would not travel by taxi from Alicante to Valencia, simply because of the distance and the costs associated with that.

The Alicante Airport offers a section on travelling via taxi on their website. Here they provide a link to taxi operator, Radio Taxi Elche, through whom you can also pre-book this trip online.

Currently they are quoting around €193.00 one-way if you book and pay in advance for this Alicante to Valencia taxi route. 

Although the standard price if not booked ahead of time is €216.00.

Private Transfers from Alicante Airport to Valencia

Lastly, if you want to pre-book a private transfer from Alicante airport to Valencia directly, you may want to look at

The fare they are currently quoting on a one-way Alicante to Valencia transfer €216. This is of course subject to the date, time and number of travellers you plan to book for.

Consult their website for more info or to check rates based on your requirements.  

Valencia, Spain © (By Lunamarina) via
Valencia, Spain © (By Lunamarina) via

What to do & Where to stay in Valencia

If you are wanting to add a few tours or unique experiences as well as book accommodation for your trip, then have a look at the below links to do so: Click here for – Valencia accommodation Click here for – Alicante accommodation Tours & Activities – Valencia Tours & Activities – Alicante


If you’ve already completed this route or planning to do so, then I’d love to hear your feedback and comments.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below and add any tips or suggestions that I may have missed out on in this guide.

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How to get from Alicante to Valencia in Spain
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